Using CallManager AXL interface with perl and SOAP::Lite module



Hi all,

I am trying to write a PERL script to use Cisco CallManager AXL
interface and get/process IP phones information.

I know I have to use SOAP::Lite package, but I really do not
understand how it works, especally with CallManager interface.

Actually, I do not know how to connect to the server: what must I set
in the URI field ? In the proxy one ? This part of the code is really
not clear for me.
From what I have read on the web and seen on the server, I would have
my $CCM = SOAP::Lite

But something tells me its not really good ;)

An older thread of smeenz show me how to get data after that (even if
it is not the information I have to get from server):

my $res =
SOAP::Data->name(phoneName => 'SEP000000000000')

If there is a specific documentation I was unable to find it :(

Can anyone help me ?


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