[ANN] alpha release of XMLgawk available

Discussion in 'XML' started by =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=FCrgen_Kahrs?=, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    The initial alpha release (xgawk-3.1.4-2005-04-09)
    of the XMLgawk project is now available at SourceForge.


    If you have the Expat XML parser installed on your
    host, XMLgawk will use it. The configuration script
    will even detect Expat automatically if Expat's
    header file is visible to your compiler (otherwise
    use the --with-expat=PATH option).

    Since Andrew Schorr has encapsulated the XML extension
    into a loadable module, XMLgawk has become more of an
    extensible gawk that is packaged with an XML extension
    (as well as the other test extensions that are included in
    FSF gawk 3.1.4). For Cygwin users (but also for users of
    other OSs), it is still possible to have the XML extension
    linked statically into the executable (use the
    --enable-static-extensions option).

    Stefan Tramm has supplied a library which allows the Expat
    XML parser to read character encodings which would otherwise
    be unknown to Expat (e.g. Japanese euc-jp / sjis, Korean euc-kr,
    and similar Windows-specific Japanese encodings).

    I have not yet updated the manual to reflect these changes.
    We are quite confident that this alpha release runs stable
    and is portable because we have spent much effort into
    porting and testing it on SuSE Linux 9.2, Solaris 8, MacOSX
    and Cygwin.

    We have also clarified the relationship between the xgawk
    releases of the XMLgawk project and the FSF GNU Awk releases.
    The xgawk releases are based on the official gawk releases
    and will track them as a base. Arnold Robbins, the official
    maintainer, has been encouraging us to experiment with new
    features along a parallel development path from the regular
    gawk. We are in touch, and occasionally submit small patches
    for acceptance into the main release. It is an agreed-upon
    but otherwise not overly defined long-term goal that many or
    most of our larger-scale changes will eventually also find
    their way into the main gawk distribution.

    In the meantime, we work and experiment with Arnold's blessing;
    our intent is not to "fork" gawk, but rather to provide
    ourselves and anyone else who wishes to join us with an awk-based
    testbed for new ideas.

    In fact, Arnold sees this as an excellent example of Free
    Software at its best; users taking an existing Free Software
    item and extending it to meet their needs, unconstrained by
    anyone else.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=FCrgen_Kahrs?=, Apr 10, 2005
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