[ANN] AutoRecalcDict 0.1.1 released


Steven W. Orr

AutoRecalcDict is a subclass of dict that allows programmers to create user
defined dependencies and functions on target keys.

You can find it at


I recently was designing tests for radio frequency analysis (about which, I know
nothing). All of the tests had a dict of parameterizations that was peculiar to
that test, and they all had a key called 'freqs' whose value was a simple list
of just a few frequencies. But then I ran into a test that had a couple hundred
frequencies. What I really needed was to have four keys called 'freqs', 'start',
'stop', and 'step', so that freqs would be recalculated to be the return value
of the range function, if ever start, stop or step ever changed.

This is my first time contribution to the python community, so I suspect that I
might have made a few misteaks in packaging. If you see things that should be
altered, please let me know. And since I know what it does, suggestions for
better docs that speak to you (instead of me) are very welcome.

What I got out of this personally was a good learning experience in a number of
aspects that I had not previously nailed down.

Thanks for checking it out.

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