{JOB} Calling all Perl Monks - My client has been looking for you...

Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by plarge10, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. plarge10

    plarge10 Guest

    My client is very simply looking for the best and brightest perl
    developers in New York City.

    Technology Requirement
    • Perl 5 (Object Oriented Programming is a plus)
    • MySQL
    • Ability to code without the use of WYSIWYG editors (vi(m) or emacs)
    • Stong knowledge of xHTML, CSS and JavaScript is a big plus
    • Intermediate understanding of administering Unix / Apache / Mysql
    environment is required (MySql replication administration is a big

    Additional skills that are a big plus to this position
    • PHP 4 and 5 (zend framework experience is a big plus)
    • Familiarity with RSS/XML standards
    • Experience building web-based tools & applications
    • Database design & optimization experience

    • Ability to work at least 40 hours on site in our offices downtown
    New York City
    • Ability to put in a bit of extra time nights/weekends (from
    anywhere) when crises arise.
    • Can work independently with little direct supervision
    • Maintain project timelines and meet all project deadlines.
    • Willingness to tackle unfamiliar problems and take the time to
    discover "best practice" solutions
    • Excellent communication skills, both written & verbal
    • Familiarity with the basics of building a ecommerce & content sites.

    If interested please send resumes and salary requirements as well as
    history to:

    Patrick M Large
    Principal IT Recruiter
    Maverick Staffing Solutions
    New York, New York
    Tel: 917-921-4294
    plarge10, Nov 10, 2008
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  2. brian d  foy

    brian d foy Guest

    In article <>, Tad J
    McClellan <> wrote:

    > plarge10 <> wrote:
    > > My client is very simply looking for the best and brightest perl
    > > developers in New York City.

    > They should consider hiring a recruiter that understands
    > the social moors of Perl programmers then.

    And the social mores of those Moors, too!
    brian d foy, Nov 11, 2008
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  3. On 2008-11-10, plarge10 <> wrote:
    > My client is very simply looking for the best and brightest perl
    > developers in New York City.

    You have posted a job posting or a resume in a technical group.

    Longstanding Usenet tradition dictates that such postings go into
    groups with names that contain "jobs", like "misc.jobs.offered", not
    technical discussion groups like the ones to which you posted.

    Had you read and understood the Usenet user manual posted frequently to
    "news.announce.newusers", you might have already known this. :) (If
    n.a.n is quieter than it should be, the relevent FAQs are available at
    Another good source of information on how Usenet functions is
    news.newusers.questions (information from which is also available at

    Please do not explain your posting by saying "but I saw other job
    postings here". Just because one person jumps off a bridge, doesn't
    mean everyone does. Those postings are also in error, and I've
    probably already notified them as well.

    If you have questions about this policy, take it up with the news
    administrators in the newsgroup news.admin.misc.

    http://jobs.perl.org may be of more use to you

    Yours for a better usenet,


    David H. Adler - <> - http://www.panix.com/~dha/
    It was when a cow-orker proudly showed me his Java Ring that I finally
    realised that Java was nothing more than a huge April Fool joke that had
    got out of hand. - Andy Wardley
    David H. Adler, Nov 11, 2008
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