[ANN] rmre 0.0.5 Released

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Bo¹ko Ivani¹eviæ

rmre version 0.0.5 has been released!

* GitHub repository: <http://github.com/bosko/rmre>

Rmre is utility gem for creating Ruby on Rails, at the moment only ActiveRecord, models
for legacy databases. Besides creating all models it sets proper table name and primary
key if tables and columns naming doesn't follow Rails convention. It also tries to read
all foreign keys data from a database if DBE is MySql, PostgreSQL, Oracle or MS SQL and
sets models relationships on a basic level through belongs_to and has_many declarations.


### 0.0.5 / 2012-11-04

* Enhancements

* Drop explicit erubis dependency which prevented rmre usage along with newest Rails versions


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