A website that I couldn't make a screenshot of it nor save any page from.

Oct 29, 2023
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Hello here. I've seen something very weird a few months ago and I wanted to know how it could be possible. A friend of mine has a videogame store were everyone can play a game just by putting a coin in a box through a coin acceptor. When we met he wanted me to add new coins to the game boxes, so he wanted me to make the coin acceptor able to recognise more coins and makes some modifications for the time each coin is supposed to give, he didn't know how to do it. So I started searching on the internet and I found one site where the explanations were pretty clear and I decided to download the page to do the work later offline. I use Google Chrome and when I tried to download, the download button didn't make anything, it was kind of grey, the kind of grey that tells you 'you can't do it'. I've never seen something like that before. I went to another page, randomly, and I saved the page easily, and I came back to that page, didn't work. Because I really needed those informations I thought I will screenshot the whole page by scrolling, THE SCREENSHOT BUTTON DIDN'T WORK EITHER! What is happening?? What's going on?? So I was literally unable to save the page in any way. How could someone do that? It was just a website explaining how to use a coin acceptor, why would you put that kind of security in that kind of page?
Anyway, I'm very curious if anyone knows how it's possible to do something like that.
One more thing by the way: the website name (which I completely forgotten the name by the way) ended by '.nl'. I don't know if it's related but searching for that domain name Google says it's for the Netherlands so I really don't know.
Thanks for reading and I hope someone will help me find out what happened.
Jan 24, 2024
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Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Anti-Download Measures: Some websites use JavaScript or other techniques to disable the default download behavior of the browser. This can prevent users from downloading the page or its contents.
  2. Anti-Screenshot Measures: Similarly, some websites use scripts or tools to prevent users from taking screenshots. This could involve disabling the screenshot functionality or making the screenshots appear blank.
  3. Browser Compatibility Issues: It's also possible that there were some compatibility issues between the website's code and your browser, causing the download and screenshot functionalities to fail.
  4. Country Restrictions: Although less common, some websites implement country-specific restrictions. However, this is unlikely to be the main reason for the issues you encountered.
Given the '.nl' domain extension, it's indeed related to the Netherlands, but it doesn't necessarily provide a clear explanation for the observed behavior.

If you're still interested in obtaining the information, you might try a different browser or use browser extensions that allow for more control over web page interactions. Alternatively, you could reach out to the website administrator or owner to inquire about the limitations you encountered. Keep in mind that respecting the terms of use of a website is important, and attempting to bypass intentional restrictions may violate those terms.

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