UK Python Conference - 20-23 April 2005 - Call for papers

Discussion in 'Python' started by Andy Robinson, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. The UK Python Conference for 2005 will take place at
    the Randolph Hotel, Oxford on 20-23 April 2005.

    We hereby invite speakers to submit proposals for talks.

    About the event
    This will once again be held as a track within the ACCU
    conference. The conference site is here, and more details
    on the Python track will appear shortly.

    The ACCU event is one of the foremost conferences for programmers,
    attracting the inventors and/or leading proponents of C, C++,
    Java, .NET and Python over the last few years. Past Python speakers
    have included Guido van Rossum, David Ascher, Alex Martelli, Armin Rigo,
    Paul Everitt, Marc-Andre Lemburg and many others, and the
    ACCU now treats Python as being fully on par with Java and C++.
    The event is priced midway between commercial and community
    events, at approx. £100 per day, and is professionally managed.

    It is located in a historic hotel in the centre of Oxford and is
    ideal for anyone wanting to combine a holiday with a conference.

    Conference Format
    The Python conference will span THREE days, with ONE track.
    The first slot each morning is taken by the cross-conference
    keynote. This was the overwhelming preference of those we polled
    last year. (There will NOT be a separate Open Source track this
    year; the "rotating special subject" is Security. As a result,
    Python-related security talks would be of interest)

    You may propose 90 minute or 45 minute talks. The
    ACCU's general preference is for a small number of high
    quality, well prepared talks on subjects of broad interest
    to programmers, and the Python track will follow this.
    There will also be space for less formal lunchtime talks,
    evening BOFs and other events.

    Speakers' compensation is yet to be confirmed, but in the
    past those doing 90 mimutes (or 2x45 minute talks) will be
    eligible for 4 days paid accomodation and admission to
    the 4 day event; 45 minute speakers will gain 1 day's admission.
    Where possible, we will attempt to allocate resources to ensure
    that the best speakers are able to attend irrespective of

    Submission Procedure
    Please send an email to
    not later than 26th December, with the following information:
    Your Name
    Short Biography
    Talk Title
    Talk Synopsis

    This is a simple mailbox; the committee will review and
    acknowledge submissions a couple of times a week.
    If this shows promise, you will be given a chance to refine
    the details through a web based system later.

    A small committee will be formed to scrutinize talk proposals
    including those whol volunteered last year. This includes
    myself, Dr. Tim Couper and Dr. John Lee. General discussion about
    the event should be directed to the python-uk list

    ReportLab Europe Ltd. is managing parts of the event infrastructure
    and will be providing some staff time to provide a guaranteed
    point of contact.


    Best Regards

    Andy Robinson
    CEO/Chief Architect
    ReportLab Europe Ltd
    tel +44-20-8544-8049
    Andy Robinson, Dec 10, 2004
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