Algoexpert for a beginner

Nov 13, 2022
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I think that Algoexpert is a good resource in general, but is it good for a beginner?

Do you think that I need Programmingexpert first?
I'm already following that kind of introduction course, but from Geeks4geeks, I wouldn't buy Programmingexpert, it would be a waste of money, plus the Interview Prep Course from this platform covers a lot of things, like CS fundamentals, DSA, Operating Systems, Databases, Networking etc... I already have part of those knowledge, but I lack in software engineering...
I'm trying to level up as a software engineer, I come from an Infrastructure Engineer background as work experience, with a bit of focus in automation, systems reliability, databases, data analytics, security, networking etc...

I need to clarify that also Geeks4geeks prepares me for ALL those things, but I feel that the instructor looses himself too much into the CS fundamentals or programming (which I'm currently following), or into the language specifics, things that I rarely have seen in a software (I developed for a while in the past, but it didn't go too far)...

What would be your suggestion?
It would be great if I can skip the purchase of Programmingexpert (Introduction course for 200$), better if I can also skip Algoexpert (100$ with the rest of the bundles).
The price looks awesome at the moment for Algoexpert, but I'm not sure if it could make a difference in my learning process.


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