A new scripting language: CLIS - C Like Interpreted Script




I've written a language called CLIS which is my attempt to write
something close but not identical to an intepreted version of C (hence
the crosspost to comp.lang.c - hope you guys don't mind). Theres
nothing revolutionary or novel about it but its my first attempt to
write an interpreter for a serious language (previously I've written
BASIC but it seems everyone and their dog has tried that at some
point) and I'm looking for comments both good and bad plus suggestions
and bug reports. Its currently in its very early stages so a lot of
higher level functionality is missing , eg file I/O, but I'll be
putting it all in bit by bit. Currently its mainly just the core

If anyone is interested the C++ code for version 0.1 is here:


Its been written on Linux using gcc and also briefly tested on



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