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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (Part 2): Books on VHDL

    Preliminary Remarks

    This is a monthly posting to comp.lang.vhdl containing information on VHDL
    books. Please send additional information directly to the editor: (Edwin Naroska)

    Corrections and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for all corrections.

    At the end of this listing, you'll also find reports on global topics
    concerning VHDL, which are available per ftp.

    There are three other regular postings: part 1 lists general information on
    VHDL, part 3 lists products and services (PD+commercial), part 4 contains
    descriptions for a number of terms and phrases used to define VHDL.

    Table of Contents

    * 1 Documents of the IEEE
    o 1.1 Where to Obtain?
    * 2 Books on VHDL
    o 2.1 Books in French
    o 2.2 Books in German
    o 2.3 Books in Japanese
    o 2.4 Books in Dutch
    o 2.5 Books in Swedish
    o 2.6 Books in Italian Language
    o 2.7 Books in Spanish
    o 2.8 Recommended Books in comp.lang.vhdl
    o 2.9 Some Publisher Addresses
    * 3 Free Documents
    o 3.1 Reports
    o 3.2 Free Books


    1 Documents of the IEEE

    See also

    IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual
    IEEE Std 1076-2002, IEEE Standards, 2002, IEEE Product No.
    SH94983-TBR, $126, IEEE Member Discount, Softcover, 306pp, ISBN
    IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual
    IEEE Std 1076-2000, IEEE Standards, 2000, IEEE Product No.
    SH94817-TBR, $126, IEEE Member Discount, Softcover, 270pp, ISBN
    1076.1-1999 IEEE Standard VHDL Analog and Mixed-Signal Extensions 1999
    IEEE Std 1076.1-1999, IEEE Standards, 1999, IEEE Product No.
    SH94731-TBR, $125, IEEE Member Discount, Softcover, 320pp, ISBN
    1076.6-1999 IEEE Standard for VHDL Register Transfer Level (RTL)
    Synthesis 1999
    IEEE Std 1076.6-199, IEEE Standards, 1999, IEEE Product No.
    SH94792-TBR, $84, IEEE Member Discount, Softcover, 80pp, ISBN
    IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual
    IEEE Std 1076-1993, IEEE Standards, Order Code SH 16840, $56, 30%
    IEEE Member Discount, bulk discounts, ISBN 1-55937-376-8, 1994
    1076-1987 Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual
    IEEE Standards, Not available from the IEEE anymore. Now available
    from Menchini & Associates (see FAQ part 3 products & services),
    for a cost of $75 US. Please contact for further
    IEEE Standards Interpretations: IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference
    IEEE Std 1076/INT-1991, Order Code SH148941991
    IEEE Standard Multivalue Logic System for VHDL Model Interoperability
    IEEE Std 1164-1993, ...1993

    1.1 Where to Obtain?

    IEEE Service Center
    445 Hoes Lane
    P.O. Box 1331
    Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331 USA
    Phone: 1-800-678-IEEE, FAX: 908-981-9667
    This office is no longer in operation.
    IEEE Computer Society, 13,
    Avenue de l'Aquilon,
    B-1200 Brussels BELGIUM
    Telephone: 32.2.770.21.98
    FAX: 32.2.770.85.05


    2 Books on VHDL

    Please send a note to the editor if any of this books are out of print or a
    good book is missing.

    Using PSL/SUGAR with Verilog and VHDL Guide to Property Specification
    Language for Assertion-Based Verification
    Ben Cohen
    ISBN 0-9705394-4-4, Ben Cohen VhdlCohen Publishing
    This book focuses on the practical use of assertions and use ABV
    with PSL in a simulation environment. "Any designer wanting to
    ramp up on ABV in general and PSL in particular should read this
    book" Rahul Razdan, Cadence Design Systems, Inc. "Book not only
    explains the details of the PSL Foundation Language, it also walks
    through PSL applications within an assertion-based methodology.
    This is a wonderful book that will help the reader come up to
    speed on the emerging PSL standard", Harry Foster Accellera PSL
    Formal Verification Technical Committee chair. For book
    information/purchase see
    Writing Testbenches: Functional Verification of HDL Models, Second
    Janick Bergeron
    ISBN 1-4020-7401-8, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    January 2003, 512 pages. Writing Testbenches: Functional
    Verification of HDL Model is the first book ever devoted entirely
    to the topic of verification and testbenches. It covers all the
    issues of a verification process that aims for first-time success.
    The System Designer's Guide to VHDL-AMS
    Peter J. Ashenden, Gregory D. Peterson, Darrell A. Teegarden
    ISBN 1558607498, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
    September 2002, 880 pages. The book addresses Analog,
    Mixed-Signal, and Mixed-Technology Modeling. See also Educational software coordinated with
    the book can be found at
    Real Chip Design and Verification Using Verilog and VHDL
    Ben Cohen
    ISBN 0-9705394-2-8, VhdlCohen Publishing
    November 2001, 420 pages. This book addresses the practical and
    real aspects of logic design, processes, and verification. It
    incorporates a collection of FPGA and ASIC design practices
    expressed with Verilog and VHDL. For book information/purchase see
    The Designer's Guide to VHDL, 2nd Edition
    Peter J. Ashenden
    ISBN 1558606912, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
    May 2001, 740 pages
    Component Design by Example ... a Step-by-Step Process Using VHDL with
    UART as Vehicle
    Ben Cohen
    ISBN 0-9705394-0-1, VhdlCohen Publishing
    November 2000, 308 pages. Book uses a full featured UART with FIFO
    as a design vehicle to demonstrate the front-end design processes
    including: Requirement Specification, Architectural Plan,
    Verification Plan, Design and Synthesis, Design Verification,
    Design Integration, Documentation & Delivery, and Process
    Guidelines. Book provides helpful guides and templates for all
    front-end phases of a design, most of which are independent of the
    HDL implementation or verification languages. CD Includes Advanced
    Design of Parameterized UART with Subblocks, FIFO Buffering, and
    Interrupt Controller, Reusable TextIO Parser Package, Advanced
    Testbench Code with Client/Server Object Oriented Style and Text
    Command Files, Design of Verifier with Error Detection and
    Transaction Logging, EMACS Editor with T-shell for Windows NT, 9X,
    Standard VHDL Packages. For book information/purchase see
    The VHDL Reference: A Practical Guide to Computer-Aided Integrated
    Circuit Design including VHDL-AMS
    Ulrich Heinkel, Martin Padeffke, Werner Haas, Thomas Buerner,
    Herbert Braisz, Thomas Gentner, Alexander Grassmann
    ISBN: 0-471-89972-0, John Wiley & Sons
    April 2000, 440 pages, The essential guide for students and
    professionals working in computer hardware design and synthesis.
    The authors describe the basic concepts of VHDL and VHDL-AMS and
    their application in both behavioral and synthesizable modeling of
    digital systems, with 2 CD-ROMs,
    Digital System Design with VHDL
    Mark Zwolinski
    ISBN 0-201-36063-2, Prentice Hall
    2000. 1st Edition, 336 pages
    Digital Systems Design With Vhdl and Synthesis : An Integrated Approach
    K. C. Chang
    ISBN 0769500234, IEEE Computer Society Press
    May 1999, Hardcover - 516 pages
    VHDL Coding Styles and Methodologies, 2nd Edition
    Ben Cohen
    ISBN 0-7923-8474-1, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    1999, 450 pages. Book emphasizes detailed application of the
    language, style, methodologies, and synthesis through several
    complete examples. This edition provides practical information on
    reusable software methodologies for the design of bus functional
    models for testbenches. This includes the waveform, client/server,
    command text and binary file methods. All VHDL code is on CD. CD
    also includes the GNU toolsuite with EMACS language sensitive
    editor, TSHELL, 30 day evaluation of ModelSim (Model Technology),
    and 20 day evaluation of Synplify (Synplicity). For TOC see
    Formal Semantics and Proof Techniques for Optimizing VHDL Models
    Kothanda Umamageswaran, Sheetanshu L. Pandey, et al.
    ISBN 0792383753, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    November 1998, 184 pages
    A VHDL Primer, Third Edition
    J. Bhasker
    ISBN 0-13-096575-8, Prentice Hall
    September 1998, 375 pages, updated to cover the popular new IEEE
    STD_LOGIC_1164 standard,
    A VHDL Synthesis Primer, Second Edition
    J. Bhasker
    ISBN 0-9650391-9-6, Star Galaxy Publishing
    August 1998, 312 pages, Hardcover, $59.95, Describes the
    NUMERIC_BIT and NUMERIC_STD packages and uses these packages in
    the examples, Publisher/Order info: Star Galaxy Publishing, 1058
    Treeline Drive, Suite 277, Allentown, PA 18103, Phone/fax:
    888-727-7296 (toll free in US), 610-391-7296 [24 hours],
    VHDL 3rd Edition
    Douglas Perry
    ISBN 0070494363, MacGraw-Hill
    June 1998, 500 pages, 3nd edition
    Essential VHDL : RTL Synthesis Done Right
    Sundar Rajan
    ISBN 0966959000, S & G Publishing
    June 1998, 320 pages, US$49.95, Essential VHDL provides a simple,
    hands-on approach to writing VHDL for RTL synthesis. It follows a
    systematic, "how-to" style and instructs readers on practical VHDL
    design. Although targeted primarily at programmable logic
    designers, the techniques presented in this book make it equally
    useful for those interested in real-world HDL design.
    The Student's Guide to VHDL
    Peter J. Ashenden
    ISBN 1-55860-520-7, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
    January 1998, 340 pages, $29.95
    Digital Systems Design Using VHDL
    Charles H. Roth, Jr
    ISBN 0-534-98099-X, PWS Publishing Company
    1998, 470 pages,
    VHDL for Logic Synthesis, 2nd Edition
    Andrew Rushton
    ISBN 0-471-98325-X, John Wiley & Sons
    May 1998, 390 pages, Hardback, Web page:
    VHDL Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, 2nd Edition
    Ben Cohen
    ISBN 0-7923-8115-7, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    1998, Web page:
    HDL Chip Design - A Practical Guide for Designing, Synthesizing and
    simulating ASICs and FPGAs using VHDL or Verilog
    Douglas J. Smith
    ISBN 0-9651934-3-8, Doone Publications,
    1997, Foreword by Alex Zamfirescu, IEEE Project Chair/IEC TC
    Convenor. This book won the 1997 small press award for Science and
    Engineering. Shows equivalent VHDL and Verilog models side-by-side
    followed by a common synthesized circuit implementation. Large
    format (8.5x11 inches) - case bound - 470 pages - 240
    illustrations - 180 practical modeling examples,
    Analysis and Design of Digital Systems with VHDL
    A. Dewey
    ISBN: 0534954103, PWS Publishing Company
    August 1996, 682 pages
    Quick-Turnaround ASIC Design in VHDL : Core-Based Behavioral Synthesis
    M. S. Ben Romdhane, V. K. Madisetti, J. W. Hines, (Foreword by
    Prof. J. Allen, MIT)
    ISBN 0-7923-9744-4, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    June 1996, $95,
    Vhdl for Programmable Logic
    Kevin Skahill, Jay Legenhausen, Ron Wade, Corey Wilner, BL Wilson
    ISBN 0201895730, Addison-Wesley
    May 1996, 593 pages, book & CD-Rom edition includes Cypress WARP
    software and examples,
    VHDL Made Easy
    David Pellerin and Douglas Taylor
    ISBN 0-13-650763-8, Prentice Hall
    1996, 420 pages, $54.95. Includes CD-ROM containing a VHDL
    simulator, VHDL examples and other software. Available direct from
    Accolade Design Automation (800-470-2686), 26331 NE Valley Street,
    Suite 5-120, Duvall, WA 98019, FAX 206-788-3768,
    VHDL for Designers
    Stefan Sjoholm and Lennart Lindh
    1996, ISBN 0-13-473414-9, Prentice Hall
    Covers everything from basics of VHDL through test benches,
    synthesis, test methodology even to behavioral synthesis
    Introduction to VHDL
    D Hunter, T Johnson
    Paperback:0-412-73130-4, Chapman & Hall
    November 1995, 246x189mm, 496 pages, 8 line illus, UK o24.99
    VHDL Modeling for Digital Design Synthesis
    Yu-Chin Hsu
    ISBN 0-7923-9597-2, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    June 1995, 356 pages
    Formal Semantics for VHDL
    Carlos Delgado Kloos, Peter T. Breuer (eds.)
    Kluwer Academic Publishers
    April 1995, more info on:
    Guide to VHDL Syntax: Based On The New Ieee Std 1076-1993 (Innovative
    J. Bhasker
    ISBN 0-13-324351-6, Prentice Hall
    January 1995, $45, Number of pages: 268
    A Designer's Guide to VHDL Synthesis
    Douglas E. Ott, Thomas J. Wilderotter
    ISBN 0-7923-9472-0, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    December 1994
    Circuit Synthesis with VHDL
    R Airiau, JM Berge, V Olive
    ISBN 0-7923-9429-1, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    Digital Design & Synthesis with VHDL
    ISBN 0-9627488-3-8, Automata Publishing Company
    1994, 300p, Cloth Text
    Structured Logic Design With VHDL
    J.R. Armstrong and F. Gail Gray
    ISBN 0-13-855206-1, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., USA
    May of 1993
    A Guide to VHDL, Second Edition
    Stanley Mazor, Patricia Langstraat
    ISBN 0792393872, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    August 1993
    VHDL Techniques, Experiments, and Caveats
    J. Pick
    ISBN 0-07-049906-3, McGraw-Hill
    June 1993, $55
    VHDL '92; The New Features of the VHDL Hardware Description Language
    Berge, Fonkoua, Maginot and Rouillard
    ISBN:0-7923-9356-2, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    May 1993, Price: $87.50 Dfl180
    Digital System Design using VHDL
    Chin-Hwa Lee, CorralTek
    P.O. 2616, Salinas, CA 93902 (408) 484-1726
    April 1993, Price $29 (answer book $10)
    VHDL Buyer's Guide
    Steve Wolfe and Fouad Kiamilev
    ISBN 0-934869-14-6, Cad Cam Publishing, Incorporated September
    1992, Trade Paper, 30p
    VHDL: Analysis and Modeling of Digital Systems
    Zainalabedin Navabi
    ISBN 0-07-046472-3, Mc Graw Hill
    September 1992, US$ 38.50
    VHDL Designer's Reference
    Jean Michel Berge, Alain Fonkua, Serge Maginot, Jacques Roulliard
    ISBN 0-7923-1756-4, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    July 1992
    VHDL for Simulation, Synthesis and Formal Proofs of Hardware
    Jean Mermet
    ISBN 0-7923-9253-1, Kluwer academic publishers June 1992
    Hardware Design and Simulation in VAL/VHDL
    Larry M. Augustin, David C. Luckham, Benoit A. Gennart, Yo Huh and
    Alec G. Stanculescu
    ISBN 0-7923-9087-3, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    1991, 352 pages, $69.95
    The VHDL Handbook
    David Coelho (Vantage Analysis Systems)
    ISBN 0-7923-90310-8, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    1989, examples and std package on (PC) disc for $100 handling cost
    from: Coelho Publications, 43000 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538
    voice: (415) 770-0875, fax: (415) 770-0728, email:
    VHDL : Hardware Description and Design
    Lipsett, Schaeffer, Ussery
    ISBN 0-7923-9030-x, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    1989, 320 pages, $59.95
    ASIC System Design with VHDL: A Paradigm
    S. Leung, M.A. Shanblatt
    ISBN 0-7923-9032-6, Kluwer Academic Publishers
    1989, 240 pages, $56.50
    The VHDL Cookbook
    Peter J. Ashenden, University of Adelaide, South Australia
    per ftp from, or
    VHDL: Features and Applications, A self-study course
    J. Bhasker
    Contains: Self study course + final exam + A VHDL Primer(Revised
    Edition) text + IEEE Std 1076-1993 + IEEE Std 1164-1993 (all in
    one package), $229 IEEE members, $299 non-members, IEEE Product
    number: HL5712, To order: Call IEEE at (800) 678-IEEE

    2.1 Books in French

    VHDL, du langage au circuit , du circuit au langage
    J. Weber and M.Meaudre
    ISBN 2-225-82957-8, edition Masson
    Initiation au langage VHDL
    Michel Amiaux
    ISBN 2-225-85232-4, edition Masson
    Circuits numériques et synthèse logique, un outil : VHDL
    Jacques Weber, Maurice Meaudre
    ISBN 2-225-84956-0, Collection : Technologie de l'Université à
    1995, 208 pages
    VHDL du langage a la modelisation
    R. Airiau, J.M. Berge, V. Olive and J. Rouillard
    Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes
    Lausanne 1990

    2.2 Books in German

    VHDL-Synthese, Entwurf digitaler Schaltungen und Systeme
    J.Reichardt, B.Schwarz
    ISBN 3-486-25128-7, Oldenbourg-Verlag
    2000, 288 Seiten,
    Entwicklung digitaler Systeme mit VHDL - Einsatz und Anwendung von VHDL
    zur Simulation und zur Synthese von digitalen Systemen
    Jürgen Bäsig
    ISBN 3-00-005081-7, Eigenverlag
    Abstrakte Modellierung digitaler Schaltungen (VHDL vom funktionalen
    Modell bis zur Gatterebene)
    K. ten Hagen
    ISBN 3-540-59143-5, Springer
    August 1995
    Schaltungsdesign mit VHDL
    Gunther Lehmann, Bernhard Wunder, Manfred Selz
    ISBN 3-7723-6163-3, Franzis-Verlag
    1994, 317 Seiten, mit Diskette, Poing, DM 89,-.
    Das Buch ist zur Zeit vergriffen, aber eine pdf-Version kann unter
    kostenlos heruntergeladen werden
    VLSI-Entwurf (Vorgehen, Methoden, Automatisierung)
    Thomas Kropf
    ISBN 3-8266-0163-7, International Thomson Publishing
    TAT (Thomson Aktuelle Tutorien) Nr.17, (trotz des Titels ist das
    Buch zu ca. 80% ein VHDL-Buch)
    Die VHDL-Syntax (Deutsche Uebersetzung von "A Guide to VHDL Syntax")
    J. Bhasker
    ISBN: 3-8272-9528-9, Prentice Hall Verlag GmbH

    2.3 Books in Japanese

    Translation of: A VHDL Primer
    Jayaram Bhasker
    ISBN4-7898-3286-4 C3055 P3200E, CQ Publishing

    2.4 Books in Dutch

    VHDL, VHDL'87/'93 en voorbeelden
    Egbert Molenkamp
    ISBN 90-802634-3-5
    1997, 250 pages, Dfl 70,- (excl. VAT and Handling), Order via:
    Transfer EDS, Goorseweg 5, 7475 BB Markelo, the Netherlands, fax.
    x-31-547-367366. The book is out of print but can be downloaded
    for free from

    2.5 Books in Swedish

    VHDL för konstruktion
    Lennart Lindh, Stefan Sjöholm
    ISBN 91-44-47782-1
    1996, 524 pages, Studentlitteratur

    2.6 Books in Italian Language

    Testo sulle Logiche Programmabili
    Catello Antonio De Rosa
    Actually, the focus of the book is Programmable Logic. However, it
    contains a chapter on VHDL for Programmable Logic. See also

    2.7 Books in Spanish

    Diseno de Sistemas Digitales con VHDL
    Serafin A. Perez, Enrique Soto, Santiago Fernandez
    ISBN 84-9732-081-6

    2.8 Recommended Books in comp.lang.vhdl

    I compiled two lists from articles which were posted to comp.lang.vhdl from
    1996/1/1 to 2003/7/5. Only books which were recommended at least by 4
    different posters (excluding the author) appear on the lists. I've done my
    best to get exact numbers but probably catched not all postings which
    included any recommendations. Hence, if you think that a book is missing or
    got a wrong number of recommendations (see below) please send me a note.

    How to get your favourite book onto the list(s)? If you are the author:
    there is no way (besides writing an excellent book). Otherwise, if you think
    it's an excellent book please share the information with the community: just
    post a recommendation to the newsgroup. If their number exceeds the
    threshold the book will be added to the appropriate list. To initialise this
    process I plan to post a 'request for recommendations' every 12 month. The
    next request is scheduled for November 2003.

    Please note that the books may focus on different topics of VHDL and not all
    books are recommended for beginners. Hence, try to get some more
    informations on a book before ordering. Usually, the various on-line book
    stores provide some additional infos (see i.e.,,...). Of course you may also check out Section 2.
    Further, please post/send remarks about the books on the list (for
    beginners, not for beginners,...)

    The lists are sorted by decreasing number of recommendations (the actual
    number for each book is enclosed in '()').

    General books on VHDL:

    * "The Designer's Guide to VHDL" by Peter Ashenden (40)
    remarks: for beginners, comprehensive, very good for reference
    * "A VHDL Primer" by J. Bhasker (14)
    remark: for beginners, not suited to learn synthesis
    * "VHDL" by Doug Perry (12)
    * "VHDL made Easy!" by David Pellerin (9)
    remark: for beginners
    * "VHDL for Designers" by Stefan Sjoholm and Lennart Lindh (7)

    Books on VHDL for synthesis:

    * "Hdl Chip Design" by Douglas J. Smith (22)
    remark: for beginners, has VHDL and Verilog examples
    * "VHDL for Logic Synthesis" by Andrew Rushton (18)
    * "VHDL for programmable logic" by Keven Skahill (16)
    remark: for beginners
    * "VHDL Coding styles and methodologies,... an In-depth Tutorial" by Ben
    Cohen (15)
    remark: not for beginners
    * "A VHDL synthesis primer" by J. Bhasker (5)
    * "Real Chip Design and Verification using Verilog and VHDL" by Ben Cohen
    * "Analysis And Modeling of Digital Systems" (second edition) by Z.Navabi
    remarks: not for beginners, covers testbench and synthesis
    * "Essential VHDL - RTL Synthesis Done Right" by Sundar Rajan (4)
    * "Digital System Design with VHDL" by Mark Zwolinski (4)

    2.9 Some Publisher Addresses

    * Prentice Hall
    Order addresses
    o U.S.: To order by phone, call 1-(800) 643-5506. Please give the
    operator the following "key code": E1001-A1(3)
    o UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Fax your order to
    44-1-442-882277, or send e-mail to .
    * Kluwer Academic Publishers
    Contact addresses
    o North and South America: Kluwer Academic Publishers Customer
    Service Department, P.O. Box 358, Accord Station, Hingham, MA
    02018-0358, U.S.A., Tel : (617) 871-6600, Fax : (617) 871-6528,
    o Rest of the World: Kluwer Academic Publishers Customer Service
    Department, P.O. Box 989, 3300 AZ Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Tel
    : (+31) 78 639 23 92, Fax : (+31) 78 639 22 54, E-mail:

    * McGraw-Hill
    Contact addresses
    o U.S.: McGraw-Hill, 11 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011 U.S.A.
    o United Kingdom and Europe: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Europe,
    Shoppenhangers Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 2QL, England,
    Telephone +44 (0)1628 502500 Fax +44 (0)1628 770224
    * Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
    Contact address:
    o The Sales/Editorial office: 340 Pine Street 6th Floor, San
    Francisco, CA 94104
    Phone: 415-392-2665, Fax: 415-982-2665
    o USA:
    + Mail order: Customer Service and Orders Morgan Kaufmann
    Publishers, Attn: Order Fulfillment Dept., 6277 Sea Harbor
    Drive, Orlando, FL 32887
    Phone: 800-745-7323, Fax: 800-874-6418
    + Phone order: Please call 800-745-7323 from the US or Canada,
    or 407-345-3800 from any other location.
    o Europe & the UK: Afterhurst Mail Order Service, 27 Church Road
    Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2FA, United Kingdom
    Phone: 44-1-273-748427, Fax: 44-1-273-722180, Email:

    * John Wiley & Sons
    o United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean: U.S. Customer
    Service Department at John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Distribution
    Center, 1 Wiley Drive, Somerset, NJ 08875-1272, Phone: (908)
    469-4400 or (800) 225-5945, Fax: (908) 302-2300, Email:
    , Hours: 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m. EST
    * Springer-Verlag, Germany
    Contact address: Springer-Verlag Berlin, Heidelberger Platz 3, D-14197
    Berlin, Germany, Phone: 49-30-82787-0, Email:
    * Doone Publications
    Contact addresses
    o America, Europe: Anne Smith, Doone Publications, 7950, Highway 72W
    #G106, Madison, Al, 35758, USA, Phone: Outside USA +1 205 837
    0580, Within USA 1 800 311 3753, Fax: +1 205 837 0580, Email:

    o Asia, Australasia: Coral Cooksley, Kirstep Distribution,
    Australia, Phone: +61 (02) 489 7855, Fax: +61 (02) 489 7034,


    3 Free Documents

    Quick reference cards for VHDL and STD_LOGIC_1164-based packages are
    available from the Qualis web site at See also the
    Amontec VHDL Memo which is available online from A PSL VHDL Quick reference
    card is available from

    3.1. Reports

    Only stuff available by ftp, http or similar will be mentioned here, if of
    general interest.

    On (or via the following documents
    can be found (look in their README for the most actual info):
    "VHDL Models for Board-level Simulation", ref. WSM/SH/010 This
    document provides recommendations for development and usage of
    VHDL models intended for Board-level simulation. The purpose of
    these recommendations is to define modeling criteria that will
    produce models that are highly accurate in both functionality and
    timing, and that will provide sufficient simulation performance to
    facilitate long simulation runs. Format: postscript.
    "Support Component List", ref. WDN/PS/822 Issue 2 This document
    contains summary information for European components for space
    applications. Their main characteristics are listed, including
    radiation tolerance. Coordinates to contact persons for further
    information are also included. Format: postscript.
    "VHDL Modeling Guidelines", ref. ASIC/001 Issue 1 The ESA VHDL
    Modeling Guidelines have been established to ensure a good coding
    standard for VHDL, w.r.t. to readability, portability and
    extensive verification. There are separate sections dealing with
    specific requirements for models for component simulation,
    board-level simulation, system-level simulation and test benches.
    The document is being used for education at several universities,
    as a base for company specific guidelines etc. Format: postscript.
    "The Usage of VHDL in the European Space Agency" An overview of
    the current and envisaged (April 1995) usage of VHDL within ESA.
    Describes the background, scope and purpose of the ESA VHDL
    Modeling Guidelines, and introduces the upcoming document "VHDL
    Models for Board-level Simulation". Outlines a planned scheme for
    making VHDL models for Board-level simulation available including
    schemes for protecting the design information. The paper was
    presented at the Workshop on Libraries, Component Modeling and
    Quality Assurance in Nantes (F), April 1995. Format: postscript.
    "The VHDL Standard" (by E2S n.v.) An overview of the May 1994
    status of the VHDL standard and associated activities within the
    IEEE, EIA, and ESPRIT projects. An extensive summary of VHDL
    repositories is included, together with a list of European VHDL
    tools. Format: postscript.

    At the following documents are available:
    Internal Report, 30-03-95, ``An Information Model of VHDL'93
    (Draft Version 02)'' University of Manchester, Department of
    Computer Scienc. Format: postscript.
    Internal Report, 10-11-94, ``An Information Model of VHDL'87
    (Draft Version 10)'' University of Manchester, Department of
    Computer Science. Format: postscript.

    Content of the README file: "The present documents are the result of
    work supported by the UK Defence Research Agency and ESIP (ESPRIT
    Project 8370). The goal has been to produce comprehensive information
    models of VHDL'87 and VHDL '93. The models defined here describe the
    essential objects and the semantics of VHDL'87 and VHDL'93 at the
    description, analysis, elaboration and simulation levels of design.
    They are not implementation information models for a VHDL simulator nor
    for a VHDL checker; they can, however, provide the basis for the
    creation of such implementation oriented information models.

    The VHDL'87 model is accompanied by a the presentation from file

    This document supersedes the earlier reports ECIP2/UM/015-1 01-05-93
    and UM Internal Report 10-10-94."

    The Actel HDL Coding Style Guide provides instructions for optimizing HDL
    code for the Actel architecture using examples in both VHDL and Verilog.
    While this document primarily targets coding for the Actel architecture it
    also contains a section about technology independent coding styles. The
    style guide is available from

    The Synthesis and Simulation Design Guide from Xilinx provides a general
    overview of designing FPGAs with HDLs. It includes design hints for the
    novice HDL user, as well as for the experienced user who is designing FPGAs
    for the first time. Written for the Xilinx M1 development tools. The manual
    is available from

    VHDL and Verilog fundamentals--expressions, operands, and operators by
    Douglas J Smith deals with differences between VHDL and Verilog expressions.
    Knowing the operand differences between the two HDLs helps writing more
    efficient chip-design code and is also useful when converting between VHDL
    and Verilog. The article is available from

    An Introduction to HDLs for Simulation and Synthesis (by David Pellerin)
    shows through simple examples how HDLs can be used to describe circuits for
    simulation and synthesis. The presentation is not intended as a
    comprehensive HDL tutorial, but does provide information to get started
    using HDLs, and helps you to understand how to get the most out if
    simulation and synthesis tools. The document is available from

    3.2 Free Books

    The VHDL Cookbook
    Peter J. Ashenden
    An introduction to VHDL. Available per ftp from, or
    see also booklist entry
    VHDL Kurzanleitung
    Andreas Mäder
    A German introduction to VHDL. Available from
    Richard Geissler
    Another introduction to VHDL in German language. The document is
    available from
    Schaltungsdesign mit VHDL
    Gunther Lehmann, Bernhard Wunder, Manfred Selz
    ISBN 3-7723-6163-3, Franzis-Verlag
    A German introduction to circuit design with VHDL, a pdf version
    is available from
    Schaltungs-Synthese mit VHDL, eine Einführung
    Karl Friedrich Penning
    An introduction to VHDL for synthesis. The document is available
    Richard Geissler and Slavek Bulach
    Another introduction to VHDL. Available from
    VHDL, VHDL'87/'93 en voorbeelden
    Egbert Molenkamp
    ISBN 90-802634-3-5
    1997, 250 pages, Dutch language, The book can be downloaded for
    free from
    Edwin Naroska, Jul 8, 2003
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