Registering DLL using GAC Util



Hi all,

I am sorry if this is a repeat question, coz I cant find the question I
I am using Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ConfigurationManagement for
configuration but everytime I use this I have to make a local copy in each
and every app. I wanted to register this with the GAC and when I used
GacUtil it said it does not have a strong name but as far as I know (limited
knowledge), the way I have created apps with strong name is open the app and
use the strong name key in assembly info and then build the DLL and then
register with GAC but this is Microsofts dll
How do we register external dlls with GAC?

Appreciate your help,




App Block comes with the source code. You can recmpile it by supplying your
SN key there. That should do it for you.

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