The CERT C Secure Coding Standard

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by rCs, Sep 11, 2013.

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    CERT is in the process of completing our revision of The CERT C Secure Coding Standard and we would like your assistance in reviewing the latest content on the wiki at Thisdocument has a long history with the C standards committee, going back to the Berlin meeting in 2006 with the document being reviewed at subsequent meetings and later forming the basis for TS 17961 C Secure Coding Rules. While the main audience for TS 17961 is analyzers, The CERT C Secure Coding Standard provides guidance to software developers, and has been adopted by organizations such as Cisco and Oracle. The major changes to the current draft of The CERT C Secure Coding Standard are that it has been updated for C11 and aligned with TS 17961. I would greatly appreciate any time you might be able to spend reviewing the wiki content. Our plans are to complete adraft of the new version by the end of October 2013, so we would need yourcomments before then to make our deadline. If you have limited time, please focus on the Rules in Chapters 1 through 14 and in the Miscellaneous rules chapter. The Concurrency Chapter is new in this version of the standardand is in the greatest need of attention. To comment on the rules, simplycreate an account on the wiki. This will allow you to comment on any of the rules.

    rCs, Sep 11, 2013
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