Queston on Double Partial PostBack


Dave L

I have a page with a nested Gridview on it ( Parent/Child ) relationship,
all withing an UpdatePanel. The sub-grid has a CommandField Button that the
users can click on to view the detail record in it's entirety. The SubGrid
is loaded from the Rowdatabound of the outer gridview. The problem I am
having is that I don't want the grid to reload when the CommandField is
clicked on. I have tried using the following:

Sub Page_Load()
If Not Me.Page.IsPostBack then
End IF
End Sub

But because of the double page post back the .IsPostBack is False on the
first call to Page_Load, which then calls the LoadGrid. The second call to
Page_Load has the .IsPostBack set correctly to "True" but by then it's to
late and the grids have reloaded.

I have included links to both my html and my code behind (

Here is a link to the page source:

here is a link to the code behind:

I would Major appreciate any advice on how to fix this.

thank you in advance for anyone's help.




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