[ANN] Data Plotting Library DISLIN 10.3

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Helmut Michels, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Dear C/C++ users,

    I am pleased to announce version 10.3 of the data plotting software

    DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for
    displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots,
    surfaces, contours and maps. Several output formats are supported
    such as X11, VGA, PostScript, PDF, CGM, WMF, HPGL, TIFF, GIF, PNG,
    BMP and SVG.

    The software is available for the most C, Fortran 77 and Fortran 90/95
    compilers. Plotting extensions for the interpreting languages Perl,
    Python, Java, Ch, Ruby and TCL are also supported.

    DISLIN distributions and manuals in PDF and HTML format are available
    from the DISLIN home page


    and via FTP from the server


    All DISLIN distributions are free for non-commercial use. Licenses
    for commercial use are available from the site http://www.dislin.de.

    Helmut Michels
    Max Planck Institute for
    Solar System Research Phone: +49 5556 979-334
    Max-Planck-Str. 2 Fax : +49 5556 979-240
    D-37191 Katlenburg-Lindau Mail :
    Helmut Michels, Jan 15, 2013
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  2. Helmut Michels

    Shao Miller Guest

    Cool! Thank you for sharing.

    (Just so you know, there is a separate newsgroup for C++, since it's a
    different language, but I'm sure there's some reader overlap.)
    Shao Miller, Jan 15, 2013
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  3. Helmut Michels

    Noob Guest

    I'm not sure we want world+dog announcing new versions of
    their wares to the group. The signal to noise ratio would
    plummet to zero rather quickly.

    My two cents.
    Noob, Jan 15, 2013
  4. Helmut Michels

    Shao Miller Guest

    I think a concise, one-time announcement of a C library that's free for
    non-commercial use is nice. I'd agree that a post for a new version
    would be noisy. If this software has been announced before, I'd suggest
    that Mr. H. Michels carefully consider what you've said. Google or
    other Internet search services make searching comp.lang.c possible, in
    case someone is looking for a product. Those who already know about and
    are interested in a product can keep informed via a product-specific
    subscription mechanism. :)
    Shao Miller, Jan 15, 2013
  5. There have been multiple such announcements (the oldest I can find being
    1996) and in multiple groups (most, if not all, multi-posted rather than
    cross posted) and I don't consider the original post to be a concise
    announcement. However, it is at least flagged [ANN] which means that if
    everybody did it one could filter out the thousands of such messages
    that there would come through!

    I'd be happy with infrequent, concise, cross-posted announcements of new
    versions of things very closely related to C: tools, compilers, core
    libraries and so on, but there are so many other things such as this
    sort of library that it's only tolerable because few people do it.

    Ben Bacarisse, Jan 15, 2013
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