a remark about 'stability'


Rainer Weikusat

| I suspect that the CPAN-hostile environment which still promotes
| CGI.pm as the state of the art in Perl overlaps strongly with the
| older-is-better-stability-over-all enterprise Linux distribution
| group, of which Red Hat for example won't provide Perl 5.20 for
| several years,

I also suspect that the fraction of people who have existing they
don't want to see broken because of 'political attempts' to promote
this or that not-yet-abanoded wepp fremmwuerg strongly overlaps with
the fraction of people who have existing code they ....

But you, dear modernists, can do better than outlined above: Just
break more stuff which always used to work more rapidly and you might
manage to make Perl 5 go the way of Perl6^Wthe dodo: Nobody uses it
because it isn't fit for use anymore. Imagine that you can probably
get 'RedHat' to never ship Perl 5.20 and onwards at all because
none of their customers wants it.


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