PyCarolinas Is a Go!

Discussion in 'Python' started by Calvin Spealman, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. PyCarolinas 2012 Is a Go!

    We’ve now finalized the location and dates, and can officially
    announce that PyCarolinas 2012, the first Python conference held in
    the Carolinas, will be October 20th and 21st at the Kerr building of
    the UNC School of Pharmacy.

    PyCarolinas is aFREEconference. We are extremely lucky to have an
    excellent space donated, and will raise our additional funds outside
    of registration costs. There will be a registration opening up closer
    to the conference date, with a cut-off around 150 participants.

    We’ll have two well-equipped rooms to fill, hopefully splitting our
    talks into novice and advanced tracks. Day one will be all talk, and
    day two will rolling and afternoon and evening of sprints.

    We have a great space to fill our first year with, so please read the
    Call for Proposals re-post below and help make this a great
    conference! We want anything you’d like to talk about. What have you
    built? What problems have you solved? What experiences can you talk
    about? If you aren’t sure, propose anyway! We’ll try our best to give
    feedback, so if you aren’t sure you have a fully fleshed idea: propose
    it for the feedback and see what happens.

    PyCarolinas 2012 Call For Proposals

    PyCarolinas 2012, the first Python conference held in the carolinas,
    is now accepting proposals! We’re looking for proposals for talks you
    can present to this great and growing Python community.

    PyCarolinas will be held in October in Chapel Hill, NC. The exact
    location and dates of the two-day conference will be announced

    The proposal deadline is July 20, 2012. Please submit your proposals
    to .
    About PyCarolinas 2012

    PyCarolinas 2012 is the first Python Conference held in the carolinas
    and will be located in Chapel Hill, NC this October. The specific date
    and location will be announced shortly. It is a two day conference,
    with one day of talks and one day or sprinting.
    Who should submit a proposal?

    Anyone! We’re looking for as broad a cross-section of the Python
    community as possible.

    We’re looking for both experienced conference speakers and people new
    to technical conferences; industry professionals and hobbyists;
    entrepreneurs, researchers, and system administrators. You’ve probably
    learned something that other Python users could benefit from, so come
    toPyCarolinas and share your story. Maybe you’ve written the next
    great data mining package, or you have a case study to share, or
    you’ve learned something about how to start a Python users’group, or
    you just want to help novices learn how to choose a Python web

    If you have something to tell your fellow Python programmers, this is
    your chance.

    You don’t have to be a professional speaker to give a talk at
    PyCarolinas. Presenters can be volunteers from all walks of life and
    all levels of experience. From hardcore hackers to educators to
    hobbyists, anyone with something to say and the desire to say it is

    If you have a topic idea but you’re not sure exactly how to turn it
    into a killer session, let us know! The program committee is happy to
    work with you to help your session shine.
    What kind of sessions can I give?

    PyCarolinas 2012, as a small event, is acceptingonly traditional
    sessions during the main conference. We are looking for sessions at 30
    and 45 minutes. All levels of talks from from novice-level overviews
    to advanced topics are welcome.
    Conference registration and travel

    PyCarolinas is entirely volunteer-organized and run, and must keep
    costs as low as possible. We are unable to provide assistance or
    compensation for speakers traveling to and staying near the conference
    for the duration of the event.
    Timeline and deadlines

    Please don’t delay! The proposal window is long, but the sooner you
    submit a proposal, the more time we’ll have to help you put forward
    the best proposal. The program committee will officially begin
    reviewing proposals and giving feedback as soon as the CFP closes, but
    the team will attempt to begin reviewing and discussing proposals
    prior to the close of the Call for Proposals to assist authors.

    Proposals for talks will be accepted until July 20th. The list of
    selected talks and tutorials will be finalized by the end of August.

    Thank you!

    Submit your proposal to and thanks for helping
    us make the first ever PyCarolinas great!

    Visit our website to sign up for updates by e-mail

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    Calvin Spealman, Jun 27, 2012
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