[ANN] hoe 1.10.0 Released


Ryan Davis

hoe version 1.10.0 has been released!

* <http://rubyforge.org/projects/seattlerb/>
* <http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/hoe/>
* <[email protected]>

Hoe is a simple rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles. It
generates all the usual tasks for projects including rdoc generation,
testing, packaging, and deployment.

Tasks Provided:

* announce - Create news email file and post to rubyforge.
* audit - Run ZenTest against the package.
* check_extra_deps - Install missing dependencies.
* check_manifest - Verify the manifest.
* clean - Clean up all the extras.
* config_hoe - Create a fresh ~/.hoerc file.
* debug_gem - Show information about the gem.
* default - Run the default task(s).
* deps:email - Print a contact list for gems dependent on this
* deps:fetch - Fetch all the dependent gems of this gem into
* deps:list - List all the dependent gems of this gem
* docs - Build the docs HTML Files
* email - Generate email announcement file.
* flay - Analyze for code duplication.
* flog - Analyze code complexity.
* gem - Build the gem file hoe-1.9.0.gem
* generate_key - Generate a key for signing your gems.
* install_gem - Install the package as a gem.
* multi - Run the test suite using multiruby.
* package - Build all the packages
* post_blog - Post announcement to blog.
* post_news - Post announcement to rubyforge.
* publish_docs - Publish RDoc to RubyForge.
* rcov - Analyze code coverage with tests
* release - Package and upload the release to rubyforge.
* ridocs - Generate ri locally for testing.
* tasks - Generate a list of tasks for doco.
* test - Run the test suite.
* test_deps - Show which test files fail when run alone.

See class rdoc for help. Hint: ri Hoe


### 1.10.0 / 2009-03-09

* 2 minor enhancements:

* Switched to flay's new FlayTask, added flay_threshold
* generate_key now creates the certificate package automatically.

* 1 bug fix:

* Fixed generate_key if more than one developer on the project.

* <http://rubyforge.org/projects/seattlerb/>
* <http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/hoe/>
* <[email protected]>


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