Tix Tree / HList widget?

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Tim N. van der Leeuw


I need to display some hierarchical data, and because I don't want to
force users to install too many things beyond Python itself, I'm hoping
to use Tix which is at least included with Python.

I've managed to use the Tix HList widget to display a tree of items (at
least in a proof-of-concept miniprogram) but I actually need to display
2 columns -- perhaps more.

I figured out that I can specify the number of columns and the headers
of the columns, but I haven't yet figured out how to set the values of
the columns independantly.

I tried using a tuple for the value of 'text' attribute, but that
doesn't really seem to work. My second column never seems to be filled
- all text goes into the first column.
Also, the header for the second column never shows.

I must be overlooking something rather basic in the manuals but for the
moment I'm stumped.

I'm also trying to figure out how to create a Tix 'Tree' widget instead
of a HList, and make it do the same, but I don't know how to pass it
the option for 2 columns: the 'Tree' widget refuses the option
'columns'. The samples in the Tix manual are for Tcl. I don't know how
to translate their samples into Python/TkInter. How should I tell the
Tix 'Tree' mega-widget that I need to pass an option to it's
sub-widget? (At creation-time of that sub-widget, because that's the
only time you can set the nr. of columns)

Any clues? Anyone who can help? Are there any samples -- there's
supposed to be a 'Demo' directory but I can't find it in my (windows)
Python installation.



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