why radio buttons showing value



My radio buttons are showing the value besides the button even though
no text is displayed. Below is my code:
<td style="width: 100px"><asp:RadioButtonList ID="RadioButtonList16"
runat="server" RepeatDirection="Horizontal">
<asp:ListItem Value="1"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="2"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="3"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="4"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="5"></asp:ListItem>

There is no text that is supposed to be displayed in the browser, yet
besides the radio buttons are their respective values. My CSS is not
forcing the values to be displayed. Can anyone tell me why this is
happening and what I can do to not have the values displayed?


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