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Vassilis Rizopoulos

rutema version 0.7.0 has been released!

rutema is a test execution tool with a twist.
It allows you to combine test tools while it takes care of logging,
reporting, archiving of results and formalizes execution of automated
and manual tests.
It's purpose is to make testing in heterogeneous environments easier.

For more information look at http://patir.rubyforge.org/rutema
* Unified test execution environment for automated and manual tests
* Extensible reports and notifications in various formats (email, rss,
pdf, html etc.)
* Web frontend and command line report generation tools for browsing the
test results database
* Comprehensive history of test execution
* A well defined way to create a project specific test specification format

See http://patir.rubyforge.org/rutema/distro_test.html for an
introductory example.

* patir (http://patir.rubyforge.org)
* mailfactory (http://rubyforge.org/projects/mailfactory/)
* activerecord (http://ar.rubyonrails.com/)
* sqlite3 (http://rubyforge.org/projects/sqlite-ruby/)
* ramaze (http://www.ramaze.net/)
* ruport (http://rubyreports.org/)
* acts_as_reportable

* gem install rutema


## 0.7.0 / 2008-05-16
* Support for tools, paths and context information in the configuration
solidified (http://patir.rubyforge.org/rutema/tool_configuration.html
for more)
* Changes in the configuration for Historian and ActiveRecordReporter.
Check the distro_test samples
* database connection code consolidated in db.rb
* Added support for jdbc/h2 to work with jRuby
* AR-reporter configuration expanded to support different adapters.
Consistent with the Historian db configuration
* rutema unit tests now run under jRuby
* rutemah runs under jRuby

## 0.6.5 / 2008-04-15
* Updated rutemaweb controller to work with ramaze
## 0.6.4 / 2008-03-30
* Bugfix: duration SQL type adjusted in the model to return proper values.
* Bugfix: name=step_type for TestStep so that name is assigned a value
in the model step
* Locked the Ramaze version to 0.3.5 until we find out why the new
version breaks us
## 0.6.3 / 2008-03-26
* Bugfix: specifying a .spec filename on the commandline did not work -
Path expanded before changing directory.
* Bugfix: running an attended .spec on it's own was not possible -
attended mode is now set for single runs.
* Cleaned up the Runner's log output
## 0.6.2 / 2008-03-12
* Parsers derived from Rutema::SpecificationParser now receive the
system configuration so that conventions like tools, paths and context
can be used in element_ methods (this functionality fell through the
cracks with the change in parser implementation)
* rutemaweb now has proper commandline help and connects properly to the
## 0.6.1 / 2008-02-28
* ExtensibleXMLParser made more tolerant (no exceptions when an element
cannot be handled)
* Bug: Typo in the class name used in the exceptions fixed
* Bugfix: ActiveRecord connection throws an exception that prevented
Historian from establishing a new one. Fixed
* More unit tests
## 0.6.0 / 2008-02-27
* Added Rutema::ExtensibleXMLParser - this parser simplifies parser
creation immensely. Check the documentation for details
* "Howto create a parser v0.5.0" officially the fastest deprecation of a
document ever. http://patir.rubyforge.org/rutema/parser.html is the new
* Corrected some english spelling mistakes (hey, we're not native speakers)
* Fixed an issue with AR cached connections that interfered with unit tests

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