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Discussion in 'Javascript' started by George Ziniewicz, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I am somewhat new to javascript and css (~1 month), I recently put up a
    slideshow to display some pics I recently took at Rocky Point Mexico:


    Besides the shameless self-promotion, I am always looking for some good
    ideas re photography and the web, bug reports, etc. I started out using
    plain vanilla javascript, but it wouldn't run on Netscape, it currently only
    seems to work (and not all that reliably!) on IE 5.5 so I apologize to users
    of other browsers.

    I am about to do a major rewrite of the page since it got a bit klugey
    with some recent additions (zoom/filters/randomization), so before I do that
    I thought I'd ask for some input.

    other browser compliance
    other blend transitions (unfortunately mostly MS only)
    xhtml compliance
    silent preloads (while you watch)
    non-repeating and scrollable randomizer
    drop shadow

    right-click capture

    can't manually input zoom value
    blend transitions sometimes causes a strange horizontal jog (when
    images were <center>'d)
    occasional view of PG image in G rating
    1st image sometimes fails


    And if anyone can tell me how to grab a dir in javascript so I wouldn't
    have to hard-wire the filenames in an array...ideally I'd like to just refer
    to a dirpath and let some function fogure out what is there, an applet


    -- http://www.zintel.com
    George Ziniewicz, Jul 22, 2003
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