xlutils 1.4.0 released!


Chris Withers

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce a new release of xlutils. This is a small
collection of utilities that make use of both xlrd and xlwt to process
Microsoft Excel files. The changes for this release are as follows:

- Add sheet density information and onesheet option to

- Reduced the memory footprint of xlutils.filter.ColumnTrimmer at the
expense of speed.

- Fixed incorrect warnings about boolean cells in
xlutils.filter.ErrorFilter. xlwt has always supported boolean

- xlutils.filter.BaseReader now opens workbooks with on_demand = True

- Added support for xlrd Books opened with on_demand as True passed to

- Fixed bug when copying error cells.

- Requires the latest versions of xlrd (0.7.1) and xlwt (0.7.2).

To find out more, please read here:


In case you're not aware, xlrd and xlwt are two excellent pure-python
libraries for reading and writing Excel files. They run on any platform
and, likely, any implementation of Python without the need for horrific
things like binding to Excel via COM and so needing a Windows machine.

If you use any of xlrd, xlwt or xlutils, the following google group will
be of use:


Hope some of this is of interest, I'd love to hear from anyone who ends
up using it!




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