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Discussion in 'XML' started by Olivier Ishacian, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. V3.0 (October 6, 2005)

    XMLmind XML Editor V3 is a complete rewrite of the
    ``tip of the iceberg'': the application layer.

    For the end-user, there is not much difference
    with XXE V2.11 and by consequence, V3 is fully
    compatible with the previous release. To make it
    short, the end-user will just notice that the
    windows displaying the document views are at the
    same time more powerful and more convenient to

    For the integrator and for the power-user, the
    situation is different: the user interface of XXE
    V3 can now be fully customized. Previously it was
    only possible to customize the document view
    (special commands, special bindings, etc), the XML
    (placeholder) menu and the standard tool bar for a
    given document type. For more information, please
    read XMLmind XML Editor - Customizing the User


    * Documents are now displayed in tabs.
    Each document has its own tab. That is, the
    same document cannot be displayed in several
    different tabs.

    A tab can contain up to five different views
    of the same document. More info on this below.

    * The document tab area can be split in two
    parts, horizontally or vertically
    (Options|Split Windows Vertically). This
    allows to see two different documents side by
    side, very quickly and very conveniently. (To
    do this, simply click on the dashed line of a
    document tab.)

    If you need to see more than two documents
    side by side, you are out of luck.

    * Using Options|Options, Window section, "Show
    both tree and styled views" toggle, it is now
    possible to force XXE to open documents in a
    tab automatically containing the tree view and
    the styled view side by side.

    Using the tree view in conjunction with the
    styled view is still not recommended by

    You can do everything you want using the styled
    view and the node path bar alone. If this is
    not the case, then you have missed something in
    the tutorial.

    * Using View|Add, it is now possible to add up
    to four views (top, bottom, left, right)
    around the default central view of a document

    A CSS style sheet called "Document Structure"
    has been developed for DocBook to demo this
    feature. For example, it is possible to add a
    tree view at the left of the central styled
    view and then, to add the "Document Structure"
    view below the central styled view.

    * Automating the above action is possible using
    the new windowLayout configuration element.

    <left />
    <center css="DocBook" />
    <bottom css="Document structure" size="0.15" />

    * XXE can now automatically save modified

    By default, this facility is disabled. You
    need to enable it by turning on
    Options|Options, Save section, "Automatically
    save modified documents".

    * Upgraded XMLmind FO Converter to version
    2.2 Patch 1. XMLmind FO Converter is used to
    convert XSL-FO to RTF and to WordprocessingML
    (for use by Microsoft® Office Word 2003).

    Bug fixes:

    * XXE raised a NullPointerException when
    attempting to join an empty element to its
    preceding sibling. Now this case is detected
    and therefore joining an empty element to its
    preceding sibling is no longer possible.

    * When a document was saved, a lot of whitespace
    was added to xi:include elements containing an
    xi:fallback child.

    * When add-ons are centralized on a HTTP or FTP
    server, spell checker dictionaries were
    detected (i.e. listed by Help|About XMLmind
    XML Editor) but not properly loaded.

    Note that loading such remote dictionaries now
    works but still has the following limitation.
    Example: if the URL of the .dar file
    (autodetected by XXE) is:
    http://lupo/~hussein/addon/spell/en.dar, XXE
    will just find the plain English dictionary
    ("en") and not "en" and "en-US" and "en-GB"
    and "en-CA".

    The workaround is to rename "en.dar" to
    "en-US.dar" if, for example, you prefer to use
    US spelling of words.

    Of course, there is no such limitation when
    the .dar file is located on the local file

    * Generated content object label(xpath,...) did
    not update itself when the document was about
    to be saved, checked for validity, etc.

    * Changed the detect rule in the XHTML
    configuration in order to allow adding
    xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" to the
    html root element. Note that adding such
    attribute does not make a document conforming
    to the XHTML DTD namespace aware.

    * Most .jar files generated when build the
    distribution of XMLmind XML Editor (e.g.
    xxe.jar, xfc_foprocessor.jar, etc) contained
    two META-INF/ entries. This prevented
    jarsigner, either used directly or through our
    own deploywebstart tool, from doing its job.

    Technical information:

    * ``Proprietary CSS extension'' marker: fill
    allows to align generated content with
    display: marker to the left (for content
    generated at the beginning of an element) or
    to the right (for content generated at the end
    of an element).

    * Added command viewHTML which allows to view an
    external file using a web browser (not
    necessarily an HTML file, any file accepted by
    the browser). Example of use:

    <command name="docb.startHTMLViewer">
    <get context="$implicitElement/@url"
    expression="resolve-uri(.)" />
    <command name="viewHTML" parameter="%_" />

    * Added the following new commands:

    Displays a modal dialog box (similar
    to the Attributes tool) which allows
    to edit the attributes of selected

    Checks the validity of the document
    and, if validity errors are found,
    displays a modal dialog box (similar
    to the Validity tool) listing them.

    Displays a modal dialog box (similar
    to the dialog displayed by
    Tools|Declare Namespace) which allows
    to declare new namespaces and/or
    change the prefixes of existing

    Displays a window (similar to the
    window displayed by Help|Show Content
    Model) showing the content model of
    selected element.

    Displays a dialog box (similar to the
    dialog displayed by Help|Mouse and
    Key Bindings) containing the mouse
    and key bindings that can be used in
    current document view.

    These commands have been added mainly to make
    it easier building simple XML editors using
    XXE components (that is, not XXE itself).

    * It is now possible to have several menus and
    several tool bars which are specific to an XML
    application (i.e. DocBook, XHTML, Slides,
    etc). To do this, see how the menu and the
    toolBar configuration elements have been
    extended in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration
    and Deployment.

    * The documentResources configuration element
    has a new selector child element which allows
    to specify document resources by using a
    Java[tm] class implementing

    Previously, child element resource only
    allowed to specify document resources by using
    simple XPath expressions.

    Possible incompatibilities:

    * Windows only: removed
    -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true, an old bug
    workaround, from xxe.bat and xxe.jstart.

    * DocumentHooks can no longer be declared in
    customize.xxe because they are now always
    specific to a given document type (e.g.
    DocBook, XHTML, etc). And once again, the
    Java[tm] API of
    has slightly changed.

    * The load configuration element has been
    removed because it was useless since V2.10.

    In order to force XXE to load some code, you
    need to reference the corresponding jar in the
    CLASSPATH or to copy the corresponding jar to
    one of the directories scanned by XXE at
    startup time (e.g. XXE_install_dir/addon/,

    XMLmind XML Editor V3.0 can be downloaded from

    Olivier Ishacian, Oct 10, 2005
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