XML 2005 Late-Breaking and Product Presentation Deadline - Tutorials Added/ changed

Discussion in 'XML' started by melledge, Sep 9, 2005.

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    XML 2005 Late-Breaking and Product Presentation Deadline - Tutorials
    Added/ changed

    XML 2005, November 14-18, Atlanta Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, GA

    The deadline for late-breaking, product presentations, and town hall
    submissions is Friday, September 16.

    The late-breaking presentations are intended to be filled with late-
    breaking news; however good presentations on other topics that don't
    duplicate material already on the program will also be considered for
    these slots. Submissions on fresh topics such as Ajax, alternatives to
    XHTML, and the technical underpinnings to "Web 2.0", as well as others
    would be welcomed by the planning committee.

    The full-day tutorial "Describing Document Types: The Schema Languages
    of XML" developed by John Cowan, Senior Internet Systems Developer,
    Reuters, has been added on Monday, November 14.

    "Pushing Triples: An Introduction to Street RDF" taught by Shelley
    Powers, has been extended to a full day on Friday, November 18.

    For full list of tutorials visit

    It's not too late to sponsor XML 2005. Join, IBM, Sun Microsystems,
    Microsoft, RenderX, BlastRadius, and JustSystem. For more information
    see http://2005.xmlconference.org/exhibits

    XML 2005 is produced by IDEAlliance http://www.idealliance.org.
    Co-hosts this year include W3C, OASIS, NISO, WS-I, RosettaNet, XML.gov,
    HL7, and Liberty Alliance.

    Media partners include: Econtent, Queue Magazine, DevTownStation/Open
    Enterprise Trends.com/Integration Developer News, Federal Computer
    Week, SQL Server Magazine, eWeek, Web Services Summit/SQL Summit, Web
    Services Journal/XML Journal, InfoWorld, Oracle Magazine, C/C++ Users
    Journal, Dr. Dobb's Journal, Network Computing, and IT Architect.
    melledge, Sep 9, 2005
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