something right out of a box

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by uncle jenny, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. uncle jenny

    uncle jenny Guest

    something right out of a box

    'lose yourself'


    "thanks paulie"
    yur welcome
    harder to pirate than some


    hey purple
    ya rememebr yesterday
    we were ravin about baby boomersand when th cutoff is

    we're both in

    th cut off is 64

    and yur 63
    and i'm

    we're late baby boomers


    flicked on th telly this morning

    and sure neough

    they were ravin about it

    typical hey


    it was either sven or nine
    on th brekky program

    not normally up that time of day


    "fuckin high up that roof"
    yeah but only like 18 degrees


    "i reckon it was 22"



    gave him a headache

    so is it

    th slope of th tiles

    or th slope of th roof


    i cant covert th rm file babe
    "downloaded a converter"
    i'll order a player


    "not downloadin one at 26.4 k"
    "pity, it's dub be good to me"



    "buy a pack of pens will ya"
    why ?
    "just do it"



    barbie girl wasnt home
    "i can wait till tomorrow"


    and another 25 dollars worth of drugs


    "course i want a get out of jail free card ya ****"
    "wouldnt you ?"


    not like th english though

    roll in with th tanks

    we'll just have these boys back


    "that xf disappeared"
    we werent quick enough
    like he said

    common as

    dont worry about it


    car shit a gearbox in th kombi
    shoulda listened to little brother man
    he psychic too

    when he tells ya

    put oil in it
    th fucker's leaking

    do it


    "he fucked heaps didnt he"
    didnt stop driving when th grinding noise started

    pay th hundred man
    get th fucker towed


    "better still"
    "listen to little brother"


    all music
    shuffle on

    why do ya want th pens dear ?
    "not tellin"
    cant ya mean

    "ya trust i'm psychic dont ya"
    have to
    yur my twin sister

    "<<< smile >>>"


    told ya little brother wasnt a baby boomer
    "like th fact it turned up th next mornin unasked"
    what else is new


    i'm off for a bath
    got a bit dirty on that one
    "dirty roof"
    no, clean now


    "later magic diary"


    "uncle jenny"


    you not as talkative when yur straight
    "thank god"


    "did ya check out th bmx track this mornin ?"
    next time we go past it when we're wrecked ok
    "one hill to go"
    "And th unicycle will clean th whole thing"

    we'll get over that one


    "bags nicely that tyre"
    already fuckin wide enough

    cat stevens
    'on the road to find out'

    "no ya wont"


    "i got my best compliment for my singin"

    "sang th accompaniment to that guitar piece"
    "and freaked him out"
    "i never heard it before"
    so wot are ya sayin ?

    "not as hungry anymore"

    no more singin in th street ?

    "i dont feel liek it"
    i cant make ya



    you'll have to kill off
    the wizard of the fortitude valley
    "suits me"



    "i'll do this kid's party on saturday though"
    "kuta family man"


    i gotta choof jenny


    "bye bye good book"


    "we proved psychic world real"

    i know

    "let's go do somethin else"

    it'll still come out
    "no-one pays any attention"

    i give ya drugs tomorrow
    you'll feel different then

    "i fuckin cracked it"


    "what else havent we done yet ?"

    the red hot chilli peppers
    'track no01'

    sure ya dont wanna go back to bein

    the town fool

    ridin around on a unicycle after midnight

    in th fortitude valley

    "brisbane can do without me"


    the city she loves me he singin
    uncle jenny, Sep 28, 2005
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  2. Using a finger dipped in purple ink, uncle jenny <>

    >something right out of a box

    Complaint sent to your ISP, dickwad.

    Lumber Cartel (tinlc) #2063. Spam this account at your own risk.

    This sig censored by the Office of Home and Land Insecurity...

    Remove XYZ to email me
    Never Anonymous Bud, Sep 28, 2005
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