Announcing: Keynote Speakers for PyCon 2007

Discussion in 'Python' started by Jeff Rush, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Jeff Rush

    Jeff Rush Guest

    The PyCon organizers would like to announce the slate of keynote speakers who
    have accepted our invitation to speak at PyCon 2007!

    PyCon 2007 is taking place in Addison (Dallas), Texas on Feb 23-25 2007.

    For photos, biographies and more, check out:

    Ivan Krstić (speaking Friday AM)
    Topic: "The Python machine: Python and One Laptop per Child"

    Adele Goldberg (speaking Saturday AM)
    Topic: TBD (probably something related to Zope 3 and Education)

    Guido van Rossum (speaking Saturday Lunch)
    Topic: "Python 3000"

    Robert M. Lefkowitz ("r0ml") (speaking Sunday AM)
    Topic: "The Importance of Programming Literacy"

    Co-Chair PyCon 2007
    Jeff Rush, Nov 27, 2006
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