[ANN] Ruby Reports Mailing List


Gregory Brown

For those who are interested, I've created a mailing list for Ruport.
This email is about that... but first...

[ as usual, skip to the bottom of this message for linkage and instructions=

=3D=3D=3D What's Ruport? (For those who don't know)

Ruport is currently a combination of a neat proof of concept with some
useful little scripts and utils that are quickly becoming rather
powerful. The aim is to be a very handy report generation framework
and library which will support an insane amount of input sources
(CSVs,Excel,any Database Ruby-DBI supports,various ORMS, anything you
can hack away at with parse/input,etc) and then output in an insane
amount of formats (PDF,XHTML,XML,CSV,Excel,RSS,etc,etc) while
leveraging a powerful set of tools that will munge, organize, and
beautify whatever it is you need to report on. It's not nearly there
yet, but it's on it's way.

Slightly more information available at the home page

Be sure to visit the RubyForge project page and download the demo package.

=3D=3D=3D The Short Story

People have been contacting me through all sorts of mediums and though
feedback is great, It's tough to monitor ten different sources on a
day to day basis, so I believe this will become the primary support
and discussion mechanism for the project.

=3D=3D=3DThe Long Story

What can you expect to see on this list? A lot! Below are a couple of
the biggest topics I can think of:

1.) I am planning on releasing Ruport 0.3.0 within the next week.=20
This will not include much new functionality but will include
something Ruport sorely needs... good documentation. Additionally,
I'd like to stomp out any bug or other major annoyance that might be
lurking in the code base, and do some significant cleanup. This will
be the last alpha version of the software, and hopefully, unless a
serious bug is found, will be the last release before the beta is
launched. A lot of people have downloaded Ruport 0.2.9, and I have
gotten some feedback. I'd like a whole lot more... I'd like to hear
about installation issues, packaging gripes (possibly solving the
'where is setup.rb' problem), design flaws, code ugliness, bugs,
failures, etc.

2.) Around new years, the first beta version of Ruport will be out.=20
This will be significantly improved over the current version. When I
say significantly, I mean at minimum 100 hours of work will go into
the first beta version, possibly more. I plan to introduce
ActiveRecord, Lafcadio, Og, and possibly KirbyBase support to Ruport.=20
I plan to support RSS feed generation and greatly improved HTML
output. I plan to at least start Ruport's Charting functionality. =20
You'll find PDF::Writer wrappers to make output printable documents
convenient. Also, Ruport Beta will have tight integration with
Parse/Input so that you can turn obscure data types into something
that can be reported on. How much work that goes into each of these
features will greatly depend on the feedback I get regarding them. =20
Also, take this opportunity to insert [your feature here] and make
your case as to why it should go into the core. :)

3.) This winter it is very likely that I will need some help.=20
Volunteers are welcome, and in some cases depending on the task and
the situation, Ruport can potentially be a paid gig for you. I have
a limited budget for it's development alloted to me by my employer,
and I'd love to be able to support anyone who is willing to put some
extra effort into helping make this project come to fruition. So if
you offer an interesting patch or have a really good idea, there is a
chance you'll get offered some cash to elaborate on the idea :)

4.) The usual use of a mailing list. Report problems, ask questions,
suggest things, get help, blah blah blah :)

=3D=3D=3D Getting there

So... are you mega super excited now?!? I hope so...

You can go sign up for the list over here:

You can also just send the command 'help' to:
(e-mail address removed)

and follow the registration instructions from there.

Feel free to post a topic right away, or just drop in and say hello!


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