2 menu questions



I'd like clicking on a top menu item to open the list but it insists I
assign a file to the element and then opens the file when I click.

Window menus simply drop down the list of items if a top menu item is

Can I get that effect with asp.net?

The following code works OK but I wonder why.

Seems to me that it should have a slash:

<siteMapNode title="Home" url="Default.aspx" />

since "Home" is simply a top level menuitem.

The code below makes it appears that "History" is under "Home"

But if I add the slash I get an error message.

Can you eaplain why my thinking is wrong?

<siteMap xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/AspNet/SiteMap-File-1.0" >

<siteMapNode title="Home" url="Default.aspx" >

<siteMapNode title="History" url="History/Dummy.aspx">

<siteMapNode title="General" url="History/General.aspx" />


Thanks for any help


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