Understanding an exercise about sub-sums in arrays



Hello everyone,

I'm very new to C so I cannot understand how to define a solution for my task. I'm here to ask a little help in understanding and solving it.


I've got an array of integer numbers (size N), let's name it a.

I have to create a function that return 1 if every number of the array is the sum of the two previous one.

Thanks for the help!
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Sep 4, 2022
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let see few elements :
  • an 'Array' with name 'a'
  • a series of integers

- a special constraint to check :
all elements following each others which sum of third is equal the two integers before.

we can say that 'a' must be - > at less < - : of a size = 3.
and an array must be 'iterate', an Array must be 'fetch' : a loop will be useful.

so for your code :
you have to declare :
an array ( random size ) with integers in.
and to fetch the array, you need a loop.
a test will check if the third number of a series equal the first and the second in a sum.

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