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Discussion in 'HTML' started by him@there.com, Oct 29, 2007.

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    My Appology: Nuke me if you want,
    This is a one time post..

    This is bit of info I thought I'd share,
    Nuke it if you want, I don't care.

    But if you got a sec to read,
    Before going to the next news feed,

    And snapping up the next cool post,
    Have a look if you like to host.

    Please accept my appoligies and procrastination,
    for taking so long to post this. ;-o

    A friend gave me this,and I'm shareing...:)

    I spent a lot of time checking it out.
    Have since taken up the offer, and of all the hosts I've
    used in the past, this host, who provides personal, and
    individual support is without a doubt Second to None.

    And a bit of inside goss, unlike other WebHost's your
    BW can be set to throttle back(if you wish) so you don't
    get billed a shit load at the end of each month.
    and much, much more.

    So Even though the deadline expires on the 31/Oct/2007
    I hope you will not be pissed off with me for posting this so

    Lots of people say when they post things
    (this is not spam, and this is not advertising)
    So in this day and age of so much shit on UseNet
    its hard to be taken seriously...Fare enough..

    You judge for youself,
    I'm of the old school, when UseNet was primarily a true
    share portal,and though these days rarely have time to post,
    almost ran out of time to share this with you all.

    Feel free to killfilter me if you want, I dont care.
    But if you are, or are thinking of hosting a site,
    start here, or even migrate to here, and if you like
    and it puts a smile on your dial, and few spare bucks in
    your wallet, them though I will never know about it, I'll
    be happy for you..

    this is the sites main url: ( servers in both US and AUS )

    this is a .pdf this a bit of info:


    this is the sign up url with the different plans and servers,
    and normal costs:


    A coupon and code to get a years worth for
    $49.75 AUD...(normal cost AUD$99.50/per-year)
    Gift code is ' artinko '

    What you do with my post, is up to you....

    But unlike the many, with their sockpuppets, and other rubbish
    that over the years have done their best to ruin these
    forums,this is no rubbish,
    and in this day and age of spam everyone gets upset,and if for
    a one time a bit of
    information is sent as true and genuine help offer, it can be
    seen as advertising;

    Well this is not, I just found out about this,and took the time
    share the info,

    I am just sorry i couldn't get my bum into gear to send it
    so once again sorry, this chance ends, 31/october/2007,

    Chears All, and keep on UseNetting

    :) Ta Ta 4 Now, gotta go and fix another MS problem for a
    seems they left out "GPEdit.MSC from Vista Home Basic....

    Oh well there goes another evening............
    , Oct 29, 2007
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