Visual Studio doesn't reflect a new property name for a derived control




I have been working on a control derived from DropDownList called
CodeDescDropDown. Initially, I created a property called SortField to
determine the sort order of the dropdown. I later realized I I wanted
to share some of the functionality with other classes, but couldn't
inherit them from CodeDescDropDown. I placed the functionality into a
new class derived from DropDownList called CachedDropDown. When I did
this, I realized it was best to override the dropdown's SortOrder
property so I changed the property's name to SortOrder.

The problem is that the properties dialog box in Visual Studio still
shows the property as SortField. It doesn't display any build errors,
but throws a parser error: 'Ambiguous match found' when I run the app.
I've rebooted my machine, created a new web app and re-added all of the
files and references. The problem exists for any web app that
references these classes. Does anyone have any ideas?

One caveat is that the parent class (CachedDropDown) overrides
SortOrder as a string data type and the derived class
(CodeDescDropDown) SortOrder property returns an enumeration data type.
I'm working with Visual Studio 2003, .NET 1.1 and windows XP pro.

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