Slow Flash Remoting unsing Java on the server

Discussion in 'Java' started by Siegfried Steiner, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Dear Java-Community,

    hopefully I am posting to the right group: Currently I am working on a
    project which uses Flash Remoting MX and Java.

    The Flash client is to communicate with a Java software on the server.
    We use a Servlet on the Server for the Flash Remoting functionality.

    Retrieving data from the server using Flash Remoting is awfully slow!
    We measured more than 20 seconds for about 20 Kb of data to be
    transferred - this is not acceptable for our application as the user
    acceptance will vanish soon!

    It seems that double of the data to be transferred results in far more
    than double of time the retrival takes!

    We made lots of tests and we discovered that the server methods on
    themselves are very fast. Calling them from the client is very slow.
    Retrieving small data chunks such as a small String array from the
    client is ok. Having complex data structures with more than 20 Kb of
    raw data (which is not much for an enterprise application) to be
    transferred to the client is very slow.

    We use serializable Java objects on the server which we transform
    using the newest ASTranslator.

    Has Flash Remoting MX problems with concurrent method calls, i.e. 10
    methods are called (nealry) at the same time by the client and the
    results arrive at the client nearly parallel? Are method calls in
    sequence better concerning the performance?

    How does Flash Remoting work on the client (I am not a Flash
    programmer). Is it ActionScript doing the conversion of the incoming
    data into data structures?

    Not regarding the reduction of the amount of data to be transferred,
    what other reasons are possible for this bottleneck?

    Which means of configuration do I have regarding Flash Remoting MX on
    the server or the client? Are there any buffer sizes which I might

    Do you have any ideas what might be tuned?

    Many thanks for your answers beforehand!

    Best regards,
    Siegfried Steiner

    PS: I was doing some research and found only one answer: Reduce the
    amount of data to be transferred :-(


    We use the following configuration:

    JDK 1.4
    Flash Remoting MX
    ASTranslator 1.5.2
    100 MBit LAN

    Siegfried Steiner | mailto: |
    Siegfried Steiner, Oct 17, 2003
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