issue - some files are included as intended, but one is not


Dan Stromberg

Hi folks.

I have a problem that's driving me nuts.

I have a file that tries to "import * from", and
failing that, it'll "import * from" (sans extensions of
course). Naturally, all 3 of these should be included - although in
the case of, it probably should be a .c that's included.

It is also intended to include, which has a simple form.

Well,, and pyx_treap.c are included fine, but I can't
seem to get to be included for some reason.

I get no errors during "python sdist upload", but upon
"python $(which pip) install treap", I get:
$ sudo /usr/bin/python $(which pip) install treap
Downloading/unpacking treap
Running egg_info for package treap

file (for module py_treap) not found
Installing collected packages: treap
Running install for treap
file (for module py_treap) not found
file (for module py_treap) not found

file (for module py_treap) not found
file (for module py_treap) not found
Successfully installed treap
Cleaning up...

And it's not successfully installed - is missing. The pyx
code does its job, so the problem is masked, other than the messages
above, and the absence of from

I can clearly see in ./dist/treap-1.35.tar.gz - it's at
least getting packaged up that much. It's not listed in
, but I can see it in

My is at:

I've tried that and several variations on that theme, but
none seem to include .

Please make some suggestions? How can I get included in
the pip install?


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