ANN: lfm v2.2


Iñigo Serna


after 6 months of laziness while code was complete in my computer but
didn't have enough time, I'm releasing a new version of lfm now.

Last File Manager is a simple but powerful file manager for the UNIX
console. It's written in Python, using curses module.
Licensed under GNU Public License version 3.

Some of the features you could find in lfm:
- console-based file manager for UNIX platforms
- 1-pane or 2-pane view
- tabs
- bookmarks
- history
- vfs for compressed files
- dialogs with entry completion
- fast access to the shell
- direct integration of find/grep, df and other tools
- color files by extension
- fast file viewer with text and binary modes
- ...and many others

Download it from:
============= (home server)


or from when crap ISP
updates its cache.

Changes since last version:
+ New features
- use 2 progress bars in copy/move/delete dialog, one for files count
and other for files size
- added recursive chmod chown chgrp
- faster cursor movement
. Ctrl-l: center cursor in panel, so now edit-link is in 'L'
. Ctrl-cursor_up, Ctrl-P: move cursor 1/4th of page up
. Ctrl-cursor_down, Ctrl-N: move cursor 1/4th of page down
. P: move cursor 1/4th of page up in other panel
. N: move cursor 1/4th of page down in other panel
- file_menu new feature: a -> backup file. You can specify the extension
to use in .lfmrc
- added support for .xz compressed files
- Unicode & Encodings
. rewrite all internals to use unicode strings, but employ terminal
encoding (f.e. utf-8) to interact with the user or to display contents
in ncurses functions or to run commands in shell
. when lfm detects a file with invalid encoding name it asks the user to
convert it (can be automatic with the proper option in the
configuration, automatic_file_encoding_conversion, default 0 (ask))..
If not converted, lfm will display the file but won't operate on it..
. try more encodings when we get a filename with strange characters
. lfm will check and require a valid encoding before running
- Pyview:
. completely rewritten. Code is shorter and more beautiful now
Uses a new FileCache class to accelerate the retrieving of file lines
. displays contents between 2 and 4 times faster
. new command line flag -s/--stdin to force reading from stdin.
Now pyview doesn't wait for stdin input by default, so it starts much
faster. eg. $ ps efax | pyview -s

+ Minor changes
- add color entries for directories and exe_files
- expand ~ to user home
- make Tree follow .dotfiles behaviour, new keybinding Ctrl-H
- dialogs are bigger now
- show filesystem info rewritten
- show file info rewritten, now it shows correctly information
from fuse-mounted volumes
- added new "ebook" category, filetypes and formats

+ About the code
- since python v2.6+, popen* is deprecated, so make lfm check python
version and use popen* or subprocess accordingly
- correct some python idioms
- clean code

+ Documentation
- Added "Files Name Encoding" and "FAQ" sections
- Added information about keybindings in permissions window
- Updated some other minor changes: wide char support, vfs, thanks

+ lots of bugs fixed:
- file system information was not showed correctly sometimes
- devices major and minor numbers were not showed correctly
- crash in goto_dir if there aren't any historic entries
- crash in a void EntryLine after pressing BACKSPACE on some platforms
- unzip => overwrite files without prompting ("unzip -o" option) to avoid
ethernal waiting, as messages can not be seen by user
- fix make_dir error message
- recompressing a vfs compressed file leave some garbage on temporary dir
- don't try to copy fifo/socket/block-dev/char-dev files
- crash when we don't have enough permissions to write to dest
- show_dirs_size: don't show in stderr if we don't have perms for a dir
- can't browse /home/<user> as root if .gvfs is present
- EntryLine: non-ascii chars are not showed correctly
- lfm crashes with invalid encoding filenames
- increment owner and group space to avoid ugly look in 1-pane view
- when moving files, don't delete source if some error or if we don't
overwrite destination

Of course, all comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

Best regards,
Iñigo Serna


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