[ANN] celluloid 0.1.0: a concurrent object framework for Ruby

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Tony Arcieri, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Tony Arcieri

    Tony Arcieri Guest

    [Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]

    Celluloid is a concurrent object framework for Ruby inspired by Erlang and
    the Actor Model:

    * Github: http://github.com/tarcieri/celluloid
    * RDoc: http://celluloid.github.com/

    This is the second release of Celluloid, and introduces a new reentrant
    method dispatch system based on fibers. More information about this new
    system, the problems it solves, and how Celluloid uses fibers is available
    in this commit message:


    Celluloid's concurrent objects should now function just like Ruby objects
    whenever synchronous calls are used (the previous release suffered deadlocks
    in certain cases). Celluloid objects also support asynchronous method calls
    which allow them to run methods in the background without blocking the

    Because this release uses fibers, it no longer works on 1.8.7 and requires
    you use 1.9 mode on JRuby (see README for instructions). Rubinius is still
    supported in 1.8 mode and Celluloid will work on Rubinius 2.0.0pre.
    Tony Arcieri, Jun 21, 2011
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