Water Damage Restoration 24 hour open 7 Days


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Water Damage Restoration 24 hour open 7 Days
Phone 1 877 364 5264
When disaster strikes such as a washing machine overflow, bath
overflow, burst pipe, rainwater from balcony etc, water damage
restoration procedures must be followed.
It is not as simple as just sucking up the water and cleaning the
carpet and letting the area dry naturally.

It is not the wet carpet that is the problem it is the underlay and
the wood or concrete floor that needs to be dried.

If the underlay is not dried or replaced you will end up with mould
and odour problems.
Our procedure for wet carpet is as follows.

1/ Call out to the premises and extract water using powerful vacuum
extraction machinery.

2/ Apply browning treatment to carpet to prevent water stains.

3/ Move furniture on to foam blocks to avoid further damage.

4/ Lift corner of carpet and inspect for damage underneath carpet.

5/ Install drying equipment such as air movers and / or dehumidifiers
and leave these on site until area is dry.

6/ Call back to premises on daily basis to check drying progress.

7/ Relay carpet and underlay when dry.

8/ Steam clean and deodorise carpet on completion of restoration.

Notes on water restoration:

1/ An area such as a bedroom will normally take between 24-48 hours to
dry completely using drying equipment.

2/ When a premises has been affected by sewage overflow we do not
attempt carpet restoration. The carpet and underlay must be removed
from the premises and disposed and the flooring treated and
deodorised. USA Standards does not allow restoration of sewage
affected carpet.

Water Damage Restoration Emergency 24 hour open 7 Days Call

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