[ANNC] pynguin-0.10 python turtle graphics application


Lee Harr

Pynguin is a python-based turtle graphics application.
    It combines an editor, interactive interpreter, and
    graphics display area.

It is meant to be an easy environment for introducing
    some programming concepts to beginning programmers.


This release continues to expand basic functionality and
    explores more user-friendly options in the interface.

Pynguin is tested with Python 2.7.1 and PyQt 4.8.3 and
    will use Pygments syntax highlighting if available.

Pynguin is released under GPLv3.

Changes in pynguin-0.10:
        - can now save to or load from directory instead of a file
        - remember drawing speed between sessions
        - remember avatar setting between sessions

    Pynguin API
        - allow setting drawing speed from code
        - add xyforward(dist) method to return coords dist ahead of pynguin
        - reset() is more thorough restoring pynguin to initial state
        - handle input() and raw_input() properly
        - simple onclick() handler only affects the main pynguin
            - onclick() responds to right-click now (not left-click)

        - use left mouse button to pan/drag the canvas
        - mouse wheel zooms around cursor
        - added menu entries and shortcuts for panning canvas
        - added menu item for tracking pynguin
        - recenter canvas on home() and reset()
        - fixed crash on startup when pynguin tracking is enabled
        - all canvas related shortcuts now use Alt-<key>

    Integrated Editor
        - added ability to open plain python files
            - can monitor file for changes made in external editor
        - removed "Remove" button from under editor
        - added warning when removing page with menu option
        - all editor related shortcuts now use Ctrl-<key>
        - Ctrl-N is now for new editor page, not new Pynguin file
        - added shortcuts for switching docs
        - added shortcut for Test/run code

    Integrated Console
        - added Ctrl-<space> shortcut to toggle between editor/console

        - improved threaded examples
            - can start pynguin moving in one separate thread and
                get cursor back to do something else in a new thread
        - improved multi examples
            - implements the same bugs() example as the threaded
                example but in a different style

        - synchronize fill menu items when using fill() and nofill()
        - synchronize pen menu items when using penup() and pendown()
        - fixed crash trying to open non-existent file
        - fixed crash trying to save to non-writeable file
        - experimental .deb distribution format

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