ANN: Templayer 1.3 - HTML templating library

Discussion in 'Python' started by Ian Ward, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Ian Ward

    Ian Ward Guest

    Announcing Templayer 1.3

    Templayer home page:


    About this release:

    This release includes new documentation and a new auto-reload feature
    useful for mod_python and web frameworks. Also, the internal template
    representation was changed to improve performance and consistency, and
    the HTML generated with HTML Markup is now more standards-compliant.

    New in this release:

    - Added reference documentation and a new tutorial.

    - Added an auto_reload parameter to Template.__init__ to make the
    Template.start_file function check and reload a template if it has
    been modified. This is useful for mod_python and web frameworks
    with long-lived processes.

    - Changed the internal representation of the templates to improve
    performance for large templates and to solve an issue with
    slots being filled with text that appears to contain another
    slot that is being filled at the same time.

    The new implementation no longer allows "%" and "{" characers in
    slot and layer names.

    - The Template.missing_slot function is now passed a list of
    missing slots for a layer. This should improve performance when
    ignoring a large number of missing slots.

    - The HTML markup has been adjusted to make its use of <br> and <p>
    tags more standards-compliant.

    - HtmlTemplate has been renamed to HTMLTemplate and MarkupException
    has been renamed to MarkupError. The old names are still
    provided for backwards compatibility.

    About Templayer

    Templayer was created to offer an alternative to the more common ways of
    generating dynamic HTML: embedding code within the HTML or embedding
    HTML within code. Instead of mixing HTML and Python, two rich and
    extremely expressive languages, Templayer adds a small amount of syntax
    to each and keeps the two separate and coherent.

    Templayer is released under the GNU LGPL.
    Ian Ward, Aug 30, 2006
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  2. Ian Ward

    Jarek Zgoda Guest

    Ian Ward napisa³(a):
    Yay, this gives us $FFFF templating engines for Python, which matches
    $FFFF web frameworks! I'm glad to see such great movement, we'll get
    better with $FFFF O-R mappers, what we should achieve soon.

    Apart from joking, it's nice to have any choice. ;)
    Jarek Zgoda, Aug 30, 2006
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