Windows Modal Dialogs forms in IE




Currently we have in-house application that uses a lot of
ModalDialogs that are called using Javascript at runtime.
The Modal forms are opened using window.showModalDialog with the following

'scroll:no;center=yes;dialogWidth:517" & "px;dialogHeight:370" &

This works fine.

However we recently upgraded to Windows XP sP2 and the Modal Dialogs are
behaving differently. There seems to be a bar added to the Modal dialogs. It
is like the status bar for a windows form. This was never seen on the initial
Modal Dialogs forms when the client machines were on Win XP SP1.

The strange thing is that we only see it in Flat Panel screens. On a
regular CRT 17'' we do not see the Status bar even if the client machine is
updated to Win XP SP2.

SO my questions are:
1) Did XP SP2 change the behavoir of Modal Dialogs in IE?

2) why do we only observe this on Flat Panel screens?

Help or suggestions are always appreciated.