[ANN] VTD-XML 1.7 released

Discussion in 'Java' started by Jimmy Zhang, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Jimmy Zhang

    Jimmy Zhang Guest

    XimpleWare released Version 1.7 of VTD-XML, the next generation XML
    parser that goes beyond DOM and SAX, under GPL. VTD-XML is getting
    faster, leaner, more stable and complete with this release. New features
    included in this releases are:

    * Additional XPath functions support
    * Union Expression
    * A rewritten VTDNav implementation
    * Various bug fixes in VTDGen and XPath evaluation

    Please visit http://vtd-xml.sf.net for the latest release.

    For further reading, please refer to the following articles:
    Simplify XML Processing with VTD-XML
    Cut, Paste, Assemble and Split XML files with VTD-XML
    XML on a Chip
    Process Large XML Files with VTD-XML
    The performance Woe of Binary XML
    VTD-XML: The Next Generation XML Parser
    Jimmy Zhang, Oct 17, 2006
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