[ANNC] pynguin-0.4 (python turtle graphics application)


Lee Harr

Pynguin is a python-based turtle graphics application.
    It combines an editor, interactive interpreter, and
    graphics display area.

It is meant to be an easy environment for introducing
    some programming concepts to beginning programmers.


This release continues adding basic functionality and
    refining the interface. If you are interested, please
    take a look and let me know what you think.

Pynguin is tested with Python 2.6.4 and uses PyQt (4.6)
    for its GUI elements. Pynguin is released under GPLv3.

Changes in pynguin-0.4:
    - improved document switcher
    - added easy 'random' color access
    - added new commands
        - onscreen
        - onclick
        - stamp
        - viewcoords
    - winding fill now default
        - added method to switch between winding/oddeven fill
    - show file name in window header
    - more examples
    - added default values for examples that take parameters
    - fixed star example for even number of sides
    - fixed crash when changing to alternate view image
    - fixed problem running code with blank lines
    - fixed problem with ctrl key getting stuck on
    - added bug report option in Help menu
    - allow keypad Enter same as Return
    - factored in to multiple files

Changes in pynguin-0.3:
    - added new commands
        - goto
        - turnto
        - lineto
        - distance
        - toward
        - write
    - added more examples
    - fixed problem when changing speed while code is running
    - editor auto-indent improvement

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