[ANN] Pythonutils updates - approx, approxClientproxy, caseless etc

Discussion in 'Python' started by Fuzzyman, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Fuzzyman

    Fuzzyman Guest

    Various of the Voidspace Pythonutils modules have been updated.


    approx.py has been updated (Python CGI Proxy script)
    approxClientproxy.py version 2.0 is available

    listquote, caseless, linky, and downman have all been updated.

    *MAJOR UPDATE* approx.py
    approx.py is now at version 0.6.3
    This includes many new features, improvements and bugfixes since the
    last public release 0.6.0.


    approx.py is a Python CGI proxy. It aids unrestricted internet browsing
    in a censored environment. It is inspired by the James Marshall Perl
    cgiproxy. Whilst it is not as fully developed as that script it has
    several advantages. These include URL obfuscation and that it is
    designed to work with approxClientproxy - see below.

    2005/02/15 Version 0.6.3a
    Refactoring again - less global variables, slightly neater structure.
    (A full class based structure might still be better)
    Removed a couple of unimplemented features.
    Session cookies are now saved. (before they were always discarded)
    Userid can now be hardwired into approxClientproxy - meaning we don't
    get *hundreds* of cookie files.
    Updated default user agent.
    Fixed bug in cookie sending. (now can send the userid cookie on
    non-html pages and when modify is off)

    2005/01/20 Version 0.6.2a
    Obfuscation changed to use dataenc.
    URL obfuscation now *only* available if dataenc and dateutils modules
    are available.
    (This restriction will be removed, and the functions built in, when
    testing is complete)

    2005/01/02 Version 0.6.1c
    Fixed bug(s) in python 2.4 compatibility.
    Fixed bug in cookie naming.
    Removed extraneous whitespace from urls entered in the form.
    Fixed a bug in debug mode introduced in a previous update !
    Logging is off by default - avoids file permission errors for new
    users. (If people want logging they can switch it on themselves)
    Removed a source of crashes in handling unsupported authentication
    Basic url obfuscation implemented - for the sake of server logs.
    In the event of error we now keep the url in the form.
    Many thanks to Jose for testing and encouragement.

    *NEW* approxClientproxy.py
    Version 2.0.0 alpha February 2005

    This is an experimental client proxy to go with approx.py. It runs on
    the client machine and transparently rewrites URL requests from the
    browser to go through the approx proxy. It doesn't yet support fetching
    https URLs, which is the target of the next update.

    *UPDATED* caseless and listquote updates

    These two modules have had updates for the latest ConfigObj update.
    This includes optimisations and improvements for unicode support.

    caseless provides a "Case Insensitive Dictionary, List and Sort"
    listquote "contains a set of functions for parsing lists from text and
    writing them back out again"

    *UPDATED* downman.py
    Version 0.3.1 17th February 2005

    Simple download manager. A CGI script for 'serving' files for downlaod
    and gathering/presenting statistics about their use. Several minor
    improvements since 0.2, including support for different sections.

    2005/02/17 Version 0.3.1
    Added version string.
    Uses the 'formatbytes' function from pathutils.

    2005/02/07 Version 0.3.0
    Greatly simplified. Doesn't do links or use fileid.
    Will now serve files from several directories (sections) with different
    Now can order results by average download rate (or reverse).
    Now displays file size and will sort by file size.
    Filenames are also links to the file.

    *UPDATED* linky.py
    Version 0.1.1 16th February 2005

    A script that uses BeautifulSoup to check links on a website.
    Particular emphasis is checking local links within a website and
    comparing link 'casing' with files on the filesystem. This will pick up
    errors when testing your website on windows (where case errors may not
    be apparent).


    Fuzzyman, Mar 10, 2005
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