strange problem about ModalPopupExtender



Hi guys
i have a strange problem about my modalpopupextender. In my page, i put a
gridview inside a updatepanel with paging enabled. also i put a
modalpopupextender in another updatepanel to do the edit and add new job.
My problem is everytime time i change the page index in my gridview. and i
click my add new button the validator in the modalpopupextender will show
the error message. but after i click the cancel button to close the
modalpopupextender then open it again. the error message will disappear. and
everything displays fine.

Can anyone tell me how this happen??..




Walter Wang [MSFT]

Hi Victor,

First, please note this ModalPopupExtender is part of ASP.NET AJAX Control

The control toolkit is a shared-source collaborative project built together
by a team containing both Microsoft and non-Microsoft developers (visit the
CodePlex Project to learn more, or volunteer to contribute). All source
for the controls is provided completely for free (with full re-use and
modification rights).

The majority of controls within the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit leverage
the "Control Extender" pattern that the core ASP.NET AJAX library
introduces, and which delivers a super powerful way to easily enable
specific AJAX scenarios on a site with minimal effort.

Please download the sample website along with the control toolkit, there's
an example webform for the ModalPopupExtender. My understanding is that you
don't need to put the control inside a UpdatePanel.

Besides that, I'm also still not quite clear about the issue you described,
would you please depict more? Thanks.

Walter Wang ([email protected], remove 'online.')
Microsoft Online Community Support

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