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Discussion in 'XML' started by jahartMU, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. jahartMU

    jahartMU Guest

    I'm working on an MS InfoPath project that requires authentication, and
    was less than excited to learn that I can't send signature pad captured
    data from InfoPath to Access. Love those unexpected Microsoft data type

    The signature pad (InterLink ePad) provider's tech support suggested
    using a web service, and since then I've been trying to figure out
    exactly how to get data (a hash signature in long format and an integer
    form ID) saved into an XML file. I'm going to go way out on a limb and
    hope that if I could get the web service set up right, InfoPath would
    agree with it. From InterLink support:

    "IntegriSign signature data is exposed as Base64 encoded String and the
    size varies from 500K to 2K depending on the signature length. So even
    if you create another field in Form to hold the signature data, finally
    that should go into a long data type column in the database. InfoPath
    form by itself can't hold/save the data. Each field in the form should
    be bound to some kind of data source. InfoPath form data can be bound
    to a XML data source or to a database or else we can submit it to a web
    service. Binding the form to a XML data source instead of Access
    database will solve the problem."

    Of course, in InfoPath an XML data source can only be used to receive
    and not to submit data. So far as I can tell I need an XSD file (which
    I think I've got done based on guides I've found online), a SOAP file
    to define what gets sent to and from the XML file, and a WSDL file to
    tie everything together. Any advice on how to go about this? Forgive
    the broad and clueless question; I post it based on the assumption that
    it'll be a simple matter of someone pointing me to a tutorial I haven't
    stumbled across yet. Thanks!
    jahartMU, Feb 24, 2006
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