Last Call - proposals for talks in the business and application track at EP 2006

Discussion in 'Python' started by GHUM, May 29, 2006.

  1. GHUM

    GHUM Guest

    In 2006, EuroPython will be from the 3rd to the 5th of July at CERN,
    near Geneva in Switzerland.

    In business & applications we want to hear about how you made your
    fortune with Python. Show us YOUR interesting released Python
    applications. Describe your fabulous business models with Open Source
    Software. Report about your pub cashier solution in Python and how you
    solved the challenges of longer opening hours. Narrate the background
    stories about your next generation search engine which has just gone

    Explain us the technique, tell us the story, paint your business model!
    Show us how YOU got affluent, opulent, pecunious, proliferative,
    prosperous and wealthy - all using Python!

    Do you use Python to make big business in the lumber sawing or porn
    industrie? Let us know how!

    Move up to

    and submit your proposal. DEADLINE is 2006-05-31 - so do not hesitate
    any further!


    All who still need to know how to get rich and improve their love life
    using Python:
    you are heartly invited to register for EuroPython 2006 via the website

    The "normal fee" is 190€ for three days of seminars and a fine
    conference dinner.

    In addition to our great conference, you have the possibility to visit
    CERN! Maybe you read about it in Angel & Demons ("Illuminati" in
    from Dan Brown; maybe you know that Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the
    World Wide Web there.

    You will have the chance to eat in canteens with the highest
    anywhere in the world to stand in queue with a future or past Nobel
    Prize Winner. You can learn about the technologies that will power Web
    2.5 and above at the place where Web 0.1 up to Web 1.0 were developed.

    CERN says about itself: "The world's largest particle physics
    laboratory ... where the web was born!". As a German you are
    culturally obligued to go the place where they try to find out "was
    die Welt / in ihrem innersten zusammenhält". (So that I may perceive
    whatever holds / The world together in its inmost folds (Faust I)) -
    learn about that place at

    Harald Armin Massa
    persuadere et programmare
    GHUM, May 29, 2006
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