UDDI Registry




I am a late entry into ASP.NET. Unfortunately I have some old training
material which was talking about uddi.microsoft.com and Microsoft's UDDI
Tool Kit to search the UDDI Registry for businesses offering web services.

When I went to the uddi.microsoft.com, it was not showing the screen
depicted in the training material (which was developed in 2003). The FAQ on
this new page talks about continuing of the uddi registry site.

I am not able to find anything on google search also. Is there any public
UDDI Registry site, either for free or for fee?




Cowboy \(Gregory A. Beamer\)

All of the UDDI work I have done has been internal. Unfrotuantely,
advertising services in a flea market style never took off, so I am not sure
MS is still doing anything with its public UDDI servers. It is unfortunate
it did not take off, but I think the idea was a bit before its time.

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