[ANN] Ruby 1.9.1 RC1 is released

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Yugui (Yuki Sonoda), Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Hi, folks

    Ruby 1.9.1 has been just released.

    This is a release candidate of Ruby 1.9.1, which will be the first
    stable version of Ruby 1.9 series. Try it early and have a experience of
    modern, faster, with clearer syntax, multilingualized and much improved
    Ruby world.

    We have fixed 72 bugs and implemented some features:

    If you encounter a bug or a problem, please let us know it via the
    official issue tracking system (http://redmine.ruby-lang.org ).

    == Location
    * ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-rc1.tar.bz2
    SIZE: 6181532 bytes
    MD5: d440c030131903e72a6152149a097af3
    SHA256: 35acfb6b8d9dd9159ef308ac763c629092cda2e8c9f41254e72a7b9fa454c27f

    * ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-rc1.tar.gz
    SIZE: 7425278 bytes
    MD5: b145bc39667f27c018b188c812f07ca6
    SHA256: a5d41b58bb9a379b3a98713c07a17757c853413104694036d9885559163f5518

    * ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-rc1.zip
    SIZE: 8695438 bytes
    MD5: 91ca7ebd3fe4ad577d08963e81e79c82
    SHA256: c29f8eba5852e4245348ecd350ea58de794a3c4f36b69177843a81f848dcc6ef

    == Known Bugs

    Yugui (Yuki Sonoda), Dec 30, 2008
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    Hash: SHA1

    s/Ruby 1.9.1/Ruby 1.9.1 RC1/

    - --
    Yugui <>
    Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (Darwin)
    Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - http://enigmail.mozdev.org

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
    Yugui (Yuki Sonoda), Dec 30, 2008
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  3. Could you, please, provide a http location?

    It's the 21st century, IP address shortage, NAT, ..

    Michal Suchanek, Dec 30, 2008
  4. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Luis Lavena Guest

    url.gsub!('ftp:', 'http:')

    Luis Lavena, Dec 30, 2008
  5. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Greg Donald Guest

    Any reason why this is throttled to 2K/sec ? At this rate the next
    version will be out before my download completes.

    Greg Donald, Dec 30, 2008
  6. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Denis Haskin Guest

    [Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]

    Can it be published as a torrent?

    Denis Haskin, Dec 30, 2008
  7. Ooh ooh, I know, let's put it on a binary newsgroup..
    Aldric Giacomoni, Dec 30, 2008
  8. Tried, works.

    However, having that in the message to start with would be somewhat
    more helpful.


    Michal Suchanek, Dec 30, 2008
  9. Unlike binary newsgroups bittorrent is quite well designed bandwidth
    multiplier ;-)


    Michal Suchanek, Dec 30, 2008
  10. That's not Ruby. sub(/Ruby 1\.9\.1/, "Ruby 1.9.1 RC1")

    mfg, simon .... l
    Simon Krahnke, Dec 30, 2008
  11. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Phlip Guest

    I got that beat. I am right now compiling it thru Windows Vista onto a 1 Gig
    Flash drive, for the hell of it. I expect the next version to be out before my
    tar xfj completes! (-:

    (BTW I'm also actually using it, remotely on a Linux server, and it works fine
    so far...)
    Phlip, Dec 30, 2008
  12. Just wondering if there are Windows binaries yet. Is this compiled on
    Windows using MinGW or VC++ 6?

    I checked the FTP directories on ruby-lang:
    ...and all don't have it yet.

    12/31/2008 | 10:19 AM.
    Mohit Sindhwani, Dec 31, 2008
  13. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda) escreveu:
    I'll get right now!
    Go Ruby!

    - tiago
    Tiago Nogueira, Dec 31, 2008
  14. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Luis Lavena Guest

    Binaries built with VC6 usually can be found here:


    No news yet.

    Builds with MinGW are coming, still several things to iron on the
    build process for both 1.8.6 and 1.9.1, will do a proper announcement
    when crack that down.
    Luis Lavena, Dec 31, 2008
  15. arton build an installer package for windows. [ruby-list:45759]
    Ruby 1.9 currently does not support djgpp. We need help for threading
    support on djgpp.
    Yugui (Yuki Sonoda), Dec 31, 2008
  16. I must admit I've never downloaded from bittorrent at 2.5Mb/sec before.
    Aldric Giacomoni, Dec 31, 2008
  17. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Charles L. Guest

    I'm trying to make one of my libraries run on this rc, and ran into this
    difference from 1.8:

    % touch afile
    % irb
    IOError: not opened for writing
    % irb1.9
    open('asdf', 'rb') { |f| f.flush }
    => #<File:asdf (closed)>

    Is this intentional? I was previously abusing this as a way to find out
    if an arbitrary io object was writeable. Perhaps theres a better way in

    Also if there's somewhere else one should turn to for 1.8 -> 1.9
    questions please let me know...


    Charles L., Jan 1, 2009
  18. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Luis Lavena Guest

    Do you have more details about that package? build scripts used?

    Even I trust Ruby, I cannot trust too much in packages all written in
    japanesse and flashes command prompt windows while installing.
    Luis Lavena, Jan 2, 2009
  19. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Roger Pack Guest

    May want to ask that on ruby-core
    Roger Pack, Jan 2, 2009
  20. Yugui (Yuki Sonoda)

    Peña, Botp Guest

    From: Yugui (Yuki Sonoda) [mailto:]=20
    # arton build an installer package for windows. [ruby-list:45759]
    # http://arton.no-ip.info/data/asr/Ruby-1.9.1.msi

    just installed this one and the irb does not echo the keystrokes nor =
    does it shows the prompt.
    Peña, Botp, Jan 3, 2009
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