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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (Part 3): Products & Services

Preliminary Remarks

This is a monthly posting to comp.lang.vhdl containing information products
and services for VHDL (commercial and public domain) Please send additional
information directly to the editor:
(e-mail address removed) (Edwin Naroska)

Corrections and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for all corrections.

There are three other regular postings: part 1 lists general information on
VHDL, part 2 lists books on VHDL, part 4 contains descriptions for a number
of terms and phrases used to define VHDL.

This product list is never up to date it seems - please help to update it.
This list is without any guarantee to be complete or correct. It is included
to enable contacts to vendors. It does not contain version, quality or price
information. (Please accept, that actually this information changes to fast
-too much work to keep such information up to date, but if there is a
volunteer willing to take this part...:). If some kind of judgment is
included ('specialist' for example) it's not my personal opinion but a
remark from the vendor himself.

Table of Contents

* 1. Special Stuff, Shareware, Public Domain
o 1.1 VHDL Scanner/Parser
o 1.2 Compilers, Synthesis Tools
o 1.3 Editors
o 1.4 Text Tools
o 1.5 Miscellaneous
* 2. Companies and their Products/Services
* 3. VHDL Compilers for PC's
o 3.1 Free Compiler
o 3.2 Commercial Compiler
* 4. Verilog <-> VHDL Translators
o 4.1 Free Verilog <-> VHDL Translators
o 4.2 Commercial Verilog <-> VHDL Translators
* 5. VHDL <-> Schematic/FSM Translators
o 5.1 Free Schematic/FSM to VHDL Translators
o 5.2 Commercial VHDL <-> Schematic/FSM Translators
* 6. C/C++ to VHDL Translators
* 7. VHDL'93 Support of Simulator/Synthesis Tools


1. Special Stuff, Shareware, Public Domain

For free demo or introductory versions of various software packages (mostly
for developing FPGAs, CPLDs, and PLDs) see Additional free software packages
covering various aspects of hardware design may be found at

1.1 VHDL scanner/parser

For additional VHDL parser search the "The Hamburg VHDL archive" at

A VHDL Parser/Generator written in Prolog
Description: A Public Domain VHDL Parser/Generator written in
Prolog is available via anonymous FTP from the Microelectronics
Center of North Carolina (MCNC.ORG). Look for vhdl.tar.Z in /pub.
For a more up-to-date version of this software (including bug
fixes, a graphical editor and logic synthesis modules), contact
Peter Reintjes at Quintus Corporation: (e-mail address removed) or
(e-mail address removed) (I work for DASIX now!).

Contact: Peter Reintjes, Email: (e-mail address removed)
A revised Version can now be found at
+ URL:
Files: VHDL93.tar.Z and README

A VHDL-93 Parser written in SWI_Prolog
Description: A VHDL-93 Parser written in SWI_Prolog (Version
2.7.14) conforming to the IEEE 1076-1993 Standard of VHDL is
available from the Wright State University. An experimental
VHDL-93 Design Description Browser written in Tcl/TK (Version
7.5/4.1) by Laura DeBrock is also included. The parser is a
revised version of the VHDL-87 parser in Quintus Prolog by Peter

Contact: Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan (Prasad), Email:
(e-mail address removed), phone: (513)-873-5109
Files: VHDL93_SWI_2.7.14.tar.gz and README_SWI_2.7.14

A VHDL-1076.1 (AMS) Parser/Pretty-Printer written in SWI_Prolog
Description: This distribution contains a VHDL-1076.1 parser and
pretty-printer in SWI-Prolog (and an experimental Graphical User
Interface written in Java). It evolved from the VHDL-87 Parser in
Quintus Prolog written by Peter B. Reintjes.

Contact: Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan (Prasad), Email:
(e-mail address removed), phone: (513)-873-5109

A Lex and yacc based VHDL parser
Description: Another parser based on lex an yacc can be found at
the University of Dortmund (Germany) .It can parse and analyze
arbitrary VHDL code and convert it into an abstract syntax graph.
It handles many of the more challenging semantic issues of VHDL
like type checking and overload resolution.


A VHDL grammar and frontend based on the compiler toolbox CCTB
Description: A VHDL grammar and frontend based on the compiler
toolbox CCTB of GMD of the University of Karlsruhe. Note that the
status of both topics is quite different: the grammar is a (more
or less) finished product, the frontend certainly not. A VHDL
grammar based on lex and yacc, manually derived from the CCTB
version is also available.

The tools are available from
+ Grammar
File: vhdl-lexyacc.1.4.tar.Z
+ Frontend

VHDLParser and VHDLTree
Description: The first free pure Java VHDL Parser plus graphical
structure viewer for VHDL design files. Contributed by Andreas

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

VHDL-AMS Parser by Christoph Grimm
Description: The parser covers the complete IEEE 1076 - Standard
including the extensions proposed as IEEE 1076.1. I implemented it
using the JavaCC Compiler-Compiler from SUN. Currently, only
syntax check works.

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

SUAVE (SAVANT and University of Adelaide VHDL Extensions) Parser
Description: The SUAVE project is a joint effort between the
University of Cincinnati and the University of Adelaide to design
and evaluate object-oriented extensions for the hardware
description language VHDL. Currently, a parser/analyzer is

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

1.2 VHDL Compilers, Synthesis Tools

Description: VDT (VHDL Developer's Toolkit) and INSPIRE (a VHDL
Simulation Environment with INcremental Analysis/Elaboration,
SPecialized Functions, and Incremental Waveform REgeneration) is a
free (?) VHDL simulation system supporting a subset of the IEEE
1076 VHDL standard. Binaries are available for Linux and Sun and


Description: ALLIANCE 3.0 is a complete set of CAD tools for
teaching Digital CMOS VLSI Design in Universities. It includes
VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, automatic
place and route, etc... ALLIANCE is the result of a ten years
effort at University Pierre et Marie Curie (PARIS VI, France).
ALLIANCE allows VLSI designers to
+ capture and simulate VHDL behavioral views.
+ capture and validate structural views.
+ produce physical layout.
+ verify layout (DRC).
+ check layout against structural (logical/extracted) and
behavioral (formal proof) views.

The complete ALLIANCE CAD Framework is available by anonymous FTP.
For more info see ALLIANCE.README at the distribution sites.


Description: AMICAL is an Interactive Architectural Synthesis Tool
based on VHDL developed at the system level synthesis group of
TIMA Laboratory at INPG, Grenoble, France. AMICAL starts with a
functional specification given in VHDL, it performs scheduling,
allocation and generates an architecture composed of a data-path
and a controller that may feed existing synthesis tools acting at
the logic and register transfer levels. AMICAL uses a powerful
scheduler and accepts a quite large VHDL subset (multiple waits,
nested loops, exits, procedures, functions...). The present
version produces a VHDL description that can be accepted by
Synopsys. AMICAL is organized as an interactive environment, it
provides several facilities for architecture analysis (statistics,
evaluation, links between the VHDL behaviour and the resulting
architecture...). The response time of AMICAL is short enough to
make it an interactive system. AMICAL is available free of Charge.
The present version has already been distributed to several
experimental centers. The present version runs on SPARC station
under SUNOS. Two versions of the graphical interface exists:
Openwindow, Suntools. The distribution include:
+ The AMICAL software.
+ A Tutorial
+ A user's Manual
+ A beginner Session
+ Synthesis exercices (6 Hours)

The distribution does not include the VHDL analyser. The present
version makes use of the VHDL Analyser of CLSI. A new version
based on LVS, the VHDL compiler from LEDA, will be available soon.
In case you have no the right VHDL analyser we added, the
distribution may include the compiled and scheduled version of all
the examples. Then you can use AMICAL with a fixed scheduling in
order to perform interactive synthesis. Of course this is useful
only for practicing with AMICAL or for Demonstration.


Description: Electric is a sophisticated electrical CAD system
that can handle many forms of circuit design, including Custom IC
layout (ASICs), Schematic drawing, Hardware description language
specifications, and Electro-mechanical hybrid layout. The VHDL
system can generate VHDL from a layout, and can compile structural
VHDL to netlists of various format. These netlists can then be
simulated with the built-in simulator, turned into layout with the
silicon compiler, or saved to disk for use in external simulators.


A Macintosh build of the Electric VLSI design tools is available

Description: The SAVANT project is an effort by University of
Cincinnati's Computer Architecture Design Lab to build an
extensible, object-oriented intermediate form (IIR) for the
hardware description language VHDL. The project produced a suite
of software to analyze VHDL, build the IIR, and output C++
suitable for execution with the TyVIS VHDL simulation kernel.
Further, the SAVANT analyzer has been designed to easily allow the
insertion of new back-ends into the tool. The software developed
under the SAVANT project is freely available. Users may modify,
distribute, and use the software contained in the SAVANT software
package under the terms of the "GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC
LICENSE" version 2, June 1991.


Free VHDL-AMS to C++ for Simulink translator
Description: Main AMS constructions and statements are supported,
with focus on AMS quantities, vectors and fast execution (possibly
in real time):
+ entity, architecture
+ default port and generic values, mapping actual ports/
+ REAL, REAL_VECTOR(size) indexed from 0, vector literals,
easy-to-add other vector types
+ first order ODE for both REAL and REAL_VECTOR via 'DOT
+ simple_simultaneous_statement assumes as assignment
+ simultaneous_if_statement, generate_statement - FOR only
+ component_instantiation_statement
+ vector'HIGH, vector'LOW
+ 'ABOVE defined for REAL, other attributes easy to add
+ relational, algebraic and logical operators
+ initialization and conditional BREAK
Connectivity to Simulink:
+ as S-Function - compiled shared library
+ vector ports
+ easy simulation control, use of other Simulink modules
+ several fixed/variable-step ODE solvers
Translator is made using rapid development JavaCC container
technology. Complicated features as aggregates of record types,
subtype ranges etc. can't be implemented. Other executable
statements are easy to add. Semantical checking is left for C++
compiler. No signals or processes can be translated.


1.3 Editors

VHDL support for GNU Emacs or XEmacs
Description: GNU Emacs
( is a free powerful
editor available for many platforms and operating systems. See for a
Windows 95/98/ME, and 2000 version of Emacs. Xemacs
( is based on GNU Emacs with full GUI

The package VHDL-mode adds support for VHDL editing to GNU Emacs
or XEmacs. It includes the following features:
+ Syntax highlighting
+ Indentation
+ Template insertion (electrification)
+ Insertion of file headers
+ Insertion of user-specified models
+ Port translation / test bench generation
+ Sensitivity list updating
+ File browser
+ Design hierarchy browser
+ Source file compilation (syntax analysis)
+ Code hiding
+ Word/keyword completion
+ Block commenting
+ Code fixing/alignment/beautification
+ Postscript printing
+ VHDL'87/'93 and VHDL-AMS supported
+ Comprehensive menu
+ Fully customizable
VHDL-mode is maintained by Reto Zimmermann and Rod Whitby.


Description: VIM is a free clone of the UNIX standard text editor
Vi. It's available for many platforms and operating systems and
can handle VHDL syntax (via a special VHDL package included in the


Description: NEdit is a reely-distributable GUI style plain-text
editor for X/Motif systems. It is very easy to use, especially for
those familiar with the Macintosh or MS Windows style of
interface. NEdit supports syntax highlighting with built-in
patterns for VHDL, Verilog, and more.
Pre-built, tested executables are available for Silicon Graphics,
Sun (Solaris & SunOS), HP, Digital Unix, Ultrix, IBM AIX, Linux,
and VMS systems.


Description: The GRASP Project has successfully created and
prototyped a new algorithmic level graphical representation for
software: the Control Structure Diagram (CSD). The primary impetus
for creation of the CSD was to improve the comprehension
efficiency of Ada source code and, as a result, improve software
reliability and reduce software costs. Since its creation, the CSD
has been expanded and adapted to include other languages. GRASP
provides the capability to generate CSD's from Ada 95, C, C++,
Java and VHDL source code in both a reverse and forward
engineering mode with a level of flexibility suitable for
professional application.

GRASP is available for Unix (SPARC SunOS, SPARC Solaris, SGI Irix,
X86 Linux, IBM AIX, DEC Alpha (Digital UNIX and Linux), Power
MachTen 4.1) and for Win95/NT.


Prism Editor

The Prism Editor is an 'environmentally friendly' shareware editor
designed for Windows NT/95/98. It has a lot of features like code
formatting, color syntax highlighting, column editing, block
commenting/uncommenting. Currently it supports VHDL, Verilog and
ABEL and any custom language. Further, VHDL HLP (see Section 1.5)
may be used to add context sensitive help to the editor.


Description: e93 is a portable window open sourced based text
editor oriented to the needs of programmers. It was begun in 1993
(thus the name). It uses the mouse, selections, cut/copy/paste,
and closely follows the model of editors on the Macintosh and NeXT
platforms. e93 is highly configurable and supports
user-configurable syntax highlighting (including VHDL, C/C++,
JAVA). Binaries are available for Linux and Windows.


Description: jEdit is a programmer's text editor written in Java
and released under the terms of the GPL. Some of jEdit's features
include syntax highlighting for 70 languages, built-in macro
language (BeanShell), auto-indenting of source code, folding
(indent and 'marker' based), unlimited undo/redo, extensible
plugin architecture, with more than 50 plugins available.


Crimson Editor
Description: Crimson Editor is a source code editor for Windows.
This program is not only fast in loading time, but also small in
size (so small that it can be copied in one floppy disk). While it
can serve as a replacement for Notepad, it also offers many
powerful features for programming languages such as HTML, C/C++,
Perl and Java. There is also a custom syntax file available for
VHDL. Other features include undo/redo, user tools, macros, spell
checker and more.


1.4 Text Tools

MVP (Make VHDL Pretty)
Description: MVP is a free VHDL pretty printer using FLEX and C.
It can produce ascii or postscript. FLEX generated C code is
included. Contributed by Paul Elliott. MVP is available as an
improved version MVP v2.6 (Martin Gumm).


A version v1.1.1 (based on MVP v1.1) updated for USA A size paper
and assoaciated font bugs is available at


Another version v1.3.3 (based on previous versions from P.S.
Elliot and M. Gumm) by N.J.H.M. van Beurden can be downloaded from


MVPx (GUI frontend to MVP)
Description: MVPx is a front-end for the MVP (Make VHDL Pretty)

Contact: Nick van Beurden, (e-mail address removed)


Description: Another VHDL "Pretty Printer" called "vhdl-nice" from
Michael Knieser.

Contact: Michael Knieser, Email: (e-mail address removed)

There are differnt version for VHDL 1076/87 and VHDL 1076/93
+ VHDL 1076/87
+ VHDL 1076/93

VHDL -> mif Pretty Printer Perl Script

A VHDL-1076.1 (AMS) Parser/Pretty-Printer written in SWI_Prolog
(see Section 1.1)

Description: a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter. It started as a
Text to PostScript converter, with pretty printing features and
all the expected features from this kind of programs. But today,
style sheets to convert C, C++, TeX, VHDL, ... source files to
PostScript are available as well.


Description: VHDLDOC is a tool to generate automatically
hyper-linked html-documentation of vhdl-code. The markup-language
is like the one of JAVADOC.


User reported that html files created by VHDLDOC are not
compatible with Windows because of the generated file names. To
fix this problem, the following awk script may be applied on the
output files (posted by Ben Cohen to comp.lang.vhdl):

FNR == 1 {
file = FILENAME ; gsub( /::/, "__", file)

gsub( /::/, "__" )
gsub("%3A%3A", "__")
print > file

usage: awk -f fixhtml.awk html_files
where fixhtml.awk is the file name of the awk script and
html_files is a list of html files to be processed.

1.5 Miscellaneous

VHDL Validation Suite
15th, 1990:
The VHDL Validation Suite, which was developed at Va. Tech with
funding provided by CAD Language Systems Inc., Daisy/Cadnetix,
Genrad, MCC, Silicon Compiler Systems, Vantage Analysis, and Zycad
is now ready for public release. The suite contains 2295 tests
which cover 100% of the 1865 test points defined for the VHDL
Language Reference Manual.

Contact: Professor J. R. Armstrong, Bradley Department of
Electrical Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. 24061-0111,
phone: (540) 231-4723, fax: (540) 231-3362, Email: (e-mail address removed)

See also FAQ Part 1, Section 4.4.

Description: Models from the Billowitch test suite as well as
models from the figures in Peter Ashenden's books "The Designer's
Guide to VHDL" are available under the GNU Public License in a
test suite titled VESTs.


VHDL Makefile Maker and Source Code Splitter
Description: vmkr is a vendor independent makefile generator for
VHDL. vsplit is a tool that splits up VHDL source code so that
there is only one design unit per file, a requirement for vmkr to
work properly.


vhdl-2-c: A VHDL to C conversion tools
Files: vhdl2c-bins-0.1.tar.gz (binaries) and
vhdl-2-c_source-0.1.tar.gz (source)

vhdlprof - A VHDL profiling tool
Files: vhdlprof-bins-0.1.tar.gz (binaries) and
vhdlprof_source-0.1.tar.gz (source)

vhdl2html: A VHDL to HTML converter
Description: Re-formats and colorizes your VHDL into HTML for
viewing and printing.

Contact: Jon Connell:[email protected]

hdl2html: A perl script which converts VHDL or Verilog to HTML
This PERL script takes an HDL file (VHDL or Verilog) and produces
a HTML formatted version of it. The Verilog mode is not as well
tested as VHDL mode. It has been run on NT but not on Unix.


Description: More than 42 Mbytes of VHDL related material are
available. According to Usenet group comp.lang.vhdl, VHDL
examples, models and related matters are still hard to find, we
have started gathering as many VHDL models as possible, and have
decided (when reading the news) that the resulting database could
be of great help for other potential users.
Authors: Yannick HERVE/Francois PECHEUX (rigidly shortened by T.

Contribution are welcommed in /incoming (management by
(e-mail address removed) Suggestions and encouragments at
(e-mail address removed)
The database structure and contents are:
+ /pub/vhdl/00README.first To be read first
+ /pub/vhdl/ISCAS.vhdl/ 63 ISCAS benchmark translated in VHDL
+ /pub/vhdl/misc/ FAQs, IEEE recommendations
+ /pub/vhdl/models.vhdl/ with one subdirectory per model
+ /pub/vhdl/packages.vhdl/
+ /pub/vhdl/papers/ Interesting papers or electronic books
+ /pub/vhdl/
+ /pub/vhdl/synthese.models.vhdl/
+ /pub/vhdl/tests.for.vhdl/ Tests and comments
+ /pub/vhdl/utils.for.vhdl/ VHDL grammars, tools, and C related

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

V2C: VHDL to C translator
Description: v2c is a tool that automatically translates a VHDL
source into an equivalent C program, i.e. a C function with the
same input-output behavior of the digital circuit the VHDL
represents. v2c can cope with data-flow and behavioral
architectures, sequential or combinatorial, with most of the
sequential and concurrent statements supported.

Contact: Cristian Ghezzi, Email:

Description: IDaSS is an Interactive Design and Simulation System
for digital circuits, targeted towards VLSI and ULSI designs of
complex data processing hardware. IDaSS describes a design as a
tree-like hierarchy of schematics. The design files can be
converted into different hardware description languages (like VHDL
or Verilog). Some further features of IDaSS are the integration of
design and simulation via a build in simulator (not VHDL
simulation) and the capability to generate test vector files.

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

FMF Free Model Foundation
Description: The Free Model Foundation (FMF) is a not for profit
organization. It has been created to promote the development and
free distribution of simulation and analysis models of electronic
components. It is the Foundation's belief that the utility of
these models will be maximized by distributing them as unencrypted
source code. The FMF website has VHDL models and timing files for
over 1000 common components available for free download as well as
various papers and style guides related to component modeling.

FMF provides:
+ Models
+ Modeling services
+ Model distribution
+ Backannotation tools
+ Educational services

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

Description: VHDL-GUI is a free graphical tool for capturing,
drawing, editing, and navigating hierarchical block-diagrams, and
for producing corresponding structural VHDL code. The VGUI tool is
easy to learn-and-use, with a style based on popular web-browser,
word-processor/drawing tools. It accommodates arbitrarily complex
multi-level diagrams, while providing WYSIWYG hardcopy printouts.
VGUI produces IEEE-1076 standard VHDL code. It is not
vendor-specific and can be used with any VHDL compiler/simulator

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

Description: VHDL HLP is a free Windows based VHDL help file. VHDL
HLP may be used to add context sensitive help to the Prism Editor
(see Section 1.3).

Contact: Email: (e-mail address removed)

KPP - A VHDL Pre-Processor
Description: KPP is a pre-processor, similar to CPP, for VHDL
applications. It provides many standard functions such as #def,
#undef, #ifdef, #include, etc. It also provides for loops and some
other features. The program will run on Win95, Win98, and WinNT.
Authored by Ingrid Brill.


OpenTech CDROM
Description: The aim of this project is to compile open hardware
designs and free design tools and put them on distribution CDROM
to be available for all hardware designers.


The TimingAnalyzer Program
Description: The TimingAnalyzer can be used to draw and edit
timing diagrams and check for timing problems in digital systems.
The diagrams can be included in word processing documents,
printed, and saved as JPG or GIF image files. The signal diagrams
are saved as text files so they are easy to modify or distribute.
Currently, the tool is free while it is in beta testing.


Description: TimingTool allows engineers to graphically edit
timing diagrams and then save the diagram in TDML format. The
saved TDML can then be translated into Verilog / VHDL.


ABEL/Altera HDL (AHDL) to VHDL converter
Description: The free ISE WebPACK software from Xilinx includes a
HDL converter to translate ABEL or Altera HDL (AHDL; do not
confuse it with Analog VHDL which is also sometimes denoted as
AHDL) designs to VHDL.


Description: ChipVault is a VHDL/Verilog Chip Design organization
tool. A (incomplete) list of its features is
+ Automatically sorting and displaying design files
hierarchically. Designed to handle multi-million gate designs
with hundreds of RTL files.
+ Provides a Fast and Simple mechanism for navigating design
hierarchy and launching favorite editors and tools
(compile,lint,etc.) on design files.
+ Simple to use Revision Control system for archiving file
changes and Group Development, keeping 'Mainline' syntax-free
versions of files separate from the minute-to-minute
alterations. Prevents multiple designers from working on the
same file simultaneously.


Description: HDLmaker is a tool for generating Verilog and VHDL
designs. HDLmaker simplifies the development of complex FPGA
designs as well as PC Boards by performing the following tasks
(among other things):
+ Writes hierarchical Verilog and VHDL code
+ Generates retargetable IO pad rings
+ Generates all of the necessary scripts and Make files
+ Supports mulitlanguage projects
+ Converts PCB net lists into VHDL and Verilog
+ Generates SCALD and PADS pc board netlists
+ Generates Schematics in Postscript format
+ Designs are portable between FPGA families and CAE tools
+ Simplifies the reuse of HDL code
+ Converts HDLmaker, Verilog and VHDL files into fully hyper
linked HTML


Description: Qfsm is a graphical editor for finite state machines
written in C++ using Qt (the graphical Toolkit from Trolltech). An
excerpt of its features is:
+ Printing of diagrams
+ Integrity check
+ Interactive simulation
+ AHDL/VHDL export
+ State table export (Latex, HTML)



2. Companies and their Products/Services

This section lists companies and their products/services related to VHDL. If
you notice that some informations are not up-to-date please send a note to
the editor.

Further, the "EEdesign" at and the "Programmable
Logic Jump Station" at are good web sources for
informations on EDA tools.

Accolade Design Automation, Inc.
550 Kirkland Way, Suite 200
Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 828-2122, (800) 470-2686
(425) 739-2163 FAX
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Japan Distributor:
InterLink, Inc.
1-5-21-1325 Mori Isogo-Ku
Yokohama 235 JAPAN
Phone: 81-45-40-28220
Accolade Design Automation, Inc. develops and markets high-performance
tools for VHDL and FPGA users. Products include a Microsoft Windows
(3.1, `95 and NT compatible) VHDL simulator in Personal and Professional
editions. The PeakVHDL simulator uses direct-compile technology, and
includes a source code browser, integrated 'make' facilities, and
integrated source file editor. The PeakFPGA synthesis product integrates
directly with PeakVHDL to provide a combined simulation and synthesis
environment for popular FPGA devices including Xilinx, Altera, Actel,
Lattice, Lucent and AMD. The Accolade Design Automation Web Site includes a free Introduction to VHDL
tutorial. Evaluation software is available, as is a textbook titled
"VHDL Made Easy!". Call or email for special low-cost educational
programs and packages.
Aldec, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
2230 Corporate Circle
Henderson, NV 89014
Tel: (702) 990-4400
Toll Free: (800) 487-8743
Fax: (702) 990-4414
email: (e-mail address removed)

Aldec, Inc., an 18-year EDA tool provider, is committed to delivering
high-performance, HDL-based design verification software for UNIX,
Linux and Windows platforms. Aldec is dedicated and responsive to
serving its customers' needs. It is recognized that to be productive
in today's market and to best serve customers in the future, new
technologies and innovations that go beyond traditional methods of
conducting business in the EDA industry must be pursued. Aldec is
committed to customer service and is actively developing a company
that will evolve along with its customers' designs.
Alternative System Concepts, Inc.
PO Box 128 Windham NH 03087
tel (603) 437-2234 fax (603) 437-2722
Email: (e-mail address removed)

verilog2vhdl : verilog2vhdl translates hierarchical Verilog HDL to
VHDL by using an HDL object kernel which converts the input to an
intermediate format and then back to the other HDL. It makes a full
translation of structural Verilog, and a partial translation of
behavioral Verilog. It supports all synthesizable Verilog as a subset
and uses a combination of IEEE and tool-specific VHDL packages to
perform the translation. VHDL that is created by verilog2vhdl is
functionally equivalent to input Verilog, and because of one-to-one
mapping of Verilog to VHDL, output VHDL is easy to
understand. Comments are preserved and placed after the line in the
translated code most closely matching the design intent. Test benches
can be translated also to verify that the output is correct. Output
VHDL is IEEE 1076-1993 compliant. Node-locked and floating licenses
are available for HP-UX, Solaris, SunOS and Windows NT platforms.

VHDL2verilog: VHDL2verilog translates hierarchical VHDL (full
structural, part RTL) to Verilog HDL. Verilog that is created by
VHDL2verilog is functionally equivalent to input VHDL. Comments are
preserved and placed after the line in the translated code most
closely matching the design intent. Test benches can be translated
also to verify that the output is correct. Both IEEE Std 1076-1993 or
IEEE Std 1076-1987 compliant VHDLs are processed by the system and
output Verilog is compatible with any Verilog-XL compatible
simulator. Node-locked and floating licenses are available for HP-UX,
Solaris, SunOS and Windows NT platforms.

VBIT®: JTAG Test Synthesis for ASIC and IC Designers. VBIT®, which was
the industry's first RT level JTAG Test Synthesis tool, is available
directly from the developer ASC. The product features automatic
boundary scan test logic insertion synthesis by a tool using
technology independent IEEE 1149.1 macros to read VHDL or Verilog
input and produce corresponding RT Level VHDL or Verilog output. A
Simulation Testbench is created in Verilog or VHDL to test the
Boundary Scan Circuitry. A BSDL output file is also created for easy
interface to Board Level ATE and creating test vectors. VBIT® also
supports custom mapping to vendor-specific JTAG cell libraries and
custom interfaces for internal scan, memory and logic BIST. VBIT®
frees engineers from learning the tedious details of IEEE 1149.1
standard and manually inserting boundary scan test logic into their
ASIC, IC or MCM designs in an error-free rapid way. VBIT® scan
implementation at the RT level promotes design re-use. Tools that
insert boundary scan test at the gate level are used too late in the
design cycle to be truly technology independent. Furthermore, by
implementing boundary scan before logic synthesis, the designers can
synthesize functional core logic and test logic concurrently and avoid
timing and area violations in the entire chip. This saves costly
design iterations. Node-locked and floating licenses are available for
HP-UX, Solaris, and SunOS platforms.

FRITS: FRITS is an object-oriented framework to interface with other
EDA tools and facilitate rapid development. FRITS translates Verilog
HDL or VHDL descriptions into an intermediate format (common object
format) and stores the data in an object kernel in memory. The object
kernel is accessible to the EDA tool developer via an Application
Program Interface (API). FRITS also provides an elegant mechanism for
easy extraction of the stored design data. All operations by FRITS are
Associated Professional Systems (APS)
3003 Latrobe Court
Abingdon, Maryland 21009
Phone: 410-515-3883
Fax: 410-661-2760
Email: (e-mail address removed)

APS develops FPGA test boards and packages them with EDA software
at very low prices. The APS-X84 XILINX Foundation Kits offer VHDL
Schematic capture, simulator, ABEL HDL, XACT router, and VHDL multimedia

tutorial plus the X84 ISA FPGA test utility board for prices as low as
$650.00. The kit comes with VHDL examples and C code to control and
download to the FPGA board from either the supplied XCHECKER cable or
from the PC ISA bus.

Check out the details at

These deals can't be beat!
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
HDL Design Group
270 Billerica Road
Chelmsford MA 01824
555 River Oaks Pkwy.
San Jose, Calif. 951134
Eileen Elam (Public relations representative)
(408) 943-1234
Mr. Grothe
phone: 02236 68051 seems now: 02236/962130 (Vertrieb)
Leapfrog - Full IEEE 1076 Simulation Environment Using Native Compiled Code
Synergy - VHDL and Verilog Logic Synthesis and Optimization
Verilog-XL - Verilog HDL and accelerated gate simulator
NCSim - native-compiled Verilog and VHDL simulation in the same kernel:
completely unified mixed-language simulation kernel supporting
VHDL 93, etc.
Envisia Ambit - VHDL & Verilog, high-capacity synthesis
Envisia PKS - Ambit synthesis with knowledge of the physical (layout)
Affirma FormalCheck - Model checking of VHDL and Verilog designs
Affirma Heck - Equivalence checking of VHDL & Verilog designs
Affirma HAL - HDL Analysis and Lint tool for both VHDL and Verilog

Valid (part of CADENCE now)
2820 Orchard Pkwy.
San Jose, Calif. 95134
phone: 089/710050 seems now: 089/570960 (Applikation)
compiler, simulator
Now sells Intermetrics tools

Cypress Semiconductor
Contact: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
3901 N. First St.
San Jose, California 95134, U.S.A
Phone: (408) 943-2600
Fax : (408) 943-2741
- Information is also available from any of our sales offices Worldwide -
Warp2: Warp2 is a state-of-the-art VHDL compiler for designing with
Cypress PROMs and PLDs. Warp2 utilizes a proper subset
of IEEE 1076 VHDL as its Hardware Description Language (HDL) for its design
entry. Warp2 accepts VHDL input, synthesizes and optimizes the entered
design, and outputs an industry standard JEDEC map for the desired device.
This JEDEC file may then be simulated with the Cypress NOVA simulator
(included in Warp2).
Warp2 is available on PC(Windows) and Sun platforms.

Dolphin Integration
39, avenue du Granier,

Tel : +33 (0)4 76 41 10 96
Fax: +33 (0)4 76 90 29 65


Email: (e-mail address removed)


SMASH (TM) is a mixed-signal multi-level simulator for ASICs, systems
and PCBs. SMASH can simulate circuits with parts described in SPICE
format, parts in Verilog-HDL, parts in VHDL, and parts in VHDL-AMS.
SMASH also supports true analog behavioral modeling in ABCD (based on
C language). Complex systems, built using 'silicon IP' delivered in
various formats, can be described most efficiently using the right
level of modeling and abstraction for each part. SMASH is a single-
process tool, and does not suffer from the complexity issues associated
with backplane solutions.
It delivers unprecedented performance for mixed-signal simulation based
on standard formats.
SMASH is available on Windows 9x/NT/2000, and also on Sun Solaris
machines. It is interfaced with popular schematic entry packages, such
as Cohesion Chip Designer. Evaluation versions (functional but limited
to small circuits) are available from the Web site
and also numerous application notes. Call or email for special
conditions applicable to educational use.
Doulos Ltd
Church Hatch
22 Market Place
BH24 1AW

Tel : +44 (0)1425 471223
Fax : +44 (0)1425 471573
Email : (e-mail address removed)

Having built a formidable reputation for high quality, application
based VHDL, Verilog® and SystemC training, Doulos continues to develop
courses and project services for engineers pushing the boundaries of
new technology and methodologies. Doulos is independent of tool and
technology vendors, so all course attendees can learn using the tools
of their choice. Public courses are run across Europe, in the UK,
France, Germany and The Netherlands, and customised onsite courses can
be delivered worldwide.

Courses available (duration in days in brackets):

Foundation Level: (Preparatory training for design environment)
Essential Digital Design Techniques (2)
Essential Perl (3)
Essential Tcl/Tk (3)
PaceMaker multi-media CBT (Verilog or VHDL, self teach)

Standard Level: (Beginner to full project readiness)
Introduction to VHDL: A Foundation for PLD or ASIC design (2)
Further VHDL: Essential training for a PLD or ASIC design project (3)
Comprehensive VHDL: The above two modules together (5)

Comprehensive Verilog : Beginner to full PLD/ASIC project readiness (4)

Introduction to C/C++ for Hardware Engineers: enough C/C++ to
understand SystemC, or other C-based design tools (2)
SystemC : Use of SystemC for design and modelling (3)
Comprehensive SystemC : The above two modules together (5)

VHDL-AMS Workshop: Introduction to VHDL-AMS (2)

Expert Level: (Advanced design and verification techniques)
Expert VHDL Design: Writing for Advanced Synthesis and Re-use (2)
Expert VHDL Verification: Advanced testbenches/modelling using VHDL (3)
Expert VHDL: The above two modules together (5)

Expert Verilog Design: Writing for Advanced Synthesis and Re-use (2)
Expert Verilog Verification: Advanced testbenches/modelling using VHDL
Expert Verilog: The above two modules together (5)

Xilinx TechClass: Using VHDL with Xilinx Architectures (2 or 3)
Altera TechClass: Using VHDL with Altera Architectures (2)

Course Materials
Comprehensive, fully indexed course notes (ideal as a reference manual).
Workbook packed with exercises (50% of the course is hands-on).
Doulos Golden Reference Guide (language, syntax, semantics, tips).
Tool Tour guides (to support your choice of tools and technologies).
Multi-media CD-ROM (an optional course preparation and refresher aid).

VHDL Pacemaker: multimedia VHDL tutorial on CD-ROM
HDL Pacemaker: multimedia Verilog tutorial on CD-ROM
VHDL and Verilog Golden Reference Guides

Partner companies
Doulos has associate companies in France, Germany and The Netherlands
(SystemC courses only). Courses may be delivered in English, French,
or German.

Francois Durif
166 Boulevard du Montparnasse
Paris, France
Tel : +33 (0)1 42795748
Fax : +33 (0)142795747

Thomas Busch
Central European Office
Garbsener Landstrasse 10
D-30419 Hannover
Tel: +49 (0) 511 277 1340
Fax: +49 (0) 511 277 1349

The Netherlands (SystemC courses only)
Clemens Stemerdink
Signa Technology
Lansinkesweg 4
PO Box 960
7550 AZ Hengelo (0)
The Netherlands
Tel: + 31 74 2555 699
Fax: + 31 74 2555 698
DS Diagonal Systems AG
Tumigerstr. 71
CH-8606 Greifensee
Phone +41 1 905 60 60
Fax +41 1 905 60 69
E-mail (from all countries): (e-mail address removed)

BestBench is a VHDL testbench design- and analysis-tool that allows
to design and debug a testbench independently from the circuit design in
an earlier stage of the design process.
Unlike the manual and tedious testbench design, BestBench automates
the process by creating self-checking, reactive and stand-alone VHDL
BestBench is available for Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX and Windows NT.

WAVE-Link provides a bidirectional link from your simulation environment
to the HP16500 Logic Analyzer. It enables the design engineers to
download simulation data on the HP16500. Furthermore, WAVE-Link allows
to compare the response data measured by the HP16500 with the expected
simulation data.
WAVE-Link is available for SunOS and HP-UX.

BestLink/81200 allows to reuse VCD simulation data directly in the
HP81200 data generator/analyzer platform.
BestLink/81200 is available for Solaris, SunOS and HP-UX..
EASICS, the VHDL Design Company.
Easics is an independent ASIC design company and offers a variety of
services related to the design of digital ASICs. These services
include the design of ASICs (up to a testable netlist) and FPGAs
(including prototyping), VHDL-based design consulting and ASIC design
feasibility studies.
Easics has a track record of ASIC designs in telecommunications (ATM,
SONET, SDH), bus interfaces and Digital Signal Processing applications.

For more information, look at our WWW-site
or contact Lode Lauwers, General Manager (mailto:[email protected]),
Interleuvenlaan 86, B-3001 Leuven, BELGIUM
Tel +32-16-395 633, Fax +32-16-395 619
Unit 1
Hilldrop Lane
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1672 520101
Fax: +44 (0)1672 521039
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Esperan provides the highest quality and broadest range of leading
edge, vendor independent methodology training to the electronic design
community. We recognise the need for education covering the widest
possible range of electronic design methodologies.

Education is Esperan's sole mission allowing us to develop a style of
business which gives you the best possible return on your investment
with us.

Key Issues that set us apart:
High value, expert trainers
Well structured courses and reference materials
Personal and flexible approach
One stop shop
Courses available across Europe and North America
Complete service
Vendor independent approach

Visit out web site ( to obtain full
details of the courses we offer:
VHDL Language Courses
Verilog Language Courses
Hardware Design Courses
ASIC Design Courses
FPGA/CPLD Technology and Design
Design Environment Courses:- PERL and Tcl/TK
Exemplar Logic

Exemplar Logic pioneered the approach of applying logic synthesis techniques
to FPGA design. Today, it continues to develop and market logic synthesis
software, as well as, other design automation tools for the high-level
design (HLD) solution for FPGA, CPLD, and ASIC devices. Exemplar Logic's
software products offer customer improved time-to-market, reduce development
costs, and enhanced product quality. Supported platforms include UNIX (HP,
Sun) platforms in server and non-server environments, Windows NT, Windows
95, and Windows 98. Employees hail from semiconductor and EDA companies,
with specific expertise in software tools research and development,
manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Visit the Exemplar Logic website ( for more
information or contact:

Exemplar Logic, Inc.
880 Ridder Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
+44 1276 28899
(e-mail address removed)
Frontier Design

Frontier Design offers design, analysis and implementation tools, reusable
cores and design services to developers of leading edge telecommunication,
consumer and multimedia products. The company has developed state-of-the-art
algorithm compiler technology and has acquired unique application expertise
to meet the demanding design requirements in today's products.

The A|RT product line is an exciting family of products from Frontier
Design. A|RT stands for Algorithm-to-RT (register transfer) and embodies
Frontier's unique Algorithm-to-Silicon design methodology. The A|RT products
allow driving the HDL-based hardware design process directly from a C-code
specification of the algorithm. This significantly reduces the design-time
that is required to move algorithms into ASIC and FPGA implementations!

The family consists of :
ART Library : Fixed-point data type extension to ANSI C++. Bit-accurate
modeling of any width and precision including analysis and statistics.
ART Builder : Automatic ANSI-C++ and SystemC-to-HDL. Produces hierarchical
Mealy Machine for ASIC and FPGA.
ART Designer : Proven ANSI-C++ and SystemC-based architectural exploration.
Interactive C to HDL design flow for ASIC and FPGA.

Visit Frontier Design's Website at or contact
(e-mail address removed) for more information.

Frontier Design Inc
100 Rialto Place, Suite 815
Melbourne FL 32901 - USA
Tel: +1.407.728.7750
Fax: +1.407.728.9670

Frontier Design BVBA
Abdijstraat 34
3001 Heverlee
Tel: +
Fax: +
FTL Systems, Inc.
Contact: 924 Sierra Lane NE
Rochester, MN 55906
(e-mail address removed)
Main Number: +1 507 288 3154

Distributors available in North America and Japan (see WWW for details)

VHDL Complete OEM Analyzer/Elaborator (Fall 1996 Release)
VHDL Optimizing Compiler/Simulator (Early 1997 Release)
Other VHDL and Verilog products coming soon...

Public Service: VHDL-93, VHDL-AMS Validation Suite (1997 Release)

Glad to meet you at:
Full Circuit Ltd
Phone: +44 1249 720161
Fax: +44 7020 966228
Email: (e-mail address removed)

VHDL Test Bench Tool

A tool to generate test benches that is both low-cost and unlike other
tools not constraining. Price 1/1/2001 is GBP80, $120 approx.

The tool generates fully functional VHDL but VHDL simple enough for
hand editing to be used to expand its functionality without limit.
The actual complex test vectors are stored in a separate file. Plus,
to make use of this flexibility, the test vectors can include
variables (e.g. integers, times, etc.) in addition to the UUT input
and output signals.

Complex signal relationships can easily be defined and again are not
constrained to a fixed set of constructs. This includes loops and
loops within loops. The loop counter can be used in the definition of
the signals. The test bench can be modular and individual modules
checked separately. A graphical plot of the test bench can be
displayed which is especially useful when looping is used.

A limited demo version is available and 30 day trial unlimited
licenses available by using the form.

Screenshots, worked example, downloads and license requests:

The Test Bench tool program requires Excel 97+ so PC or MAC. No
knowledge of Excel is required.

In addition Full Circuit can provide bespoke VHDL IP, digital design,
analog design, and software. The web site also has some useful
freeware for PC (not VHDL related).
Green Mountain Computing Systems, Inc.
83 River Road Apt. C
Essex Junction, VT 05452
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Green Mountain VHDL Compiler, Professional Edition This
professional-level IEEE VHDL simulator based on direct compile
technology provides fast simulation and advanced debugging features.
Currently available for Linux only (Windows version to be released).

Green Mountain VHDL Compiler, Educational Edition This edition
provides a lost-cost solution to VHDL beginners while providing full
support for the most commonly used features of VHDL. Currently
available for DOS and Linux.
3 Riverside Drive
Andover, MA 01810
Tel. 978-682-2100
Fax. 978-682-5995
Statemate MAGNUM, a graphical behavioral modeling tool allows
hardware engineers to design with the precise graphical language of
STATECHARTS- a powerful extension of state transition diagrams.
Designers can create behavioral and functional models of
circuits, analyze the design using the simulation and dynamic
analysis capabilities proving that the design is correct before
code generation. Statemate MAGNUM then automatically generates
VHDL and VERILOG from the models both of which are fully compatible
with industry leading HDL simulation and synthesis tools.

Integrated Circuit Design Consulting
ASIC and VLSI design and verification using Verilog, VHDL, Synopsys,
Cadence, SPICE, etc.
interHDL, Inc.
4984 El Camino Real
Suite 210
Los Altos, CA 94022-1433 USA
Tel: 415 428 4200
Fax: 415 428 4201
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Ftp site:
Web page:
V to VH: Verilog to VHDL translator. Converts Verilog designs into
equivalent VHDL designs. Covers about 95% of the language including
the full structural and synthesizable subsets. The output VHDL code is
semantically and synthesis-wise equivalent to Verilog source, and is
very readable.
V to VL: VHDL to Verilog translator. Converts VHDL designs into
equivalent Verilog designs. Covers about 95% of the language including
the full structural and synthesizable subsets. The output Verilog code
is semantically and synthesis-wise equivalent to VHDL source, and is
very readable. Translation include generate statements, enumerations,
aggregate constants, etc. Comments are being preserved in the output
JRS Research Laboratories Inc.
2300 East Katella Ave., Suite 300
Anaheim, CA 92806-6048
Telephone (714) 704-1670
FAX (714) 704-1675
email: (e-mail address removed)
Paul J. Menchini
Menchini & Associates Email: (e-mail address removed)
P.O. Box 71767 Voice: +1 919-479-1670
Durham, NC 27722-1767 Pager: +1 800-306-8494
USA Fax: +1 919-479-1671
Mr. Menchini is an independent EDA Consultant with over seventeen years
of industrial EDA experience, specializing in the hardware description
languages VHDL and Verilog, and in high-level design methodologies.
He offers training, custom code and model development, and marketing
and technology consulting to EDA companies and users. His current and
former clients include Chrysalis Symbolic Design, DEC, Ikos, Research
Triangle Institute, Rosemount Aerospace, Synopsys, Tellabs, Thinking
Machines, TSSI, VHDL International, Viewlogic, and Zycad.
Mr. Menchini, who holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Stanford
University, is a member of IEEE (Senior Member), CS, ACM, IFIP Working
Group 10.2, and the Association for Automated Reasoning.
MCC Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp.
3500 West Balcones Center Dr.
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: +1 (512) 338 3598
e-mail: (e-mail address removed)

Model Technology Incorporated
8905 S.W. Nimbus Ave, Suite 150
Beaverton, OR. 97008-7100 USA

Model Technology is the market leader in VHDL according to Dataquest
based on units and revenue. V-System is considered the most popular
VHDL simulator with over 11,000 revenue units sold worldwide and is
available on Workstation (HP, SUN Solaris, SUNOS5, and RS600) and PC
(x86 and Pentium based Windows 3.1, 95, and NT).

Model Technology sells a full line of HDL solutions for VHDL, Verilog,
and Mixed HDL simulation.

V-System is sold direct through Value-Added Resellers and through
OEM relationships such as Mentor Graphics, Exemplar, Data-I/O and

For more product information as well as who to contact: please
visit our home page at,
email us at (e-mail address removed), or call us at 1-503-641-1340
Mentor Graphics
8005 S.W. Boeckman Road
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-7777
for System-1076 and QuickVHDL
contact: Brian Caslis ([email protected])
phone: hone: (503)685-1404 Fax: (503)685-1268
for VHDLsim
contact: John Harris ([email protected])
phone: 503-685-4735
Duesseldorf Sales Office
phone: 0211/591011
Fully integrated compiler/simulator/debugger design development system:
System-1076 - QuickSim-II based VHDL. Source-level debugger, supporting
VHDL concurrent events. Integrated in the Concurrent
Design(TM) environment - available now.
VHDLsim - Explorer Lsim based VHDL. Focused on IC design, VHDLsim is
integrated within the GDT design environment, and
supports the use of VHDL models with analog and M models in
the same design.
AutoLogic VHDL - VHDL synthesis
VHDLNet - netlist schematics into VHDL structural description
Design Architect - VHDL oriented text editor (and schematic editor)
QuickVHDL - Full IEEE 1076 Simulation Environment using Direct-Compiled
Code Technology. Includes integration with Design Architect
for entry and AutoLogic VHDL for synthesis. Available September
Papillon Research Corp. - Specialists in Hardware Engineering
142-Q North Rd.
Sudbury, MA 01776

ph: 978-371-9115
fax: 978-371-9175
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Full product design including: architecture, ASIC, FPGA, mechanical,
and analog design, EMI design toward agency compliance, device
modeling, synthesizable modeling - all hardware related services.

VHDL models: R3051 family, 29030, 79C940, CY7C960 & 964, VME bus,
others. The RXI/RXD chipset for the IDTR3051 family of RISC
processors provides DRAM/VRAM controller, I/O control, etc.
Pittsburgh University of [PD/SW?]
Prof. Steven Levitan,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
348 Benedum Engineering Hall
Univ. of Pitsburgh, 15261
Email: (e-mail address removed)
see anonymous ftp: ( in pub/vhdl-info for files
README, letter.txt, license.PS, assurance.PS ...
not public domain, but 150$
analyzer/simulator and sources
Productivity Engineering
Gesellschaft fuer Prozessintegration mbH
Benzstrasse 31
D-71083 Herrenberg

Telefon: ++49 / 7032 / 27 98 - 13
Telefax: ++49 / 7032 / 27 98 - 29
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Productivity Engineering is offering training, consulting-services and
software for quality and productivity enhancements within the process
of developing electronic components. Productivity Engineering has got
access to 15 experienced specialists in the area electronic design
automation, engineering data management and product data management.

Productivity Engineering is a neutral and independent service-company,
providing professional consulting and high-tech products.

Electronic Design Automation

Services provided within the EDA-Market are Turn-Key-Designs,
Project-Coaching, Hardware-Design, Library-Development for synthesis &
simulation as well as dataconversion tools and services for
pcb-databases to convert between leading eda-tool-suppliers. Running
VHDL- and Verilog-Design-Seminars on a regular basis in cooperation
with Doulos provides an actual overview of available
design-technologies as well as flexibility in using different

Methodology training

Through a long cooperation with DOULOS (since 1993) we supply full
range of DOULOS-VHDL and Verilog methodology training in central
Europe, which could be adapted to the application areas of our
customers. These trainings classes are tool independent; different
design tools within one course are offered on a regular basis to
enhance experience. With the four and five-days-classes a multimedia
CD-ROM for preparantion and as a reference is supplied. Technology
guides offer a short introduction to backend FPGA-tools as well as an
introduction to FPGA architectures and coding for these FPGA
architectures. The workshops focus on the stuff presented so far and
show the application with practical examples developed by experienced

Application Support

Within the application support we help our customers through
HDL-Coding-Standards, HDL-Code-Reviews and Design-Flow-Optimization.
HDL-Coding-Standards are of importance when emphasizing design reuse
through HDL-code reuse or when porting HDL-code to different
technologies or different simulators or synthesis tools.

We offer feasability studies and cost-analysis for FPGA- and

Product development

Starting from specification we implement our customers product with a
turn-key-approach with fixed pricing. We even work out the
specification verbally or as a behavioural model of the design in
colaboration with our customer. Our consultants join your project
teams and strengthen your knowledge and enhancing the design capacity
of your company. We offer flexible add-on-resources for RTL-coding as
well as Testbench-Development.

During our projects you will get into touch with our technical
management, thus enhancing the effectivness of our work through short
responses to your requirements.

We employ specialists, with great experience caused by consultancy
project within the large american and german semiconductors. We have
application know how in Multimedia, PCI-bus-systems and PCMCIA.
Productivity Engineering succeeded in automotive application projects
as well as space- and air-industry and telecommunications.
Qualis Design Corpration
PO Box 4444
Beaverton, OR, USA, 97075-4444
(503) 531-0377 fax: (503) 629-5525
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Qualis Design Corp of Beaverton, OR, offers high quality expert
consulting services in all aspects of using HDLs (both VHDL and
Verilog) including training, design environment, code management,
tooling, tool integration, behavioral modeling, test planning,
testbench infrastructure, testcase implementation, synthesis,
gate-level verification and more...

Our classes differ from the traditional bottom-up, gate-to-behavioral
HDL training approach and reverses the flow starting with high-level
descriptions, testbench and top-down methodology. We feel this
high-level approach to training better fits an advanced design process
encouraging students to learn a methodology, and not just a
language. More than 70% of the time is spent on hands-on exercises
using the latest version of state-of-the-art VHDL, Verilog and
synthesis systems.

High-Level Design Using VHDL (5 days)
High-Level Design Using Verilog (5 days)
Advanced Techniques Using VHDL (3 days)
Advanced Techniques Using Verilog (3 days)

VHDL language Quick Reference Card pub/qrcs
1164-based packages Quick Reference Card pub/qrcs
Verilog language Quick Reference Card pub/qrcs
Makefile generator for VHDL models pub/vhdl/vmk
Sandstrom Engineering
3611 Vista Drive
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-3245
voice 310.545.7108
email (e-mail address removed)
fax 310.546.7396

PreSynth.vhd supplements simulation by analyzing your RTL code.
It checks for nonsense constructs, the dreaded "reset problem",
non-synthesizable constructs, and performs hundreds of
lint-type checks. It also permits you to use an expanded subset
of VHDL, which PreSynth.vhd converts to synthesizable VHDL.

Consulting available.
Saros Technology Ltd.
Business and Technology Centre
United Kingdom
Phone : ++44 (0)1438 746433
FAX: ++44 (0)1438 310093
Email : (e-mail address removed)
Contact : Chris Rose
Products :
Saros Technology Ltd. Specialise in the provision of a complete range
of VHDL development tools for the PC and Workstation platforms. As
the sole UK distributor for Model Technology, Exemlar Logic and
Translogic products we offer design entry, simulation and synthesis
tools for FPGA and ASIC design.
Saros Technology have also developed and offer a VHDL context
sensitive editor for the PC under Windows. VHDL Turbo Writer comprises
the powerful Codewright Editor from Premia corp, providing a fully
featured, multi window, multi document text editor with line numbers
and colour coding. This is enhanced by a rich set of VHDL templates,
integration with the Model Technology VHDL compiler and full error
detection within the editor environment.

Price L495 with volume discounts for 5 or more.
SEE Technologies see Summit Design.
Seeds VHDL ENvironment (SVEN)
Seed Solutions, Inc.
7505 Sherman Road
Chesterland, OH 44026
Commercial parser
Semantic Designs, Inc.
12636 Research Blvd #C214
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 512-250-1018
Fax: 512-250-1191
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Semantic Designs provides software tools for
automating the analysis/modification/synthesis
of large scale specifications in many languages,
including VHDL and Verilog.

In particular, the DMS Reengineering Toolkit
can parse arbitrary languages, automatically build compiler-like
Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs), carry out analyses and surface-syntax
transforms on ASTs, and prettyprint the ASTs back to source language
form, for specifications of up to 2 million lines.

This tool is ideal for constructing custom analyzers and/or synthesizers.
Since DMS handle multiple languages (including C/C++, Java, Ada, ...),
and can have custom languages easily added as well,
it would be ideally suited as the foundation for CoDesign

Seodu Logic, Inc.
MyCAD PC based Toolset and Environment for VHDL Simulation, Synthesis etc.
Garbsener Landstr. 10
39419 Hannover
Phone: +49-511/277-1491
Fax: +49-511/277-2490
Email: (e-mail address removed)

SICAN Microelectronics Corp.
400 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite 512
So San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: +81-650 871-1494
Fax: +81-650 871-1504
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Company Overview SICAN is a microelectronic design and technology
licensing company, specializing in communications, digital signal
processing, multimedia and networking applications. We provide our
targeted markets with leading edge design solutions by combining
state-of-the-art Design Methodology with highly optimized Core

VHDL Products Digital Design Services In the recent five years
we have completed over 200 Digital VHDL-Designs including
synthesis. You can participate in our VHDL Design Experience by
realizing Turnkey Projects with us or by hiring our experienced
engineers as a Consultant or as a Designer in one of your inhouse
projects. In addition, you can order Training Services (VHDL,
VerilogHDL, Synthesis etc.) presented by our highly experienced
Senior Engineers.

DesignObjectsTM SICAN's DesignObjectsTM give design teams
a new alternative. Now, it is possible to buy synthesizable,
technology independant cores (VHDL and/or VerilogHDL) to quickly
integrate standards-based functionality required in a design.

DesignObjectsTM from SICAN encompass a broad spectrum of
* Audio Decoders (e. g.MPEG-2 Layer 1&2 + Dolby AC-3 5.1 Channels)
* Broadband Access Functions (e. g. QAM-Demodulator)
* Bus Interfaces (e. g. PCI, USB, IEEE1394, CAN Bus Controler,
IIC Master / Slave Interface)
* Cryptographic Functions (e. g. DVB Descrambler)
* Digital Photography (e. g. JPEG Video Decoder with Color Space)
* General Purpose Microcontroller (e. g. 8051 Microcontroller)
* Industrial Functions (e. g. Motor Control Module, Pulse Width Modulation)
* Multimedia Accelerators (e. g. Video Conferencing Hybrid Accelerator)
* RAM Interfaces (e. g. SDRAM Timing Generator)
* Telecommunication/Communication/ATM (e. g. UTOPIA Interface)
* Video Decoders (e. g. MPEG-2 Video Decoder with Letterbox Features)
* Video Encoders (e. g. MPEG-1 Video Encoder)
* Video Processors (e. g. PAL/NTSC Video Encoder Interface)

DesignObjectsTM can be delivered as an all-inclusive assembly of
netlist or RTL source code, technical specifications, test benches,
synthesis scripts and application support.

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at:
Phone +49-511/277-1491
or visit our web-page
Silicon System Solutions P/L
2/12 Wattle Valley Road
Canterbury Victoria 3126, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9888 4774
Fax: +61 3 9888 4224
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Products and services
* VHDL Cores (IP)
Fast-track to your system integration, with a selection of Synthesis
and Simulation Cores tuned to fit your needs.
* FPGA and ASIC design consultants
Our design experts are ready to help you with CPLD/FPGA and ASIC
development. Specify the models you require, and use our design
experts as a dedicated resource in your project development.
* ED4W-HDL - Powerful HDL Editor for VHDL and Verilog
ED4W-HDL is a VHDL/Verilog Editor for WindowsNT/95 and Windows 3.1.
HDL extensions developed by ASIC/FPGA Designers at SSS, for
ASIC/FPGA Designers. A very effective productivity tool.
SoftSmiths Pty. Ltd.
54 Wylma St.
Holland Pk. 4121
Phone: + 61 7 847 2990
Fax: + 61 7 847 2707
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Products: VHDL Design Entry schematiX11-VHDL
An X11 Sun based VHDL design entry package for the
purpose of capturing VHDL designs in a graphical format and
writing VHDL netlist descriptions. Being in a graphical form
it is much simpler to transfer the design concepts to other
colleagues and maintain the design over the life time of the
Allows direct access to and editing of the functional code for
any block at any level in the design hierarchy. Interfaces
with any third party VHDL simulator.
Cost effective site licences allow UNIX based productivity at
prices per user comparable to PC based products.
freely licenced copies of SoftSmiths' VHDLcapture tools are available for
anonymous ftp download from /cust/softsmiths/
Educational Licence Restrictions apply, if you are in doubt
ask us first ([email protected]). If you are a commercial site you may
download this software for evaluation purposes.

Summit Design, Inc.
9305 S.W. Gemini Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005-7158
Telephone: 503-643-9281
FAX: 503-646-4954
Contact: (various)
Product Name: Visual HDL
Visual HDL[TM] integrates four graphical languages, a textual language,
a simulator and debugger, and code generators for VHDL and Verilog. It
uses a state-of-the-art, object-oriented user interface, featuring a
graphical design browser.
Visual HDL includes intelligent editors for input of block diagrams,
state diagrams, flowcharts, and truth tables, besides VHDL text. This
comprehensive set of languages helps you to work at any level of
abstraction, and to mix levels of abstraction.
With Visual HDL you can create a high level description of your
design and validate it by execution. An event-driven, interactive
simulator works in tandem with a source-level debugger for rapid
analysis of the system. While the simulator runs, you can set
breakpoints, modify existing signals and variables, single-step through
multiple execution threads, and trace various activities. Visual
feedback appears on your source descriptions, in the windows of their
editors, for easy tracing.
Following design verification, Visual HDL generates VHDL or Verilog
code customized for the commercial synthesis tool you specify.
Visual HDL is available for UNIX and for Microsoft Windows.

SynaptiCAD Inc.
520 Prices Fork Rd #C4
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Phone: (540)953-3390 or (800)804-7073
Fax: (540)953-3078,
Email: (e-mail address removed)

VHDL Test Bench and Stimulus Generators

SynaptiCAD develops stimulus generators and test bench generators
for VHDL. SynaptiCAD's premier product TestBencher Pro, is a
self-testing multi-diagram test bench generator. TestBencher Pro can
detect glitches, bad logic levels, and violations of setup and hold
times in simulation output. Users draw inputs to a simulation and
specify expected simulation outputs using graphical constructs called
samples. TestBencher Pro generates VHDL test benches with extra code
which verifies that graphically-specified conditions are met by a
simulator's output. Users can concatenate timing diagrams together to
mimic a series of read/write bus cycles. TestBencher Pro also has
looping and conditional constructs that enable simulation results to
control what stimulus is applied next.

SynaptiCAD also offers WaveFormer Pro, a timing diagram editor and
VHDL stimulus generator. Users draw a timing diagram that represents the
input to a simulation. Then the user exports the timing data as a VHDL
process that contains either transport or wait statements. WaveFormer
Pro supports all VHDL data types. Even user defined types like "type
MyColor is (RED, BLUE, GREEN)" can be exported with both type and state
information. TestBencher Pro and WaveFormer Pro are offer three
different ways to enter signal waveforms: (1) a graphical environment
for drawing, (2) text based temporal equations, and (3) boolean
equations of other signals. Other simulator formats are also supported
including Verilog, SPICE, Viewlogic, Orcad, Mentor QuickSim, HP Logic
Analyzers, HP Pattern Generators, and more, so timing diagrams can be
reused at different times during design process.

For a FREE evaluation of WaveFormer Pro or TestBencher Pro, product info,
and pricing, check out our web site:
Synopsys Inc.
Synopsys, Inc.
700 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, California 94043-4033 U.S.A.
Phone: (415)962-5000
FAX: (415)965-8637
Germany (moved)
Synopsys, GmbH
Stefan George Ring 2
D-8000 Muenchen 81 Germany
Phone: 89/9939120
FAX: 89/99391217
Design Compiler - Constraint-Driven Logic Optimization (CMOS & GaAs)
VHDL Compiler - VHDL Logic Synthesis
HDL Compiler - Verilog HDL Synthesis
Test Compiler - Test Synthesis (Auto. Test insertion + ATPG)
VHDL System Simulator - 100% language compatible VHDL behavioral simulation
Cyclone - A cycle based VHDL simulator
SynthWorks Design Inc.
11898 SW 128th Ave
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 590-4787
Email: (e-mail address removed)

SynthWorks offers expert VHDL training for hardware design and
verification. Our classes focus on how to be successful using VHDL
for your synthesis and verification tasks. Our class organization
is flexible to allow us to train your engineers your way.
SynthWorks is independent of EDA tool vendors and we can teach a
class using any VHDL EDA tools you desire. We know the standards
because we help write them.

Introductory VHDL Courses
Comprehensive VHDL Introduction - 4 days
Covers essential VHDL, Synthesis, and Verification topics for
ASIC and FPGA work.

Task Oriented VHDL Courses
VHDL Coding Styles for Synthesis - 4 days
Covers VHDL synthesis coding styles and methodologies to use.
Helps you avoid coding styles that are problematic or not portable.

VHDL Testbenches and Verification - 3 days
Covers VHDL testbench coding techniques used to create a transaction
based system level testbench. Full range of topics from basics to
self checking testbenches with error injection.

General Flow VHDL Courses (same materials as task oriented flow)
Intermediate VHDL for Synthesis and Verification - 3 days

Advanced VHDL for Synthesis and Verification - 4 days

Detailed course descriptions at:

Learn VHDL from a designer's perspective with SynthWorks.

Translogic BV Translogic USA Corp.
Keesomstraat 17 341 Tres Pinos Road
P.O. Box 620 Suite #202B, CA
6710 BP EDE 95023, Hollister
The Netherlands USA
Phone: +31 (0)318 642076 Phone: 831-636-4664
Fax: +31 (0)318 641761 Fax: 831-636-4625
e-mail: (e-mail address removed)
web site:


EASE/HDL: Easy to use graphical HDL entry tool. Generates VHDL and
Verilog output for both simulation and synthesis purposes. Featuring
hierarchy browsing and state machine diagrams. Reverse engineering,
automatically generating graphical blocks for inclusion in block
EALE/HDL: Language-sensitive text editor, featuring color
coding, undo/redo, multi-document edit, keyword templates, synthesis
templates, completely customizable user interface and an extensive
on-line help. Supports VDHL, Verilog, ABEL, C, as well as synthesis
script languages.

Products available on both PC and UNIX systems. For more information
or a free evaluation copy please visit our web site:
Topdown Design Solutions, Inc.
71 Spit Brook Road, Suite 301
Nashua, NH 03060
Phone: (603) 888-8811
Fax: (603) 888-7694
contact: Frank Hrobak or Art Pisani
VHDL SelfStart_Kit - a self-paced tutorial to learn VHDL quickly and
VBAK/XILINX - An Xilinx XNF to VHDL translation, which allows VHDL
simulation of both pre- and post-layout designs, including full-timing
simulation models.
Universal DRAM VHDL source code model
QuickStart, QuickStart2+1 - VHDL education at your site!
Model Technology V-System VHDL Simulator - on PC/Windows and UNIX
Consulting + Custom Training services available, including VIP (VHDL
Insertion Program) as well as public training.

TransEDA, Inc.
Contact: Tom Borgstrom, John Molyneux
Address: 985 University Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: 408-907-2000
Fax: 408-907-2085
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Verification Navigator - Integrated Design Verification Environment
VN-Cover - Verilog and VHDL Code Coverage
VN-Check - Parametric Design Rule Checker for Verilog and VHDL
VN-Optimize - Test Suite Analysis & Optimization
VN-State - FSM Extraction and Coverage
VN-Activity - Circuit Activity Analysis

VN-Check - Stand alone Verilog and VHDL parametric design rule checker

State Navigator - Comprehensive FSM Debug and Verification Environment
Valid see CADENCE (part of)
Vanilla CAD Tools, Inc.
Rt. 4, Box 146
Saluda, SC 29138-9126 USA
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Vanilla VHDL is a complete implementation of the 1987 IEEE standard,
including configurations. Like the old MCC system, it is completely
text-based, with a gdb-like command set for its debugger/simulator.
Unlike MCC, it does not translate to C, but instead uses an interpreted
engine, since this simplifies debugger implementation and enhances
To fund further development of the tools, they are now commercially
available on the PC. A 386 or better is required. An introductory
price is in effect until July 30, 1995.
Vantage Analysis Systems, Inc. (purchased by Viewlogic)
42808 Christy Street, Suite 200
Fremont, CA 94538
phone: +1(510) 659-0901 fax: (510) 659-0129
contact: John Willey
Grove Court Business Centre
Hatfield Road
Berkshire SL1 1QU (UK)
Daniel Langois
MISIL Design
2 Rue De La Couture Silic 301
94588 Rungis Cedex (France)
Lars Lindqvist :- Engineer
Hardi Electronics
P.O. Box 966
Varvadersvagen 4P
S-220 09 Lund (Sweden)
Phone +46 46 117790
Klenzestrasse 11
8045 Ismaning b. Muenchen
Okura & Co, Ltd
3-6 Ginza, 2 chome
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104 (JAPAN)
phone: 011-81-3-566-6000, fax: 011-81-3-563-5447
Vantage Spreadsheet, 100% IEEE 1076 VHDL Source Code Debugger Concurrent
Compiler Network License
Integrated VHDL Schematics/Simulator Read/Write Mentor/Valid/EDIF Schematics
Logic Automation & ASIC libraries Hardware Modeler On Sun & HP machines
and Silicon Graphics, Apollo
VAutomation Inc.
20 Trafalgar Square
Suite 443
Nashua, NH USA 03063
TEL:(603)882-2282 FAX:(603)882-1587
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Contact: Eric Ryherd
Supplier of Technology Independent Synthesizable VHDL Models
Models of complex functions such as 8-16 bit
Microprocessors and their peripherals.

VeriBest, Incorporated
6101 Lookout Road
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Phone: 303.581.2300
Fax: 303.581.9972
toll free: 800.VERIBEST
Email: (e-mail address removed)
United Kingdom:

VeriBest, Inc. is a broad line supplier of EDA solutions that enable
companies to solve their critical business issues by doing more and
spending less. VeriBest pioneered the Windows NT EDA market by
introducing its VeriBest PCB design solution in 1994 and continues to
offer the best EDA price/performance available in the industry.

VHDL Products:
VeriBest Graphical High-Level Design: VeriBest Graphical High-Level
Design is a language independent, graphical, state-machine entry and
debug environment. VBGHLD includes a state table editor, a state diagram
editor and a state flow graph editor. VBGHLD is integrated with VeriBest
Design Capture to give you a single environment for your design
definition needs. VBGHLD outputs both VHDL and Verilog.

VeriBest VHDL:
Introduced at DAC '96, VeriBest VHDL is a VHDL 1076-93 compliant
simulator offering unique debug features such as a Network Traverser.
VBVHDL is an Windows NT-product and utilizes standard NT ease-of-use
features such as signal drag-n-drop into the various display and debug

VeriBest High-Level Design:
VeriBest High-Level Design is a VHDL/Verilog synthesis application that
outputs VHDL and Verilog for post-synthesis simulation and outputs
data for the VeriBest Design Optimizer.
VhdlCohen Training, Consulting, and Verification
* On Site Training for Synthesis, Testbench Designs, and design processes.
* On-site or e-commerce Consultant
Build Verification and Testbench Models in VHDL
RTL Design per Your Requirements
Code Reviews to Ensure Compliance to Requirements
(e.g., functional, readability, reusability, synthesizability,
EDA Tool evaluation
VhdlCohen Training, Consulting, Verification
Ben Cohen (e-mail address removed) (310) 721-4830
Author of following textbooks:
VHDL Coding Styles and Methodologies, 2nd Edition,
isbn 0-7923-8474-1 Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999
VHDL Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, 2nd Edition,
isbn 0-7923-8115-7 Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998
VHDL Technology Group
100 Brodhead Road, Suite 140
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Tel: 610-882-3130 Fax: 610-882-3133
Email: (e-mail address removed)
VitalGen(tm) v1.0, a high-end model generator , produces Vital 3.0
compliant models.
Sledgehammer: A language aware editor for VHDL, VERILOG, C and C++
developers. Runs under Microsoft Windows, Windows-NT and Windows-95.
Provides language specific keyword identification and template
expansion, keyword color coding, auto-indentation and multi-file
search & replace, to name a few of the many features. Priced
comparable to most PC office automation software.
Std_DevelopersKit: A collection of four packages:
(1) Std_IOpak: includes routines for text I/O
testbench development, and type conversions.
(2) Std_Mempak: routines which you can use to develop memory models.
(3) Std_Regpak/Synth_Regpak: provides synthesizable datapath subprograms
(4) Std_Timing: provides routines to model device
timing and delays. Complements the VITAL packages.
Used by over 1000 engineers worldwide.
Supports: All major simulators.

Viewlogic Systems Inc.
293 Boston Post Road West
Marlboro, MA 01752
phone: 508/480-0881 or 1-800-422-4660, FAX: 508/480-0882, TELEX 174242
Viewlogic Systems GmbH
Muenchner Str. 12
85744 Muenchen-Unterfoehring
phone (49)-89-9572490 FAX (49)-89-95724949
Powerview - open framework based on CFI
ViewSim/VHDL: simulator (behavioural and structural)
ViewSynthesis, Silcsyn and ViewArchitect: FPGA, ASIC
and behavioural synthesis
Viewgen: schematic drawing synthesis (indirectly coupled to EDIF)
Export.1076: Automatic VHDL netlist generation from Viewlogic schematic
(which accepts EDIF)
ViewFSM: graphical behavioral modeling tool that allows you to draw
statecharts and automatically produce VHDL for simulation and
VHDL that is optimized for synthesis
Vista Technologies, Inc.
1100 Woodfield Road, Suite 437
Schaumburg, IL 60173-5121
Phone: (708) 706-9300, fax: (708) 706-9317
contact: David Jakopac
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Marubeni Hytech Corp.
Marubeni Hytech Bldg.
20-22, Koishikawa 4-Chome
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112
Phone: 81-3-3817-4871, Fax: 81-3-3817-4880
Contact: Ken Sakamaki
Europarc, Bat. C
F-13013 Marseille
Phone: 33+ 91 06 26 73, Fax: 33+ 91 06 24 66
Contact: Olivier Thibault
All of Vista's tools generate VHDL suitable for simulation, with
optional generation specifically for synthesis. All of Vista's
tools allow users to import VHDL Packages so that custom types,
functions and procedures can be utilized.
StateVision: Graphical state machine editor. Generates VHDL from
bubble diagrams of concurrent state-machines for simulation or
synthesis. Open and customizable system. Can be integrated with
off-the-shelf VHDL simulators for a complete design and debug
environment (set breakpoints in states, step with animation,
etc.) Shipping 4Q94.
DesignVision: Graphical behavior modeling editor. Uses the
DesignVision methodology ("threads") for specifying behavior
graphically. Generates VHDL for simulation or synthesis. Open
and customizable system. Users can customize the generated VHDL
to their own style and build their own graphical primitives
(including how the primitives generate VHDL). Can be integrated
with off-the-shelf VHDL simulators for a complete design and
debug environment (set breakpoints in threads, step with
animation, etc.) Special introductory price through Oct. '94.
Shipping now.
Vista Model Creator: Spreadsheet-like interface that generates
VHDL from function and state machine tables for simulation or
synthesis. Compact representation ideal for ALUs, instruction
decoders, etc. Shipping now.
VHDL Language Assistant: Syntax-directed editor with built-in
knowledge of VHDL. Not just language templates, full VHDL-1076
built-in. No special representation: can read, edit and write
any VHDL file. Shipping now.
The VHDL Developer: Suite of tools that includes VHDL Language
Assistant and Source Code Library Manager. Shipping now.
The VHDL Developer Plus: Suite of tools that includes Vista Model
Creator, VHDL Language Assistant, and Source Code Library
Manager. Shipping now.
Vital, Inc.
4109 Candlewyck Drive
Plano, TX 75024
Ph: +1 (214) 491-6907 Fax: +1 (214) 491-6909
Email: (e-mail address removed) or (e-mail address removed)
CRiSP is a graphical file editor on various UNIX and Windows platforms,
which combines the power and flexibility of other editors such as
vi, or Emacs but in a user-friendly fashion.
CRiSPs' dynamic syntax coloring for VHDL adds a new dimension to
the coding cycle. You can print the VHDL code in color too !!.
The editor comes with advanced template editing for VHDL, and
has an extensible macro language to customize it to the users
VIZEF Limited
The Old Coach House
Tel: 44 (0)1844 281066
Fax: 44 (0)1844 281070
Email: (e-mail address removed)

SpeedSim high speed cycle simulation for fast verification of RTL
Verilog. Typically 10-100 times faster than Verilog-XL.

Virtual-ICE, for co-verification of hardware and firmware. This tool
enables ASIC/Software designers to run their firmware with the RTL level
ASIC and a CPU/DSP core(s) of choice. Using this tool allows you to
start final firmware debug and software performance analysis before a
physical device (FPGA or engineering samples) is available.

FlowHDL graphical tool for RTL design and testbench capture using the
ASM methodology. VHDL and Verilog output targeted for user specified
synthesis environment. Design environment supports multiple interacting
state machines, data path specification, multiple clock domains,
sync/async reset specification, synthesis directives and much more.
Walnut Creek CDROM
4041 Pike Lane, Suite E
Concord, CA 94520
800/786-9907 or 510/674-0783
FAX 510/674-0821
Email (e-mail address removed)
ADA CDROM has (besides other stuff)
uc -- the University of Cincinnati VHDL repository
VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language)
Vhdl Mailing list moved to (e-mail address removed). All messages to the
list will be automatically archived on
These messages are located in /pub/mailing-lists/vhdl-sw directory.
ftp Archive moved to
Eventually, the ftp archive will be moved to too.
OF THE MESSAGE SHOULD BE AS FOLLOWS: subscribe vhdl-sw Your-name
X-Tek Engineering
X-HDL, Verilog to VHDL translator. X-HDL has the power to perform 100%
translation of your synthesizable Verilog code to VHDL. Also X-HDL
can translate non-synthesizable constructs such as delay statements
and display statements, with additional support coming in the near future.
X-HDL has an intuitive, X-Windows based user interface.
For additional information, send your request to:
(e-mail address removed)

Zycad Corporation
(ZyCads VHDL SOFTware was sold to Synopsys)
47100 Bayside Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538-9942
phone: 1(510)623-4400
fax: 1(510)623-4550
VIP VHDL Instruction Processor
hardware accelerators


3. VHDL Compilers for PC's

The following lists are (probably) incomplete. Therefore, if you have any
additional information or find any errors or compiler missing: please send
me a note. If you have good or bad experiences with this tools (particularly
with free software) please let me know. Thanks for all corrections.

Further, the "ISD Magazine" at and the "Programmable
Logic Jump Station" at are good web sources for
information on EDA tools.

3.1 Free Compiler

A project to develop a free (under the Gnu Public License (GPL)) VHDL-93
compliant compiler/simulator has started. If you want some further
information check out the "FreeHDL" home page at

Here is a list of (more or less) free available compilers:

o VHDL-AMS (Analog and Mixed Signal) simulator SEAMS
+ Website:
+ Product: Analog and Mixed Signal VHDL-AMS simulator "SEAMS".
+ Versions: Linux ... ?
+ Misc: Also available is a graphical user interface for VHDL-AMS
simulation and a Spice-to-VHDL-AMS translator "SPAMS".
o University Pierre et Marie Curie
+ Ftpsite
+ Website:
+ Product: ALLIANCE 3.2
+ Versions: Linux
The compiler supports a subset of the IEEE 1076 VHDL standard.
+ Misc: ALLIANCE 3.2 is a complete set of CAD tools for teaching
Digital CMOS VLSI Design in Universities. It includes VHDL
compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, automatic place and
route, etc...
o VDT + INSPIRE (Seoul National University, Design Automation Laboratory)
+ Ftpsite:
+ Website:
+ Products: VDT (VHDL Developer's Toolkitf) + INSPIRE (a VHDL
Simulation Environment with INcremental Analysis/Elaboration,
SPecialized Functions, and Incremental Waveform REgeneration).
Both packages are needed.
+ Versions: Precompiled for Linux, SUN, Windows.
The simulation system supports a subset of the IEEE 1076 VHDL
o Vanilla Cad Tools, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Products: Vanilla Cad VHDL System
+ Versions: Linux, Win95, WinNT. Note, only the Linux version is
licensed free of charge (see README.linux for further
+ Misc: Supports IEEE 1076-1987 and some featuers of 1076-1993.
(Remark from the editor: at least the Linux version does not have
a graphical waveform viewer; however, a perl script written by
Parag Birmiwal to convert simulation output data into *text*
waveforms is available from
+ Ftpsite:
+ Website: (alternative download
+ Product: SAVANT, TyVis and warped
+ Versions: Linux, Solaris, source
+ Misc: In conjunction with TyVis and warped, Savant provides end to
end parallel and sequential simulation of VHDL '93. The Savant
analyzer has been designed to easily allow the insertion of new
back-ends into the tool. Further, users may modify, distribute,
and use the software contained in the SAVANT software package
under the terms of the "GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE".
Binaries for Linux and Solaris 2.6 are available.
o SIMEC GmbH & Co KG (purchased by Ansoft Corporation)
+ Website:
+ Product: hAMSter
+ Versions: Win
+ Misc: hAMSter is a stand alone VHDL-AMS Simulation Environment for
PCs. hAMSter supports behavioral modeling of mixed analog-digital
and multi physics systems. For a limited time hAMSter can be
obtained for free from the website!
o Symphony EDA
+ Website:
+ Products: VHDL Simili
+ Versions: Linux, Win95/98, WinNT 4.0
+ Misc: VHDL 93 compliant (with a few exceptions) command-line
compiler/simulator. The simulator supports Vital 95 (IEEE 1076.4)
and SDF 2.1 and includes accelerated version of various packages
(e.g. std_logic_1164). A commercial GUI version is also available.
+ Website:
+ Products: GHDL
+ Versions: Linux
+ Misc: GHDL is a free compiler/simulator based on GNU ADA (GNAT).
It implements nearly all of the VHDL '87 standard and some
features of VHDL '93. GHDL is a command line tool.
o Xilinx, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: Free ISE Webpack
+ Versions: Windows
+ Misc: Integrated tool set for design entry, synthesis,
implementation, and simulation. It includes a limited version of
the ModelSim VHDL compiler/simulator (ModelSim Xilinx Edition II).

3.2 Commercial Compiler

The commercial compilers are divided into three price categories:

Price category Range (USD)

A $1 < $200

B $200 < $1000

C above $1000

o Accolade Design Automation, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: PeakVHDL Simulator
+ Versions: Win95, WinNT, Win3.11
Support for IEEE 1076-1987 and 1076-1993
+ Note: the simulator is now a part of nVisage DXP design tool (see
+ Price category:
o Aldec, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: Active VHDL, Riviera
+ Versions: Win98, Win2000, WinNT, SUN Solaris (Riviera only), Linux
(Riviera only)
IEEE 1076-93 VHDL language-compliant. An evaluation version is
+ Price category: C
o Ansoft Corporation
+ Website:
+ Product: SIMPLORER
+ Versions: Windows
+ Misc: SIMPLORER is a multi-domain system simulation tool. It
includes a fully graphical schematic environment and four modeling
languages: VHDL-AMS, Circuit, Block Diagram and State Machines.
SIMPLORER offers integration to Ansoft's finite element analysis
software for model generation and co-simulation with other popular
tools such as MatLab/Simulink. A FREE student version (SIMPLORER
SV) is available for download.
o Blue Pacific Computing, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: BlueHDL VHDL and BlueWave
+ Versions: Linux, Win95, Win98, WinNT
BlueHDL is a low-cost VHDL tool suite that consists of a VHDL
compiler, a simulation engine and the BlueWave GUI. A free limited
student version is available.
+ Price category: ?
o Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
+ Website:
+ Product: Warp2
+ Versions: Win3.1x, Win95, WinNT
+ Misc: Synthesis supports all Cypress Programmable Logic Devices.
Only functional simulation.
+ Price category: A
o Dolphin Integration
+ Website:
+ Product: SMASH
+ Versions: Win95, Win98, WinNT, SUN. Linux/Solaris
+ Misc: SMASH is a mixed signal, multi-level simulator. It handles
both analog, continuous signals, and discrete digital signals.
SMASH handles functional and behavioral levels, for both analog
and digital worlds. It uses SPICE syntax for analog descriptions,
Verilog-HDL and VHDL for digital, VHDL-AMS and ABCD (a combination
of SPICE and C) for analog behavioral, and C for DSP algorithms.
+ Price category: C
o FTL Systems, Inc
+ Website:
+ Products: Exploration, Pathway, Centauri
+ Versions: AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Linux, WinNT
+ Misc: Exploration is a capacity limited low cost VHDL simulator
(VHDL and VHDL-AMS simulation with SPICE and Verilog support).
Pathway is a single processor compiler/simulator for commercial
applications. Centauri is a multiprocessor compiler/simulator for
large commercial applications. Pathway and Centauri are available
for VHDL, VHDL-AMS, Verilog, and SPICE.
+ Price category: A (Exploration), C (Pathway and Centauri)
o Green Mountain Computing Systems
+ Website:
+ Product: Green Mountain VHDL Compiler Professional Edition, VHDL
Studio, DirectVHDL (low-cost)
+ Versions: Linux, Win 95, WinNT, Solaris, Mac OS X
+ Misc: Supports nearly the entire VHDL 1076-1993 standard. A
evaluation version is available.
+ Price category: B (Green Mountain VHDL Compiler Professional
Edition), C (VHDL Studio)
o VHDL-AMS tools from Mentor Graphics Corporation
+ Website:
+ Product: SystemVision
+ Versions: Windows
SystemVision is a full-featured VHDL-AMS Simulation Environment,
available on a PC. This environment includes a schematic/design
entry tool, VHDL-AMS & SPICE simulation engine, and a powerful
waveform viewing tool. The FREE SystemVision Educational version
is designed to coordinate closely with the comprehensive VHDL-AMS
book: The System Designer's Guide to VHDL-AMS
( Additional educational resources
are available at
+ Price category: C
o MicroStyle
+ Website:
+ Product: AMSWizard
+ Versions: Windows
AMSWizard is an analog VHDL simulation tool supporting a subset of
the VHDL-AMS standard. A 30-days time limited evaluation version
is available.
+ Price category: ?
o Model Technology, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: ModelSim/VHDL, ModelSim SE, ModelSim EE, ModelSim PE
+ Versions: Win95, WinNT, SUN, HP, RS6000, Linux (beta release)
Complete IEEE VHDL 1076-1987 and -1993 standard. Evaluation
version available. A ModelSim-Altera Edition can be obtained for
free from Altera's website However, the
ModelSim-Altera software provides simulation performance of 25% of
ModelSim EE/SE.
+ Price category: C
o OrCAD, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: OrCAD EXPRESS for Windows
+ Versions: Win95, WinNT
Simulator supports a subset of the IEEE 1076-1993 VHDL standard.
The package includes schematic entry and synthesis.
+ Price category: ?
o Seodu Logic, Inc. and MyCad, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: MyVHDL Station
+ Versions: Win95, Win98, WinNT
IEEE 1076-1987 standard. Synthesis tool also available. Free
functionally limited education version as well as time limited
version (full functionality) available.
+ Price category: C
o Symphony EDA
+ Website:
+ Product: VHDL Simili
+ Versions: Linux, Win98, WinNT, Win2000
IEEE 1076-93 VHDL language compliant compiler/simulator with GUI.
Demo/trial version available. Command-line version is available
for free.
+ Price category: A
o Vanilla Cad Tools, Inc.
+ Address: Vanilla Cad Tools, Inc., Route 4, Box 146, Saluda, SC
29138-9126 USA, Tel: 864-445-7227, Email: (e-mail address removed)
+ Products: Vanilla Cad VHDL System
+ Versions: Linux, Win95, WinNT. Note, the Linux version is licensed
free of charge (see Section 3.1).
+ Misc: Supports IEEE 1076-1987 and some featuers of 1076-1993.
(Remark form the editor: At least the free Linux version does not
have a graphical waveform viewer)
+ Price category: ?
o Viewlogic Systems, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: ViewSim
+ Versions: Windows
Complete IEEE 1076 VHDL. Synthesizer also available.
+ Price category: C
o Xilinx, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: Foundation Software Series
+ Versions: Windows
Gate-level simulation. Integrated tool set for design entry,
synthesis, implementation, and simulation. There is also a free
tool set called "Free ISE Webpack". It includes a limited version
of the ModelSim VHDL compiler/simulator (ModelSim Xilinx Edition
+ Price category: C?

See also Section 2: Companies and their products/services

4. Verilog <-> VHDL Translators

4.1 Free Verilog <-> VHDL Translators

o Author : Vincenzo Liguori - Ocean Logic Pty Ltd ([email protected])
+ Products:
VHDL to Verilog RTL translator. Although limited, this program
correctly translated Ocen Logic's Triple DES and JPEG cores.
+ Versions: Source code.
+ URL:
o Author: John Sheahan
+ Products:
Verilog to VHDL RTL converter. This perl script may be useful for
translating synthesizeable Verilog RTL to synthesizeable VHDL RTL
(or at least getting most of the work done and allowing a VHDL
literate human to clean up the hard bits).
+ Versions: Source code.
+ URL:

4.2 Commercial Verilog <-> VHDL Translators

o Avant! Corporation
+ Products: Nova-Trans
Nova-Trans provides complete RTL design portability between
Verilog and VHDL. Synthesizable RTL descriptions written in one
language are converted to functionally equivalent designs in the
+ Versions: Sun, HP, Linux.
+ www:
o Alternative System Concepts, Inc. (see Section 2 for more information)
+ Products: verilog2vhdl
verilog2vhdl translates Verilog HDL to VHDL (supports most
synthesizable constructs, as well as a large subset of
unsynthesizable behavioral constructs)
VHDL2verilog: VHDL2verilog translates hierarchical VHDL (full
structural, large subset of RTL) to Verilog HDL.
+ Versions: Sun, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows NT.
Evaluation available to qualified companies and individuals.
+ www:
o FTL Systems, Inc.
+ Products: HDL Exchange
HDL Exchange[tm] VHDL, VHDL-AMS, and Verilog translation tools
allow the user to convert legacy SPICE designs into VHDL-AMS or
facilitate transfer of designs between Verilog and VHDL.
+ Versions: AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Windows NT.
Time limited License version available.
+ www:
o interHDL, Inc. (see Section 2 for more information)
+ Products:
V to VH: Verilog to VHDL translator.
V to VL: VHDL to Verilog translator.
V to VV: Bi-directional Verilog and VHDL translator.
+ Version: UNIX, Linux ?
+ www:
o Interra, Inc.
+ Products:
VHDL-Bridge: translates Verilog RTL (and gate level) to VHDL.
+ Versions: UNIX, WinNT.
+ www:
o X-Tek Engineering (see Section 2 for more information)
+ Products:
X-HDL: Verilog to VHDL translator.
+ Versions: HP 9000, Sun.
Demo version avialable. Until Dec. 31st, 2000, X-Tek is offering
its premiere Verilog <=> VHDL Translator, X-HDL, free to students
and universities (contact Thomas Rock (e-mail address removed) for
more details).
+ www:


5. VHDL <-> FSM/Schematic Translators

This section lists tools which support HDL code generation from block
diagrams, flow charts, finite state machine (FSM) diagrams and/or truth
tables. Further, programs to convert VHDL descriptions into schematics (and
vice versa) are listed as well. Any additions/updates/corrections are

5.1 Free FSM/Schematic -> VHDL Translators

See also Section 1.5.

+ Contact: (e-mail address removed)
+ URL:
+ Versions: Linux, SUN, WinNT, Win95, Win98.
VHDL-GUI is a free graphical tool for capturing, drawing, editing,
and navigating hierarchical block-diagrams, and for producing
corresponding structural VHDL code. VGUI tool accommodates
arbitrarily complex multi-level diagrams, while providing WYSIWYG
hardcopy printouts. VGUI produces IEEE-1076 standard VHDL code. It
is not vendor-specific and can be used with any VHDL
compiler/simulator tools.
o brusey20
+ Author: Tom Mayo ([email protected])
+ URL:
+ Versions: source code.
This program is used to translate a state diagram into
synthesizable VHDL. The state diagram may be entered with XFig, a
free drawing tool. The format which brusey20 accepts is the PIC
format, which may be exported by XFig. Output is at least suitable
for synthesis using Exemplar's Galileo. It may also be useful for
other synthesizers.
o gEDA
+ Contact: Ales V. Hvezda ([email protected])
+ URL:
+ Versions: Linux, WinNT, Win98, source code.
The gEDA project is working on producing a full GPL'd suite of
Electronic Design Automation tools. These tools are used for
electrical circuit design, simulation, prototyping, and
production. gEDA has a VHDL-93 and VHDL AMS netlist export backend
(currently only available via anonymous CVS access).

5.2 Commercial VHDL <-> FSM/Schematic Translators

o Mentor Graphics
+ Website:
+ Product: Renoir
+ Versions: SUN. HP, WinNT, Win95, Win98.
Renior can generate Verilog and VHDL from Moore/Mealy state, flow
chart, truth table and block diagrams for FPGA, ASIC and IC. It
includes interfaces to logic synthesis, digital simulation, and
HW-SW co-verification tools. With HDL2Graphics you can turn HDL
text, VHDL and Verilog Intellectual Property (IP) into graphical
o Novassoft
+ Website:
+ Product: Debussy
+ Versions: ?
The Debussy debugging system system helps locating and isolating
the reasons for Verilog and VHDL design problems through tracing,
visualization, and analysis of design structure and behavior. One
feature is generating logic/bubble diagrams from RTL or gate-level
o Summit Design, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: Visual HDL
+ Versions: SUN, HP, AIX, WinNT, Win95.
Visual HDL is a HDL-based tool for graphical design, verification,
optimization and reuse. Its entry level supports block diagrams,
flow charts, state diagrams (bubble diagrams and ASM charts) and
truth tables as well as VHDL or Verilog descriptions. Visual HDL
can generate block diagrams, flow charts and state diagrams from
existing HDL code.
o Tanslogic
+ Website:
+ Product: EASE
+ Versions: Win95, Win98, WinNT, Solaris > 2.4, HP-UX > 9.0, Linux
EASE/HDL: Easy to use graphical HDL entry tool. Generates VHDL and
Verilog output for both simulation and synthesis purposes.
Featuring hierarchy browsing and state machine diagrams. Reverse
engineering, automatically generating graphical blocks for
inclusion in block diagrams.
o VeriBest, Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: VeriBest Graphical High-Level Design
+ Versions: WinNT, Win95, Win98.
VeriBest Graphical High-Level Design is a language independent,
graphical, state-machine entry and debug environment. VBGHLD
includes a state table editor, a state diagram editor and a state
flow graph editor. VBGHLD outputs both VHDL and Verilog.
o Visual Software Solution
+ Website:
+ Product: StateCAD
+ Versions: WinNT, Win95, Win98.
StateCAD automates the development of state machines and data flow
logic. StateCAD automatically identifies logical problems such as
stuck at states and reset violations. Once a design is error free,
StateCAD translates it to synthesizable VHDL, Verilog, Abel, or
Altera HDL.
o Escalade (acquired by Mentor Graphics)
+ Website:
+ Product: DesignBook
+ Versions: Win, WinNT, Sun Solaris, HP HPUX.
Escalade's DesignBook is an integrated, high-level design solution
for the authoring, integration and delivery of system-on-chip
(SOC) designs. DesignBook includes (besides other tools) a state
machine designer, a truth table designer, a flowchart designer and
imports VHDL and Verilog designs.


6. C/C++ to VHDL Translators

This section lists commercial tools which support HDL code generation from C
and/or C++ source. Any additions/updates/corrections are appreciated!

o JRS Research Laboratories Inc.
+ Website:
+ Product: LegaC
+ Versions: ?
LegaC translates an input program coded in ANSI C into an
equivalent behavioral VHDL source-code program. The output program
is logically equivalent to the input program in the sense that a
VHDL compilation and simulation of the translated program will
produce the same results as a compilation and execution of the
original C source program.
o Forte Design Systems
+ Website:
+ Product: Cynthesizer
+ Versions: ?
Cynthesizer is a tool that takes a Cynlib design (Cynlib is a set
of C++ classes that provide a vocabulary for hardware modeling in
C++) and produces an equivalent representation in Verilog or VHDL
while maintaining the bit- and cycle-accuracy of the design.
Higher-level data structures, such as C++ classes, are
automatically transformed into functionally equivalent Verilog or
VHDL. Other object-oriented features of C++, such as inheritance,
are automatically resolved in the resulting Verilog or VHDL.
o Frontier Design
+ Website:
+ Product: A|RT Builder
+ Versions: Win98, WinNT, Sun Solaris, HP HPUX, Linux
With A|RT Builder a designer can automatically convert a C
description into an RTL description, expressed either in VHDL or
Verilog HDL. The resulting HDL code can be used directly in a
logic synthesis flow, or can be further optimized using behavioral
synthesis tools.


7. VHDL'93 Support of Simulator/Synthesis Tools

The following table lists the VHDL'93 support of various
simulators/synthesizers. The list was compiled from postings to
comp.lang.vhdl (thanks to Evan Shattock for providing the initial table).
Please send additions/updates/corrections to the editor!

Vendor Product Version Type Support Remarks

MTI ModelSim 4.7x/5.1f/5.2x Sim 93

MTI ModelSim 5.1f Sim 93

Cadence Leapfrog ? Sim 93

Viewlogic Speedwave 6.206 Sim 87

Metamor Metamor ? Syn 93

Synopsys DC ? Syn 87 '93 support

Synopsys DC99 Syn 93

Synopsys FPGA Express 2.1.x Syn 87+ '93 support

Synopsys FPGA Express 3.4 Syn 87+ improved '93

Synopsys VSS 1998.08 Sim 93

Exemplar Galileo 4.2 Syn 93

Exemplar Leonardo 4.2.x Syn 93

Exemplar Spectrum 1998.2 Syn 93

Synplicity Synplify ? Syn 93

"Type" is the type of the product:
o Sim: simulator
o Syn: synthesis tool
"Support" denotes the supported VHDL language level:
o 87: tool supports VHDL'87 only
o 87+: tool supports VHDL'87 and some VHDL'93 features
o 93: tool supports VHDL'87 and VHDL'93

See also Section 2: Companies and their products/services

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