Using a name in a URL???



bcap wrote on 27 mrt 2010 in microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general:
I am interested in learning how to include a name in a domain name.
For example, let's say I have a domain name called
I want to have the following:


Can you please point me in te right direction?

This has nothing to do with ASP.
[Please do not follow up here]

You will have to set the CNAME, the Canonical Name, record.

Read up here:





Bwig Zomberi wrote on 29 mrt 2010 in
NameHere is a subdomain. Use your hosting Control Panel for this.

Given that the OP uses a host, and that that host has such panel.

You can even have the www. version of your domain point to another
directory than the root, while the url without www. points to the root.
[The other way around seems not possible?]

NameHere is a directory. Create this folder under your httpdocs or
public folder and put a default document - default.asp, index.asp, or
index.htm there.

That ia one way of doing things.
I often use a server.transfer in my custom 404.asp page.

With this technique it is even easy to have an asp file [with access to a
database or other dynamic content, behind a session login, or with a
serverside coded counter] act and look like a KML file
[or a pdf, a jpg or whatever]:

================= 404.asp ============================
qrefer = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")
if instr(qstr,":80/myKMLs/myKml.kml")>0 then
server.transfer "/myRealAndSecretKMLdirectory/myKml.asp"
end if
<h1>This is my 404 page .......</h1>

NOT: the directory /myKMLs/ does not [need to] exist.

Bwig Zomberi

Evertjan. said:
That ia one way of doing things.
I often use a server.transfer in my custom 404.asp page.

I do this too but it is too early for our friend here.

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