set using alternative hash function?


Carl Banks

Yes, what you've got there provides the interface of what I want. And
no doubt we could concoct countless ways to implement some version of
this. However, if set itself accepted an alternate hash function, then
I could do it with no extra overhead. Consider your implementation: it
requires an extra set (extra space) and an extra lookup on many
operations (extra time.) My original hope was to not have to do that.

Yes, Python let you down. You've said that repeatedly. Most people
are happy to accept the extra overhead of homemade solution. You're
not. We get it.

If you want to do something about it, write a patch with some test
cases and submit it.

If you want to do something half-assed about it, submit hash= key as a
wishlist item.

If you want to do absolutely nothing about it, continue to whine about
it here.

Carl Banks


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